Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 19th, Day 3

We were up and dressed by 8:02 Eastern time, back home it would only be 7:02. Bonnie took Beagle Bob for a walk. I must tell you that this week his home will be in the camper while we are in the dorm, as there is a no dog rule at JCC. The campus was very quiet. Students won’t be arriving for several more hours.

Our first visit this morning was back to Murphy TN for a few supplies. Caffeine is first on the list so we stop at McDonald’s where I get an iced coffee and a sausage biscuit. Bonnie, gets yogurt and fruit. She needs that to take with her daily medicine. On to Wal-mart for goggles and red bandannas.

By 10:00 we were at the Flea Market. We browsed for several hours. The smell of fried funnel cakes drifted through the booths. I purchased a metal strainer for BT and Bonnie found a toe ring. We searched a lot of booths for the video of Thelma and Louise to no avail. Bonnie deemed it the Sock Capitol of the world. About every 3rd booth had socks for sell, and most advertised their specialty as Diabetic socks?

Our next mission was to find some Beer for Bonnie and since we were in a dry county it could only mean one thing, “road trip”. It was a 30 miles one way trip to find the 4th liquor store open on Sunday.

Back at JCC, we registered for our classes at 2:45, picked up a mud slide cookie and a glass of lemonade in the library. Sarah called and said they had 5 inches of rain really Sunday morning, like about 4 AM early. Orientation was at 5:30 in the Community room. The Dinner bell rang at 6:10 and we were served BBQ Chicken breast, Slaw, Baked beans, Oat bread and chocolate cake. Our table had 7 of the 8 seats filled and 5 of the 7 were left handed. At 6:45 it was meet the instructor and we headed to our studios. Back in our rooms about 8, we meet our roomies, Rhonda, Mary and Jo. 2 of them are lefties, so counting Bonnie and I, 4 out of 5 in our rooms are in their “right mind”. It was lights out early as the day would start with 7:15 morning walk.

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