Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's a Snoopy Dance I'm doing!!!

What a hot weekend. Today at 2:00 it was 101.5, at 4:00 it was 104.0 and from there it started going back down.

Saturday BT went to Ulman to hammer with Corey and after Alex woke up from his nap we went swimming at Lona's house. Those boys are turning into real ducks. Brady now jumps off the side of the pool and goes under water. Lona showed him how to use water wings and he thought that was pretty cool. Little Alex just likes treading around the pool at a snail pace.

Today it was just too darn hot to go on the river BT said. He watched some educational blacksmith tapes most of the afternoon and I sewed on the black and white quilt. I'd love to show you a picture but it's a gift for Christmas. I'll let you know when I get a picture taken of it and if you want a sneak preview I can email it to you. Then I did my snoopy dance.

We smoked a pork roast all afternoon, if the truth were known we probably could have just slapped the thing on the concrete. Anyway, it was just like the southern pulled pork we had in the South last year. I rubbed it with spices a couple of hours before we smoked it. BT's homemade charcoal, makes the meat exceptional! I thinned out some BBQ sauce with white vinegar and toasted some potato bread buns for sandwiches. Mighty fine vittles!

Now I'm going to crash, my eyes have had enough fine work for one day.

Have a great week. I have 4 work days before my Thelma and Louise trip. More on that closer to time.

10:00 pm and 90.1 degrees

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