Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday with a high Tempature of 101.7

It's a good thing I got up and got busy right away this morning. First a light breakfast and the cappuccino. Then I sewed for a bit. Something just told me to stop and run the sweeper, clean the house and tidy up. About noon, I washed my hair and put on makeup, something I usually save for closer to 4:00.

The little boys arrived at 1:15, and I let Alex watch the last of a cartoon show before his nap. This would eliminate all fussing about taking a nap. Then I went and let Bentley out of his pen. I got the fan out of the basement and after hosing down a spot in the garage, plugged in the fan and filled a large bowl with ice cubes and water to cool Bentley down. He laid in the garage all afternoon. It was just too hot for man or beast outside.

At 1:50, the phone rang and caller ID told me it was Norman Bond's house. However the voice was not Norman's or Barb. The guy asked how I was and I said fine, he asked if I knew who I was talking to. I said no, but I knew he was calling from Bond's. He said he would give me a hint. San Mingel. That was the apartment complex Bernie and I lived in in 1972.....35 years ago. I said would it be Jim? Yes he said. I told him I had to apologize, I couldn't remember the last name. He told me Jim Dryer. You see Jim and his wife Sandy also lived in that complex at the same time. His Dad and Norman Bond had worked together in the late 60's and occasionally he brings him up to visit. We talked about 20 minutes and he asked where we lived. I told him just 6 miles from where he was. I invited him and his Dad over when BT got home at 5. He didn't think they would be sticking around that long. It was great reminiscing old time and old friends. Jim has a condo at the Lake of the Ozarks and he would like for us and another couple that we ran around with to get together some time.

About 30 minutes after we hung up, Brady tells me there is a car in the drive way. It was Jim and his Dad. They were just making sure he could find the place. His Dad didn't even get out of the car. Now I know why I cleaned the house and my self up early. Thank goodness.

I went back to my sewing on the black and white quilt. I'm about to get all the blocks finished. I can't wait to see how many are in it. I'm not paper piecing the names and dates for it.

Brady was happy to watch TV as it was way too hot to go out. Bentley just laid in the garage all day long. Alex slept till 4:30.

BT came home to find us watching a tractor show. After dinner, they had to help grandpa in the basement for a bit, then it was computer time. Jeremy and Lori came to pick them up about 8:30.

Kathy called, She, Colten Gage and Dad are all doing great. They hope to come home tomorrow afternoon. I get to deliver their car seat to the hospital tomorrow morning. He wasn't due till the 13th, but he decided to make his appearance early.

Time for bed, it's still 86.4 degrees here!

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