Monday, August 24, 2009

Somebody has a birthday today!

Yes today there is a birthday that could be celebrated at our house. But you see for the past 35 years, the birthday person is missing. It is the hubby. It seems his annual muzzle loading, primitive camping trip is always the week of his birthday. But I can celebrate because I don't have to bake a cake. It's not the cake I have trouble with, it's the gosh darn icing. I never could do pretty cakes.

In his absence, I will make jelly, bind a quilt, strip paint from 4 bar stools, work on my paper piece quilt blocks, eat what I want when I want, enjoy the covers with out playing tug of war, have complete control of the TV clicker, take a blogger friend to the movies, go out to eat with the DIL and grand kids, go to a purse party at the winery, attend a co-workers wedding and anything else I can think of. One thing I will not be doing is accepting a temporary job that was offered to me for three days this week.

Ask me this time next week, and I will probably say how glad I am to see him, share the covers, eat decent meals and having some one to show me the mistakes in my blog. I might even bake him a blackberry pie.

BT and his hunting friend leaving on their trip . . . wienie wagon and all.


Zoey said...

It sounds like you the one who will have the most fun! That is my kind of vacation -- just being able to do whatever you want when you want.

Enjoy your week and show us all your projects!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Happy Birthday, BT (belated)! Patti, you have fun this week. Party on, girl, and yes.. we'd love to see those projects. -tammy

Tipper said...

A big Happy Birthday to BT! I'm sure he'll enjoy his trip-and I hope you enjoy your relaxing time too.

Life is good! said...

sounds like a good time will be had by all! i however would like to spend my birthday doing what you're doing, if only i could quilt! you must show your projects when finished

the Provident Woman said...

Well it looks like you have your hands too full to make a cake anyway.
And I can never make a cake look pretty either. Or cookies for that matter.

Sara said...

Sounds pretty divine. It's pretty much the same thing when the men all go on their after Christmas Men's Camping trip.
The girls and I go shopping, vegetate, eat whatever we want, watch whatever TV shows we want. Only trouble is, I'm still wrestling for covers because they pile in the bed with me. But I don't mind :)
Happy BDay BT!

Lynn said...

Sweet post! Hope you enjoy your "days off." :)