Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 21, Day 5

No morning walk, the other 4 roommates are sleeping and I didn’t want to wake them up. I went to morning song at 7:45 and thought I was seeing double. It was Bob Monat’s look alike. Even his mannerisms seemed the same. He is a self taught artist and has a gallery in Murphy NC. Davidsfineart He started the morning by singing “Fly me to the Moon” and playing his guitar. He dedicated it to his girl friend/fiancée known as the girl in the front office. He said they did a Cold Mountain Wedding. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, you face each other and said “I marry you”, “I marry you”, “I marry you”. He ended with a Louis Armstrong song.

But when I got to breakfast I knew it wasn’t Bob Monat, because they were serving grits and he doesn’t like them. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and fried seasoned potatoes with peppers were being served.

Speaking of food, lunch was Chicken stir fry and rice. Dessert was chess pie. The menu board listed it as chest pie, but we
knew what they really meant.

Rhonda and I took a break from afternoon class and walked down to see Louise, I mean Bonnie forging away in the 95 plus temperatures at the Blacksmith shop. She was 1 of 4 women in the class.

At 4:45 I was outside the Craft shop to meet up with the group going to visit Lissi Oland’s Woodturning studio. Lissiolandstudio This is a tiny 67 year old woman who does beautiful things with wood turnings. Check out her site for sure. We arrived back at JCC, very close to dinner time. It was baked pork chops and mashed potatoes. The salad was so pretty with bright cherry tomatoes peeking thought the blue cheese. The board was once again wrong on the dessert, it said warm blackberry pie and it turned out to be blueberry crunch.

Rhonda and I visited the felting studio after dinner and visited with Mary one of our roomies! Athena, who I hitched a ride with earlier in the day to the woodturning studio, was busy making a really cute wool felted pumpkin. The picture to the right is her finished product shown on the last day at show and tell.
Rhonda and I then went to the Hammer dulcimer class. Two brothers whom we meet earlier at dinner invited us to come and see what they were building. The hammer dulcimer building class may just very well be my next class to take. We ended the evening by listening to the jam session in the Community room for just a few minutes, and then it was upstairs to our room.

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