Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 17th, Day 1

BT and I were up early. I by 6:00 am, he at 6:30. He is leaving for a 3 day Hammer In, in Illinois, Cory is to be here at 7:00. I will be leaving for Folk School and a trip to the outer Banks in North Carolina. BT will return Sunday about noonish and leave in the evening for his annual squirrel hunt on the Current River, near Eminence MO.

I pulled out of the drive way by 7:30 and BT was right behind me. I stopped in St Thomas for a bag of ice and to top off the gas tank. A little over 2 ½ hours later and 148 miles I arrived at Bonnie’s. Off the top she asked if I would mind taking her camper so she could take her dog, “Beagle Bob”. We transfer all my goods into the Class B camper. She has several stops to make one in Ironton, and another one in Farmington. We pull over at the park in Cape and eat a bite of lunch. Finally we get to her friend Linda’s house in Cape Girardeau to leave my vehicle.

We pull out of Cape Girardeau at 3:00 and head south. On the other side of Nashville we find a Mexican Restaurant and start with a margarita for me and a Beer for Bonnie. A few more miles down the road to Machsester TN, we find Whispering Oaks Campground. She had called ahead for reservations, but he said they weren’t necessary. We see why, there are probably 40 spaces and I only counted 5 campers. We were 259 miles from Bonnie’s house.

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