Friday, August 31, 2007

August 24, Last Day at John C Campbell

All 5 of us were up early. Our beds had to be stripped and everything out of our rooms by 9. Bonnie went to walk Beagle Bob, as Rhonda carried her luggage out she ran into Bonnie who had lost Beagle Bob. However it turned out it was really Bonnie who was lost as the dog was right where she had left him. We met up with Bonnie in morning song.

Breakfast was Blueberry pancakes and sausage links. I opted for raisin bran and a banana.
Bonnie drove me to the studio, so that I could load up my basket of supplies and the sewing machine. We all had to have our wares ready to display by 11:00 in the Community room. We gave the studio a quick cleaning, and paid our material fees.

The Community Room was all a buzz with crafters sitting out their accomplishments for the week. The Music class was on stage with their teachers Chuck and Peggy Patrick playing their instruments. The kitchen class sat out piping hot bread in the Coffee room, with Basil butter, Raspberry butter, Molasses’s butter and chive butter for everyone to try out. Every class was recognized and the instructors gave out certificates.

We all lined up for the last meal at JCC, Lentil chili soup, Garden Salad, cornbread and peanut butter cookies. I will miss all the sweet tea I had there and the great food. After I wrapped up my two cookies to go, Bonnie and I said our good byes and gave hugs. We were out of there about 1:00.

I ran into the $ tree for Bonnie and picked up 2 rolls of duct tape and we hit the road. She was driving the Class B. She set Phyllis up to direct us (This is the name given to her GPS). After she took a detour much against Phyllis commands, we found we had gone in a circle. So I took over the wheel. In less then an hour we were in a rain storm. Hail started hitting us so I pulled over along the Natahala River. Canoers were taking shelter every where. We sat for a few minutes and pulled out along with several other cars. Just a mile down the road, we came to a stop. A severe storm with apparent high winds had hit. Tree limbs and trees were down every where; leaves covered the road, where you couldn’t even see the asphalt. People several vehicles in front of us were removing trees one even had to be chained sawed. I hate to think where we would have been in that had we not pulled over for the 5 minutes.

247 miles later we stopped in Statesville NC at Olde 1849 Pizza & Wing Co. Greek Chicken Pizza for me and the Athenian for Bonnie. I filled the RV with an even $50 of gas at $2.62 a gallon. Bonnie drove the next 151 miles until we found 70 Mobile Home & RV Park in Garner NC. We couldn’t find the office, so we called and the lady was quit cranky. Said she would send her husband out to find us. He directed us into one spot but it wasn’t the proper connection like his wife had told him. So he directed us across the street. He asked for $35, but Bonnie told him, we just wanted electricity and he settled on $30. We paid him, turned off the engine, shut the curtains and hit the sack.

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SCquiltaddict said...

enjoyed reading your posts about john c campbell...just got back from a trip there...what a fun place...and yes the food was fabulous!!