Friday, August 10, 2007


Another extremely hot day. Thank goodness I was in the building at work all day. Well except for the 10 minutes out of my lunch time to fill my jeep up with gas. It was down to $2.68, even though the posted price was $2.78. When I went into pay for it, the attendant said they just hadn't had time to change the sign.

BT is off at 3:00 on dress down wear blue jean Friday. When I got home he had his new cell phone all pretty much programed. The little boys came for dinner as their Mom and Dad had date night. BT fried crappie and french fries while I made Cole slaw. As you can see in the picture, Bentley got a bowl of ice water, just steps from where we were dining. No people food for him on the menu tonight. Doesn't he look comfortable?

After our meal, we took the 4 new water guns outside and got a big bucket of cold well water. Brady and Alex had a ball. They later rode their big wheels and the metal tractor to the barn to help Grandpa load up some blacksmith tools. BT is going to visit a friend and his shop tomorrow in Ulman, Mo.

Jeremy and Lori picked up two sleeping boys at 10.

88 degrees, 34% humidity.

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