Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'm not hiding out...yet anyway

Well for all you who have been looking at my new blog and I wasn't here, I'm back now. In my life as a partime worker, life isn't always exciting enough to write about. Monday was a routine work day. Tuesday was a shopping day and then there was the big Cole County Fair! Yippee, with the tractor pull. We got there by 6:30 after dining at home. We usually patronize the 4-H stand, but since I had the afternoon off, I thought I might as well make myself useful and cook. Besides I knew I could score brownie points with BT by cooking one of his favorite, Beef and Noodles.

We first took a stroll through the 4-H exhibits'. Sadly it has gone down over the years and hardly fills half of the building with exhibits. After visiting with our neighbor Brad, who was volunteering with the sheriff department we looked at the livestock barns. I Don't miss those days. At least they now cool the barns by dripping cold water over the roof.

The tractor pulled started about a half hour later then posted. They were running 3 rows at a time. Although I didn't always watch the tractors, people watching was another real experience. I saw several customer that come into my work. Not always a good thing. We stayed long enough to enjoy a Fair Funnel cake and see the golden moon rise about the trees. We were in bed close to our usual 11:00 time.

Wednesday it was back to work. Today, I'm off, sewing, pedicure, cleaning house and looking for BT a new phone. He cancelled his antique bag phone yesterday after they were going to raise the $9.95 bill to something like $24.99, with a $9.99 additional monthly fee and .65 per minute for calls. We are now looking into a tracfone. There are lots of options, from AT & T to Wal-mart brand.

Tomorrow is Three Rivers annual meeting, with a predicted high of 92 degrees. That is when I might try to hide out! Speaking of which is it now 97.2 here.

AND Happy Birthday Rita!!!!

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