Friday, August 31, 2007

August 25, Back to Thelma and Louise

We were up at 7:00 after all we wanted to get to Ocracoke early. But that didn’t happen right away. We made our beds, dressed and Bonnie got in the drivers seat, turned the key and nothing. It was dead, dead as a door nail. She called the cranky woman from last night and she would send her husband down when he returned. We saw a lady taking her morning walk and “Louise” moved into plan B. She put the leash on Beagle Bob and went on a fast walk to catch up. Pretty soon she was back and said the walker would bring her car over and give us a jump.

At last we were out on the road. We stopped near by Goldsboro for coffee and a pastry.
I called the Ferry and we got a 2:30 trip over to Ocracoke. We got to Swanquarter about noon and we went to see if we could catch an earlier ferry. Come to find out the lady had put us on the ferry at Cedar Island, which was several hours away. Luckily we could get on stand by here for the 1:00. We pulled some lunch out of the refrigerator and cool drinks while waiting for the Ferry. I went to get my 2 peanut butter cookies out of the basket that I had saved from JCC. They were gone. That solved the mystery of the torn napkin on the floor yesterday in the RV. Beagle Bob had become a thief, and he ate both my cookies.

We were the first of 5 in the stand by line. Luckily all of us made the connection. The ride was almost 3 hours long. The waters were calm. We went between the passenger lounge, the 2 decks and the RV. People slept in the cars, listened to music, visited and snacked, which really made the trip much faster. It was a close fit on the ferry, we had to pull the mirrors in and we had maybe 5 inches from the roof of the RV to the floor of the top deck.

Once on the island of Ocracoke, we were just 4 blocks from Teeter’s Campground. Fees were very reasonable there for island camping. Tents $20 a night, RV $25 with water and Electric, add $5 if you want sewer. Cable TV is even available for $2 a night. We pulled in and the manager was gone until Saturday. But a friend working there told us to pull into any place we could find. We quickly changed into our swimsuits and headed out once again in the RV. We first went to Ocracoke Lighthouse. Built in 1822 it stands 75 feet tall and shines 14 miles out to sea. It is the oldest operating lighthouse on North Carolina. It stands very majestic painted all white.

I was in complete awe at the houses on the island. Big, short, tall, narrow, painted, bricked, anything goes, but mainly big goes best. At 6:20 we picked Howard’s Pub for drinks and dinner. Louise ordered a Bloody Mary and I (Thelma) ordered a margarita. That was $16 quickly spent. Louise asked for a beer bubble to go with hers, and the bartender threw that in for free. WOW what a deal. Our table was ready in about 15 minutes and we were starving. I had Grilled chicken breast sandwich with mushrooms and beans and rice. She had a Sub sandwich and a beer. We decided to order cosmos for dessert, but after eating all our food, we were just too full. And maybe too plowed to drive home if we had them too! But they still sounded good.

Back home we put in the movie Analyze That with Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro, after they we started another one, it played while we slept. I turned the TV off about 11:00.

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