Friday, August 31, 2007

August 23, Day 7

I was up at 7:00 and got my hair washed; David Brose the historian once again did morning song. For breakfast there were grits, cereals, bacon, scrambled eggs and apple muffins. As we left the dining hall, the cooks were grilling meats in the back. It sure smelled good.

I pretty much finished my projects in class today. The teacher Martine House was an awesome instructor. She was born and raised in France, but has lived here since her marriage 20 some years ago. Currently, her husband and one son are serving in Iraq. She has two other sons, one of whom is living in France and wants to join the French Army. She has been working with embroidery, quilting, and trapunto since 1983. Recently she has become attracted to surface design and texturing, and she uses both traditional and contemporary techniques and materials to achieve her goals. Besides techniques, she tried to bring sharing, friendship and enthusiasm to all of her classes.

When we got to the Dining Hall, the menu board told us we were having Thai Beef Salad. It was served in those beautiful white oblong platters again. It has grilled skirt steak, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, peanuts and bean spouts. The dressing on the side was a Lime and Olive oil dressing. Dessert was rainbow Sherbet.

Before dinner Rhonda and I took her car and went to Brasstown, which really is walk able, but it was just too darn hot this week to walk that for. It was open house at the shops in Brasstown. Under a tent we could help ourselves to wines, salsa and chips, cheese and crackers, cocktail wieners, and plenty of dips. Rhonda joked about wine in a box, but that didn’t stop us from having a few glasses. One to start our shopping and one to end our shopping. Although we both came home empty handed. Well except for a bummer sticker I bought at
Clayscorner for Jeremy. It says ”Bambi makes cute sandwiches.”

We arrived back on the porch 10 minutes before the bell rang. Vegetable lasagna, Caesar Salad and homemade Olive Bread was served. (I picked up the olive bread recipe too!) Chocolate Sheet cake was dessert.

Rhoda and I rode with Bonnie to the Blacksmith shop for the 7 PM demonstration by Seth Gaddis. Seth’s Mother sat next to me and was very nice to visit with. She told me Seth was born 29 years ago in a tee pee, said it was a beautiful birth. His father passed 4 years ago. Now Seth and his wife live next door to her, both of them in cabins in the mountains. Oh and Seth’s hair was longer then his Mom’s and her was almost to her waist. She is a spinner and had on a shirt she had spun with hemp from China. After the demo, 17 people brought out their fiddles and guitars and played music, we left early due to the invasion of the mosquitoes.

We all sat up and talked until right a 10, and exchanged emails. It’s hard to believe the last full day here is almost over with.

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