Sunday, May 9, 2021

A baby quilt and much more

 I can now reveal a finished quilt, as the expecting parents received it this week. Ian and Emily are expecting their first baby in August. I thought with her being a school teacher, the alphabet quilt was perfect. They were pleasantly surprised by the gift!

 I’ve been working on the 365 block quilt challenge and staying up to date. This was the most challenging block yet. 57 pieces in a 3 inch square.

Week 18 had so many pieces.

Week 19 only had  total of 95 pieces. Almost too easy.

Since I’m finished early with the tiny blocks, I’ll work on this quilt. Today I started marking quilting lines. Hopefully I’ll get it in the frame.

It’s turned off cool and supposed  to be that way most of the week. Maybe it’s a good time to stay in and quilt.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Just like in the days gone by . . .

 Breakfast started like this.

The blacksmith bought this grain mill several weeks ago at a flea market. It was a rusty mess. After stripping it in electrolysis bath he painted it shiny red.

Next he ground whole wheat into flour.

Last night I set a sourdough batter using whole wheat flour. The result was a delicious nutty texture waffle!

I also used my square Griswold skillet to fry bacon. Why all these years did I use a round skillet? 

Sunday, April 25, 2021

From one extreme to another

Sunday I found this bookcase on Facebook marketplace. It fit perfectly. The blacksmith now has his reference books close by. 

On Sunday and Monday it was 70 degrees. Then the bottom fell out, the skies opened and we had one and a half inches of wet snow.

I borrowed these pictures from my daughter in law. The professional photographer took some really neat shots.

Earth day! My grandsons dressed accordingly.

This is a Snapchat photo after the 6 year old said “Don’t even make me put a piece of wheat in my mouth”.

My grand daughter is serving! It’s the first game I’ve made it to. It sure brought back memories of when our daughter played. By the way, Lizzie’s team won all 3 sets! 

 Friday was picture day at school. So their mom snapped  this before school.

Since the first of the year I’ve been working on a 365 block quilt challenge. Every week I get 7 paper piece patterns emailed to me. Every block is 3 1/2 inches square until you join them. Then they are 3 inches square. This is week 16.

This block so far has the the tiniest pieces. The gray squares are 3/8 inches square.

Week #17 blocks.

This shows you how tiny the pieces are. That’s a dime for reference.

This is 3,152 pieces so far. It’s about 1/3 of the way!

Our 17 year old grandson finally got to participate in PROM! 

Aren’t they adorable ?

I can just hear them saying . . . We can do this!

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Delicious breakfast

 This week the blacksmith cleaned some newly acquired antique cast iron. Today he made sour dough ebelskivers. They were delicious! 


The ebelskiver pan is a #32 Griswold!


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

A walk in the woods

Today the blacksmith and I headed to the woods for two reasons, to freshen up his Turkey blind and to mushroom hunt. Now I’ve never been very successful at finding them. However today was my lucky day.

 Violets were blooming and enjoying the sunshine.



The dogwoods were outstanding!

Blood-wort is just coming up.

My first find of the afternoon.

A close-up!

They’re everywhere!

So when you go to the woods without a plastic bag. . . You use your glove box from the Can-am.

Twenty five in all! 


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Easter week

Thursday, April 1st, we headed  for Jacob’s cave swap meet. It’s always fun. Today it was 40 degrees and a strong cold wind.

I could not believe my eyes, a street sign with my maiden name. The vendor said it came from Kansas City.

The Amish were there with fried pies. Never mind we had eaten 2 twist donuts earlier in the day. I got red raspberry, for the blacksmith I bought gooseberry.

Antiquing with good friends who have the same interest can be fun, except when both guys liked the same trailer. Terry found it first and laid claim to it. 

After he borrowed our trailer hitch, the guys had to find a trailer ball. After that was accomplished, they borrowed wrenches from a vendor and they were set.

Saturday I bake the “lamb”  that hubby always requested. The icing was a new recipe. I threw the calorie count out the window. I mean really what could 2 sticks of butter, a1/2 cup shortening and 6 cups powdered sugar add up to??

Easter bunny dropped off a white chocolate bunny, so as someone didn’t feel left out!

This pretty much sums up our Easter, Danish twist, jello eggs, lamb cake, and Angel food cake. I forgot to get a photo of the delicious fried chicken the guys made.

For afternoon exercise, the guys cut this tall leaning tree down.

Life is good! EASTER 2021

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Lafayette Louisana Blacksmith Conference

On March 11 we took off on a trip heading to Lafayette, Louisiana. It was fun to go leisurely on Thursday, stopping at a few antique shops. We spent the first night in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. We walked from our hotel to a gas station next door that had Ocean’s fish and chicken. We ordered chicken liver and gizzard dinners to take back to our hotel room. They were probably the best we have ever had. The cook asked if we wanted their special seasonings. I wonder if they sell their seasonings. 

We arrived at the conference site Friday afternoon just as they were setting up. We visited with our friends from way up north! It was good to see Nathan, Dick and Myron. New to us was Wayne that came with them.

A beautiful auction item that our friend Richard bought. 

I took the BAM boutique items and Bernie’s 51 pair of tongs. Sales were very good Saturday. The crowd was very small Sunday, but I still sold a few things.

On Sunday afternoon I walked with friends to Vermillionville, just across the parking lot. With my senior discount it cost me $8.

The three Missouri blacksmiths visit, Ken, Steve and Bernie.

They had cool tee shirts for only $10.

Nathan Robertson, Jackpine Forge was the demonstrator for both days.,

Vermillionville is a living history museum and folklife park. It represents several of the difference communities that lived, worked and played in what today is known as Arcadiana Louisiana today; the Arcadians, the Creoles, the Native Americans, and the African descendants of the area.

We were entertained by the accordion player. 

This quilt hanging from the ceiling of course caught my eye.

The loom is put together with pegs!

She was making pine needle baskets.

The blacksmith was more busy talking about the musical instrument he was making and the music of the area, then he was about being a blacksmith. 

A Catholic Church. 

I fell in love with this beveled, pie crust, cut mirror/coat hook! 

Notice the fly fan over the table. Someone from the side of the room had to pull the rope.

The last stop was at this small Cajun market. There we picked up seasonings for our blacksmith friend, Pat  back in Washington Missouri.