Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thelma and Louise and O Brother where Art Thou?

Tomorrow morning begins my Thelma and Louise trip. I'm Thelma, my friend Bonnie AKA Louise is Weezy. I plan on leaving home between 7 and 8 AM. I will head to her house in Lesterville Missouri. If you don't know where this is, I'm sure your have heard about Taum Sauk Damn that broke last year. Taum From there we will go through Cape Girareau Mo to drop off her car for something, I'm not sure if it's repairs or what.

We plan to be at our 1st destination Saturday by noon. That would be known as John C. Campbell Folk Art School in Brasstown, North Carolina. There is an benefit Auction Saturday afternoon. Classes start Sunday and last through Friday at noon. I am taking an art quilting class, Weezy is taking Blacksmith. Her husband was a well known blacksmith and had even taught at JCC. He passed away May 5, 2007 from complications related to ALS (Lou Gehrigs) in May of this year. Doug would be so proud of Bonnie.

As for BT, he and Cory are leaving for Pickneyville, Illinois in the morning too, for a hammer in. They will return Sunday afternoon, when BT will trade suitcases and head for the Annual Current Rive Squirrel hunt. This is about the 37th year this tradition has been going on. Jeremy will join him later in the week. BT aka Everett, will be in good hands with his O Brother where art thou group.

The 2nd part of my trip, will be next Friday after the close of session, Weezy and I will head towards Ocracoke Island in the Atlantic Ocean for a few more days of R & R.

The only down side to this trip is that I will be computer free. 12 days without Internet. BT offered me his computer but for the few days I'd have wireless it wouldn't be worth it.

Well wish me well and I'll have a lot to report when I get back, it's now time to try to get a good night sleep for a safe travel tomorrow.

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Zoey said...

That sounds like a fun trip.

12 days with no computer? Oh, my, I would have terrible withdrawal symptoms! LOL.

Actually it's a good thing to get aways from the 'puter for a while. I was away from mine only 4 days, and I only thought about it a few times.

I hope you are having fun!