Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 20th, Day 4

At 6:30 my cell phone alarm wakes me to the turn of a rooster crowing. Quite funny, that is until it went off again 10 minutes later. I hit the snooze button accidentally. I quickly washed and curled my hair. I made morning walk which was at 7:15, it was a beautiful leisure stroll, through part of the campus, going past my studio, the blacksmith shop, orchard house and back to the Keith house, just in time for Morning song. Today’s host was David Brose, the historian at the school. It was quite interesting to learn that the school has been existence since 1925, and founded by Olive Dame Campbell and Marguerite Butler. David himself was an interesting narrator, with his bushy mustache, his gold watch fob and crisp pressed monogram shirt, he looked like he had come straight out of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. Come to find out, he had lived in Colorado for some time and did history research on the people of that area. We were very caught up in his stories when the bell rang for breakfast.

Breakfast included JCC homemade granola, piping hot oatmeal, sausage patties and pancakes. Of course I didn’t eat all that, that’s just what was on the menu. I grabbed a golden delicious apple from the
fruit bar on my way out for snack later in the day. I walked the ½ mile trek to the studio and arrived shortly before the 9:00 am class. Surface design is the class. It was an interesting week, felting wool, burning tyvek (which is a house building material), making silk paper, dying silk, using a heat gun, and a soldering gun. It was not the creative class to embellish quilts that I thought it would be.

Lunch break was at noon, with lunch being served at 12:15. The menu was not only awesome tasting, but the presentation was beautiful. Tuna Nicoise Salad was served in a white iron stone rectangle shaped dish that was about 14 by 20 inches long. If only I had taken the camera. The tuna was in big chucks, like chicken breast and was fabulous albacore tuna. There were black olives, blanched green greens from their garden at JCC, red potato wedges, and garden fresh red and yellow tomato wedges. There was homemade crusty sour dough bread and 3 types of their homemade dressings for the salad. Dessert was a big scoop of chocolate ice cream and a moist chocolate chip cookie on the top. (Little did I know that at weeks end you can help yourself to the recipes on the table in the lobby.) I wobbled back to the studio at 1:30.

Class was over at 4:30 and at 4:45 there was a campus tour. Rhonda and I (a fellow class mate) went for the tour, after the second stop we realized it was the same path we had taken for morning walk and we ducked out and went strolling on our own, including the gift shop.

Dinner was a 6:00, Beef stroganoff was served along with peas and carrots and garden salad. As we cleared the table, Folk Orange Juice cake was served. (Tasted like hummingbird cake to me). We made it early to the Faux Finishing demonstration by Rebecca Parsons (who resides in Florida). We felt it was more of a Lowe’s commercial then anything.

When we made it back to the room Bonnie had brought the wine in from the camper and we all had a glass, along with some mixed nuts. Lights out by 10, as that is quiet time.

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