Thursday, November 17, 2022

Flat Stanley here. . .

I flew to Jefferson City, Missouri from Winter Garden, Florida. I was to visit a few days Logan’s Grandma and Grandpa Tappel. They really live out in the woods. It doesn’t look anything like Florida. Did I mention it’s cold?

The first day I sat on grandma’s quilting frame.  I got a little tied up in her thread. She’s sewing millions of stitches in a Christmas quilt she made. She has made several hundreds of quilts.

The following day I went a couple miles up the road to what they call Deer Camp. There is a certain time when hunting season is open. The little cabin in the woods is so pretty with smoke coming out of the chimney. 

The front porch looks a little crowed with coolers. 

Inside, which was small, I checked out Grandpa’s bed, or as he called it a cot. I decided I was worn out and soon I was snoozing away.

 When I woke up, they had saved me a little dinner. It was Pastalaya. I thought I was in Louisiana, with that Cajun dish.

Sunday morning, I woke up to 3 inches of SNOW!! Brrrr! It was cold. But it was beautiful to see.

Wednesday I went into the city. Did you know Jefferson City is the state capital of Missouri? The capital is a beautiful limestone building. All the stone was mined in Missouri. 


 This is actually the backside; it sets atop the river bluff on the Missouri River.

 We then went to the Governor's mansion. I knocked on the front door, but he wasn’t home, however his Christmas tree was lit up! 

Down the street we stopped at the old Missouri State Prison, which was established in 1836 and used until a new one was built in 2004. 

I never got to see Grandpa’s blacksmith shop, but he gave me this picture. He’s been blacksmithing for about 48 years.

It was a fun trip but I’m glad to be going home to Florida because I forgot my coat!

Friday, October 14, 2022

A few days of being free

We just spent 4 days with no cell service, no wi-fi, no radios, no televisions, and it was so dang enjoyable. We were 13 miles east of Eminence Missouri at an area called Powder Mill. 

 This was a panoramic view I took of our 3 campers. 

This will give you a better picture of how we were set up. Wayne and Brenda were across from us . . .

  . . .Terry and Debby were across from them. 

There are no marked camp sites, just drive in, park in the wooded area or go to the rocky sand bar. 

This is what we did all day long.

If not looking at the fire, we looked at all the beautiful colors in the woods. 

Terry and the blacksmith went squirrel hunting every morning of course. This I think was the day Terry came across 5 elk in the woods, one bull and 4 cows. 

More trees. 

The Current River was just over the bank, we could hear the rapids. 

Across the river where you see the 3 white trees is Blue Springs. We didn't go there this trip. We've seen it many times. 

More colors!

Yes, we all had generators; they were much appreciated Thursday morning at 38 degrees. 

Day fires took the chill off. 

More night fires. 

The end, insert sad face. 

Driving out of camp up the big hill!

On the road into Eminence.

Look out point north of Eminence.

Last trip of the season. Time to winterize now. Of course, we are already talking of making this an annual couples' trip!

Sunday, October 9, 2022

A little R and R

We took off Thursday with the casita. We had reservations at the RV park on the Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Show grounds. It was a lot of pleasure, mixed with a tiny bit of work trip.

On Friday we took off on a driving trip. Saw these beautiful Coleus in front of the School House Bed and Breakfast, in Rocheport. Pictures don’t do them justice; the sun was in the wrong direction. 

We drove by to see the new I-70 bridge construction over the Missouri River. Last week a worker fell from the construction site into the river. He was unhurt!

We came across Boone’s salt lick. It was a 3/8-mile hike but was very interesting to read how Daniel Boone was there in 1806. There were lots of Paw-Paw trees.

We stopped in Blackwater for lunch at Bo Bo’s tavern. Good thing we had time to kill, the train made a long stop in town. The restored depot looked to be used as an event center now.

Main Street.

We went into the Telephone museum. Someone sure needed to dust the place.

The building was very unique.

A windmill in downtown?!

One of the many beautiful old homes in town.

We walked a block off the main path to Prairie House School antiques. We had a nice visit with the owners.

The public restroom had a rather unique way of holding the door shut, an old window weight. 

The old city jail.

Another view of the Telephone building.

Every main street needs a coffee shop!

We stopped in the General store which use to be the town bank.

A small little resting area.


A closer view.

On Saturday, we hosted the Missouri Blacksmith Association meeting. There was a big crowd on a cold morning. It was 35 when we woke up with a light frost.

Bernie did a demonstration on making a form to make shovels. He also made a basket twist handle on a fire poker.

On Sunday we attended the Friends of Arrow Rock Festival. 

We have friends who do re-enactments there. They were melting lead for making some bullets.

Sometimes there is music at the church. Guess we weren’t there at the right time.

I always have to see the quilt show. I especially liked this Halloween quilt.

There was always someone playing music in center of town. We listened to this gentleman as we ate our lunch.

This gentleman was dying fibers. 

I like watching the sock makers, here she was using a 1924 antique sock machine. 

I remember trying to weave on a loom at Folks school. I admire their work, but it wasn’t something I wanted to stick with. 

Bernie finished the day with a funnel cake. He has on occasion made them at home.

After that we returned to load up the Casita and head home.

Life is good.