Sunday, August 5, 2007

A way too quiet start to my morning

At 7:44 I woke up and was thinking about getting out of bed. 2 minutes later, the ceiling fan stopped, as did the AC and I rolled over to look at the alarm clock and it too was off. I got up, put on my glasses and went downstairs to the only working phone. I was told it was probably just a fried squirrel as I was the only call. DUH lady, I have the number memorized I work for the place. I drove up to get the newspaper and talked to Judy Braun, she had electricity so now I was thinking maybe it was just us. As I walked in BT said Dennis had called, he also was out. A few minutes later Maggie called, she too was out. About 9, a Three Rivers truck came up the drive way. I told Scott, the lineman I was needing caffeine, he said surely BT has a camp stove. 20 minutes later the power was restored and I immediately put it to use, making coffee, cappuccino and starting the washer.

At noon Jeremy brought the boys over before his shift at Osage Bend Picnic. After he left we got ready and went there too. Since we didn't make breakfast this morning, we wanted to eat first thing. There was no waiting, and we went right in. The boys were really hungry too, Alex ate 2 chicken legs and 2 wings, plus applesauce, green beans, corn, cucumbers and tomatoes, including the yellow one he asked for. After he ate his dessert cupcake, he asked for several bites of my raisin pie. Brady ate very good too. We then took them to the kidsville, where they played games and won all kinds of goodies, including candy. Next it was to the bingo area where Lori was working. Alex won the first game he played, he won $9.50. After a few more games, we walked around, enjoyed a lemon ice tea, checked out the country store and visited with Jeremy in the chicken frying shack. The heat was extreme and we decided to come home, it was after 2:30 by this time.

Alex went straight to his big boy bed for a nap. Brady and Grandpa worked on installing the new kitchen light, the last of 2 new ones. I don't know who enjoyed playing with the tools the most.

The light wasn't finished when Lori arrived so she sat and visited for a bit and waited for Alex to wake up. When he came down, right away he wanted to help Dampaw. Bentley even made his way into the kitchen once, but we really didn't want his help.

We enjoyed a sandwich and sweet watermelon under the new light later in the evening. Tom and his other son Christopher came over for another remnant of carpet. It seems Tom has both boys living back home now.

Oh and while I was in the kitchen taking pictures of the new lights, I just had to get one of my "Gnome on the Range"

9:22 87 degrees.

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