Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Monday already . . and that's almost gone too

I can't believe the weekend went by so fast.

It all started Friday when cousin's of BT's came in from Iowa.

Dan and Pat came on their Harley's! Here we are visiting with them at their hotel. We had just enjoyed drinks and dinner together. BT's sister Darlene, and her husband Doug were our chauffeur's.

We gave them the 5 cent tour of Jefferson City. We drove around the Capitol, past the Lewis and Clark monument and to the south side of town. The cousins wanted to see where their great uncles and great grandparents lived in the early 1900's.

Here are the 2 uncles. Circa 1960.

Pat has her own bike, it's a softtail classic. She loves chrome!

I didn't get a picture that does Dan's bike justice, but he has an Electra glide.

We spent Saturday visiting with them at our place. The blacksmith repaired a spring from Dan's kickstand. That sure impressed Dan, that a blacksmith could fix a Harley Davidson. BT's brother Pat, and his wife Larraine came to visit with the cousins too.

Remember this from August a year ago? Jeremy bought this 1948 Jeep Bantam trailer. He has been working on restoring it.

It's now been primered. When it stops raining this week, he will give it the color coat.

One last thing, I had my doctor appointment today. I am singing Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah! I did not tear, or break anything. He told me it was just trauma to the muscle. I have drugs and some exercises to do. I am very lucky!


Flat Creek Farm said...

I still want to see that Lewis & Clark monument. Darn, where does the time go? I am doing the happy dance for you that your arm is going to be just fine. You are SO lucky! -Tammy

Flat Creek Farm said...

Hey, wait a minute! You have a goose and naked ladies in your header. How did I miss that? Very pretty! Our NL's are gone -- mowed down one too many times "on accident" maybe? -tw

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, put up a picture of Dad doing the work?!?!?

Sara said...

That uncle picture is cute.

Glad the arm is going to be OK!

Shanda said...

Love the picture od the grass on your blog header. That is a sure sign of too much rain when it bend in each direction like that. Looks just like mine. Gonna be like fall tonight it seems, gonna be nice for sitting . Hope you get to enjoy the evening, Shanda