Friday, August 21, 2009

It's friday

The weather here in Mid-Missouri is just beautiful compared to what we usually experience in August. It never even made it to 80 today. Sunday morning they are calling for a low of 52 degrees!

This afternoon Jeremy came over and quickly summoned me outside with the camera. He was telling me he had blog material.

Lying in the woods beside our road was this doe. He had stopped to take a picture with his cell phone and she never moved. He drove on to the house, got me, we went back and she was still there.

While Jeremy worked on his Jeep trailer, Grandpa and the boys planned out their log cabin.

Sometimes it takes three.

Other times two are enough.

Here he is starting with the first coat of paint.

The wheels were quickly added here due to a rain storm coming in. Luckily it passed us by. The wheels were then taken off and more paint was applied.

Tomorrow I will have pictures with the fenders on. It got too dark to get a good shot.

Have a great weekend. We are road tripping for antique furniture in the morning. With any luck we will have pictures and furniture tomorrow night.


Becky said...

Hey, keep an eye out for a quilt rack. :) I too am loving the weather and the open windows and the constant breeze! This is my favorite weather!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Keep us posted on that cabin. Those boys are *strong*! The deer photo is beautiful. -Tammy

Mel said...

How fun that the boys are building a log cabin!! I wish we lived that close to lots of trees!

Sara said...

Even though I'm not wishing Summer away, I was enjoying the cooler weather this weekend, too.

Log cabin! Too cool! Mark and his best friend built a log cabin in the woods behind his grandparents' house when they were boys. They practically lived up there. It's pretty ramshackle but I imagine it was very cool to them. Now our kids play up there. Gooooood times!

And...I was the only girlfriend that didn't get her name carved in the big tree up by the log cabin. You can imagine my delight when that sucker started to fall down. :)