Saturday, August 4, 2007

Looking for more Rusty Iron

It seems like all I have been doing the past two days is standing on my feet in the heat. Friday afternoon I drove to Loose Creek Mo for the Three Rivers annual members meeting. It was 101 on the bank's sign at 3:10. We would be working in the heat for the next 6 to 8 hours. The small white tent over our heads gave little relief when the winds were blowing hot, hot air. It was fun visiting with the customers and seeing old friends. I made it home close to 11 PM.

Today we left the house about 9 for Fulton Missouri for an auction. The trailer accompanied us in case we made any large purchases. Luckily we were able to park the trailer in the shade which came in handy for our mid-morning sandwiches and ice green tea. The fellow having the auction was selling all of his"stuff". You see he had purchased a 5th wheel trailer and was going on the road full time. He was even parting with his anvil. (Good rusty stuff) BT couldn't believe it! He could never do that. By 3 o'clock everything we had wanted sold. I don't know if I should say fortunately or unfortunately, but we left with an empty trailer.

Bentley was really glad to see us, he was ready to get out of his kennel and enjoy some ice on the deck. Later I emptied the cooler on the garage floor and he laid in the cool water and ice. He had about 2 hours of freedom before we left for church.

Church lasted an unbelievable 1 hour and 20 minutes, as the visiting priest was trying to make a point. He was very good. We of course picked LaBamba for dinner, I just don't know how we can keep on eating there, it cost us a whole $11.77 tonight and that was with my Martguerita! We both ate off the Ala Carte menu. Cheap dates I know.

Almost bedtime now, gotta get rested to stand on my feet again in the heat tomorrow as it's Osage Bends Picnic and we hope to take the grandsons.

85 degrees with 59% humidity

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