Wednesday, April 29, 2020

COVID Day 27 to Day 33

Day 27
Wednesday April 8, 2020
Headlines: pandemic jobless pay to start next week.
The totals for the day look like this: Nationwide 434,114,  Missouri has 3327 cases, and
Cole county  has 35 cases.
For breakfast  I had steel cut oats with pecans and cranberries, Bernie had bacon and egg burritos.

I finished piecing a baby quilt.

We planted cucumbers, zucchini, and green beans. 
It was a wild weather day, the high was 94, then 4 hours later 62 degrees and with strong winds.
I made one mask for nurse Kadie Bopp. I cut my mask down smaller.

Day 28
Thursday April 9 2020
Headlines: State prepares to open first alternative care site.
Nationwide there are 464,865 cases, with Missouri having 3,539, and  Cole county has 35 cases.
We took 2 rides in our Cam-Am to see Jeremy’s progress on his backyard.

Bernie tilled more garden and then put the electric fence up.
I worked on machine quilting a scrappy baby quilt.
Bernie fixed fried dandelions blossoms for dinner. OMG, they were delicious. They went well with our deer steak, mashed potatoes, and salad.

Day 29
Friday April 10, 2020
As for COVID cases today there are Nationwide 495,249, Missouri has 3,799 cases, and 
Cole county has 35.
I fixed biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast. 

I finished machine quilting the red and blue baby quilt. No matching fabric so I can’t bind it. Then I basted another baby quilt. Machine quilted it until the belt broke on my 1919 Singer red eye machine.

I made 4 1/2 pints of Redbud jelly. Yup, picked the buds off the trees in my backyard.

I made salads for dinner to go with our carry out pizza from Pizza Haus.

Day 30
Saturday April 11, 2020
Missouri now reports 4,029 cases. Cole county has 36 cases.
Gas is $1.58 in town.
Dinner was hamburgers and salad. Yep only meal today. Bernie was helping Jeremy most of the day. I washed one load of towels. 

I made Danish Twist, a lamb cake, and a batch of jelly using the blooms from the Redbud trees.

Day 31
Easter Sunday April 12, 2020
Nationwide there are 559,409 cases. With Missouri reporting 4,160 and Cole county with 36 cases.

Easter came, and is almost over.
Nothing was as usual.
We had no ham, no family dinner, no Easter candy, no new Easter outfit, no company.
It was all new.  Took the local grandkids slim pickings for their Easter presents. They were presented on the front porch, at a safe distance. we visited with the kids in Florida on Facetime. Sadly we were to be there in person this week. We would be swimming and egg hunting with them if we were there.

Our church was Mass on the computer with Father Jeremy Secrist, aka Father Porch Priest.

But you know God is good, we’re here to celebrate. There are  110 people in Missouri that weren’t here to celebrate this Easter season. May they Rest In Peace. 

Breakfast was our Easter tradition of Danish Twist. Dinner was hand breaded fried shrimp, baked beans, deviled eggs and lamb cake.

Bernie picked 20 cups of Redbud blossoms.

Day 32
April 13, 2020 Monday
Cases Nationwide total 586,057.Missouri has 4,388 and Cole county reports 37 cases.

Today we broke the 11th commandment, we went to town. Mailed Sarah some hand sanitizer (packed inside a box of trolls),  Aldi’s (where only 1 of us could go in), then Schulte’s, where we both went inside. 

When we got home from town we had donuts and coffee.
The ham we purchased in town,  we cut up, froze some, cooked the bone, and sliced some on our new electric slicer.

I made 8 pints of Redbud jelly.

I finished another small baby quilt.

Day 33
Tuesday April 14, 2020
Nationwide there 612,380 cases. Missouri reports 4,686 and Cole county 38 cases.
Another stay at home day, we didn’t even go to Jeremy’s. Bernie cut grass. I cut and piled brush. For breakfast I fried sausage and eggs, with that we had toast with Redbud jelly.
Dinner was ham and yellow eyed beans, along with fried potatoes.

We received these hugs in the mail from our Florida grandsons.

After dinner we walked outside. I showed  BT the trees and brush I cleared. We loaded up 2 trailer loads of old cedar logs. After piling them we had a bonfire which we tended until 10:30 pm.

Friday, April 17, 2020

COVID-19 Day 20 - Day 26

DAY 20
Wednesday 4/1/2020
Cole county has 25 cases.
I made 12 masks today, 4 for Sarah, 2 for Bill & Pam in Florida, 2 for Rita Monat in Texas, and 2 for Binky Sanders.
Breakfast was bacon, eggs, and toast. 
Dinner was French onion soup, deer sausage, cheese and crackers, also homemade chocolate chip cookies. Note to self, self don’t buy frozen French onion soup again!

Connor and Logan’s masks.

These are  Pam and Bill's masks. On a side note, these masks became wide travelers. From Missouri they went to New York into international mail. I then contacted my buddy at our post office, who turned it over to our postmaster. The package started moving and went to Queens New York. The 2 day priority box took 10 days to make it to Florida.

Sarah and Rusty’s masks.

DAY 21
Thursday 4/2/2020
Cole county now  has 25 cases.
Nationwide  there 243,729 cases.
Florida has over 9000 cases.
I had steel cut oats for breakfast, and I fried cured pork shoulder for Bernie.
The garden is coming up! 
Bernie cut grass for the first time this spring.
I gave Bernie his first “home” hair cut. It looks really good from the front. We won’t talk about the back.
I put a border on Judy Braun’s quilt.
First time in 19 days I didn’t have to cook dinner. We got  carry out delivered to the car at Pizza Haus.
Judy’s Quilt. It will be sold at the Osage Bend Picnic in August.

Day 22
Friday 4/3/2020
Headlines: Economic fallout mounts. Worldwide virus cases top 1 Million, unemployment claims hit 10M in US.
Stay at home issue goes into effect Monday. 
Cole county has 26 cases with 1 death, Steve Huber local orthodontist. 
Missouri has 2,113 cases.
Nationwide there are 277,953 and Florida has 10,260.
Garden is peeking through a little more..
I made a loaf of panhaus, fixed pbj toast for me and cured shoulder for breakfast. Dinner was fried breaded tenderloin, salad, and macaroni with tomatoes. Rice crispy treats for dessert.
It was 61 degrees when we got up, 38 at bedtime.

Day 23
Saturday April 4, 2020
Headlines: Governor Parson:Stay at home, Missouri 
Nationwide there are 311,357 cases.
Missouri has 2291 cases.
Cole county has 28 cases.
I went to my first drive-by birthday party. It was for my quilting buddy Pat Carrender who tuned 81 years young,  about 20 cars participated. 
Dinner was homemade chicken and rice soup.
I cleaned house, did laundry and made 6 more masks. 
41 degrees was our high.

Day 24
Sunday April 5, 2020
Missouri has 2,367 cases.
Cole county has 31 cases.

Our youngest grandson in Florida turned 5. Facetime is our new birthday party.

Happy Birthday Logan.

Then we went to see our youngest grand daughter from a distance. She gave us two gifts. Thank you Lizzie.

Later this afternoon our sweetest friend Maggie Schmitz was rushed to the hospital. She was just diagnosed this past Thursday with Ovarian cancer. She passed away. Our condolences to Fred and his children and grandchildren.

Melissa Tappel works at Aldi’s. For the 2 masks I made her, she did my grocery shopping. We met in Schulte’s parking lot. I then delivered one mask to Stacy Bax at the church parking lot. Think I’ve made 27 masks to date.

This mask was just a challenge I wanted to try. It was fun, but nothing I want to do again!

Breakfast was panhaus with scrambled eggs. For dinner I made  meatloaf, buttered potatoes and fried cabbage.

Day 25 April 6, 2020
Headlines: Report: Missouri can cushion COVID-19’s impact on economy.
Nationwide there are  365,525 cases.
Missouri is up to  2,722.
Cole county stands at 31.
Breakfast was bacon and eggs, along with cheese grits. For dinner we grilled pork chops, salad and home canned green beans.
I made 2 more masks today.

Mark’s Mobile glass replaced our shower doors today.

Day 26, Tuesday April 7, 2020
Nationwide there are  399,667 cases.
Missouri stands at 3,037.
Florida there are 14,747 cases. 

We went to town to pick up our on line order at Sam’s. We did stop by the feed store.
Made breakfast of panhaus and fresh oranges.
Loaded the ATV, and went to the farm. Found one small mushroom.
Back home about 4, we snacked on deer sausage, cheese, crackers and apples.

Went to Jeremy’s to see the progress in his backyard work.
Made chef salads with smoked turkey for dinner.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

COVID-19 Day 13 to Day 19

This blog, is mostly for  me to remember these trying times we are living. So years from now we can look back, or our grandkids can,  to see how life was.

Day 13
Wednesday 3/25
Headlines: Governor: No quick end in sight for COVID-19
356 cases
I cooked chicken and froze two containers of meat and broth. Cooked pork, froze it in broth for Pasole, and I ground pork sausage. 
Fried chicken for dinner. 
Cut more brush, gas $1.85.

Day 14
Thursday 3/26
Headlines: Missouri seeks federal disaster aid.
Cole county 9 cases.
Beautiful day, 80 degrees, we burned brush and planted garden.
Jim and Deanna Haslag came. We sat 6-8 feet apart on the deck and had  cocktails.
Fried cured shoulder for dinner, served with a salad.
Seems every quilter is sewing  masks, except me.
Local school extended their closure to April 10.

Day 15
Friday 3/27
Headlines: Jobless rate jumps.
                    Jeff City medical group lays off 38 employees. 
14 cases in Cole county.
80 degrees today.
Planted potatoes 
Made fish patties and macaroni and cheese for dinner.
Lori brought us milk.

Day 16
Saturday 3/28
Headlines: County order: Stay at home effective 5:00 PM tonight.
Cole county 17 cases.
Made banana bread. 
Fried deer steak, mashed potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts for dinner.
Bernie made hand sanitizer. 

Blair Oaks teachers and staff parade. This was 1/2 miles from our house. We rode our Can-am.

Day 17
Sunday 3/29
Headlines: Missionary work continues ‘right here at home’.
Cole county 17 cases.
Missouri 903 cases.
Florida 4942 (6th in nation).
Panhaus for breakfast. 
Dinner was roasted  pork loin, glazed carrots, and stir fried rice.

Monday 3/30. DAY 18
Cole county 25 cases (Including Dr. Steve Huber who was our orthodontist, and his brother have the illness).
Corn cakes and bacon for breakfast.
Dinner, fried cured ham, salad, cranberry relish, banana bread.
I sewed, took a walk to the mailbox.
Bernie worked on the muzzle loading shotgun he’s building.
Lori asked me to make them masks. 

 Lizzie’s mask is reversible!

Alex and Jeremy’s mask, of course wildlife.

Lori’s mask. Shows her love for the honor flights! Brady got a Chief’s mask, I forgot to take a picture of it.

DAY 19
Tuesday 3/31 Today’s high 62
Cole county 25 cases.
Missouri 1351 cases.
Headlines: Governor Parsons expects more months of social distancing.
Lori picked up my prescriptions. Kids still don’t want us to leave our house.
Gas $1.59
Time to make masks now. I have run out of beige fabric for my quilt. Hobby Lobby is closed due to the Virus.
Made 4 masks for Travis Miles.
Dr. Steve Huber, the orthodontist is in ICU, on a respirator, with COVID 19.
Homemade biscuits and gravy for our breakfast.
Dinner was BBQ pork sandwiches (leftover pork loin), cole slaw, and chips.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

COVID - 19 Day 1-12

This blog, is mostly for  me to remember these trying times we are living in.  So years from now we can look back, or our grandkids can, to see how life was.

Day 1
Saturday March 14 2020
Headlines: State of emergency. 
Two more cases in Missouri. 
We went to church and Ecco.  Who knew we’d be quarantined after this.

Day 2
Sunday 3/15/20 
I cancelled my quilt ladies bus trip.
Chili for dinner. 

Day 3 Monday 3/16/20 
Headlines: March madness (basketball) has been cancelled.
We took inventory of our food. We’re looking pretty good we think. Toilet paper had been sold out everywhere. Now, I won’t complain about those huge packages that Sam’s sell. We probably have over 30 rolls of TP, and more than a dozen rolls of paper towels. 

Day 5
Tuesday 3/17/20 
Headlines US urges older people to stay home.
Didn’t go to quilting. Defrosted freezer, made a  cherry pie, spaghetti, salad, garlic bread.
Bernie  is keeping busy building a gun.
1 case in Cole county.

Day 6
Wednesday 3/18/20 
Headlines COVID-19 in Cole county , 15 state wide.
I quilted, Bt worked on a gun stock. I made a quick trip to post office which has big yellow circle spots on the floor to mark your 6 foot distance between each other. Shopped nearly bare shelves at Aldi’s. Gas $1.97.
 2 cases in Cole county.

Day 7
Thursday 3/19/20 
Headlines Governor says: Concern, yes. Fear, not.
Lots  of rain, sun came out about 2. That made us feel better. Bernie worked on the gun he’s building. I made cinnamon rolls, egg salad, and beef barley soup for tomorrow. For dinner we had hamburgers and tater tots. Lori was in Dollar General, picked up Miracle  Whip and Tylenol for me. All Missouri schools are closed now. Many businesses are closing. Restaurants after Monday, can only have delivery or curb service. 

Day 8
Friday 3/20 
Headlines Empty Mass. 
Jefferson City’s Catholic services were suspended due to COVID-19.
We were up at 7 am  to take homemade cinnamon rolls out of refrigerator to rise. Terry and Debby came at 11. The guys ground deer and pork meat for sausage. Lunch was beef barley soup, egg salad sandwiches, and salad. 

Day 9
Saturday 3/21 
Headlines: Missouri to ban gatherings of more than 10 people.
Cole county has 3 cases.
Hamburgers and tater tots for dinner.
Lizzie helped clear brush, we kept our 6 foot distance.

Day 10
Sunday 3/22
Headlines: Empty Isles. While there is no nationwide food shortage, according to the FDA, some grocery shelves are sparse locally.
Fried deer steak, mashed potatoes, and roasted Brussels sprouts for dinner.
It snowed, the biggest wettest flakes we’ve ever seen.

Day 11
Monday 3/23 
Headlines Missouri virus cases 128.
I ordered groceries on line from Schulte’s. Delivered to car! I did pop in westlakes and hobby lobby. I wore a mask. Cut branches of Forsythias  and delivered to Diane, Judy, and Lizzie. Finished hand quilting my Christmas quilt.
Bernie went to Wardsville to fill gas cans.
Beef barley soup, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner. 

Day 12
Tuesday 3/24
Headlines: Capitol, state office buildings to be closed to public.
255 cases in Missouri statewide.
Made 33 pounds deer sausage. 
Beef pot pie for lunch. Then I took a piece to Grandma Wieberg.