Sunday, March 6, 2016

Facebook On-line 7 day quilt challenge show

If you are my friend on facebook, you have already read all this and you can skip over it.  If not, I will tell you that my friend challenged me to this, so here is my past week on facebook!

I have been nominated by Terri Krysan to an on-line, 7 day quilt show of some of my work. It's so hard to only pick 7. But here it goes. I made this quilt top for a coworker Julie Buschjost years ago. It was hand quilted at her church and then auctioned on the St Thomas picnic. I loved the blue and yellow crispness.
Day 2 of Terri Krysan on-line quilt show.
I made this from red and white fabric I received in a fabric swap. There were 121 quilters who traded fabric, from 37 states and 16 international countries. I also won a bag of the selvages from the red and white fabric. Those were incorporated into their own blocks.
I hand quilted this last fall.
It's time for the day 3 on-line quilt show thanks to Terri .
This is my Noah's ark quilt I made in 2002. It is paper piece patterns in a book titled A Quilter's Ark by Margaret Rolfe.
Paper piecing was new to me. This was not a beginner pattern by any means. In fact I paper pieced this on interfacing, as I didn't understand the paper concept. I left the interfacing intact.
Bless Mrs. Kirsch, Jane's mom who hand quilted it for me.

Terri it's day 4 of your on-line quilt challenge. It's so much fun looking back at some of my works.
I'm cheating today and getting 2 for 1. These quilts I made when my grandsons got their new bunk beds. Of which they have now out grown.
Both quilts feature paper piece patterns. The designs are my own with the use of purchased patterns for the animals.

It's already day 5 of Terri's on line quilt show. It's getting harder to choose the last few.
I started on this quilt just days after 9/11 happened in 2001. It has over 2500 pieces of fabric. Most every block was paper pieced. As usual I included the year into my quilt. It's kind of my signature. It has some purchased patterns but the design is all mine.
Several years later in July, our local television station (KRCG-13) had a contest to show your red, white, and blue. I won first place with this quilt and received a beautiful ruby, diamond, and sapphire necklace valued at $500.
This is one of my most favorite quilts. It has been on our bed for years. This picture is before it was hand quilted by Jane Kirsch-Massman's late mother.

Day 6 Terri, your on-line quilt show is ending too quickly.
This Sunbonnet alphabet quilt was based on a book first published in 1929. It was reprinted in 1990.
I first traced each block using tracing paper. I then flipped it over, on the reverse side re-drew it with an iron-on pencil. My mom ironed the patterns on fabric for me. Then came the embroidery work, months of it. You should see the block with "A" on it. The chalkboard is solid thread.
I'm not sure when I started this quilt, but I did finish it in 1997 as I have the date embroidered in the bottom right hand block. The pillow tuck when the bed is made, makes these blocks line up perfectly. It to is hand quilted.

It's the last day of my on-line quilt challenge. Thank you Terri for nominating me.
The chicken in the grass quilt brings a flood of memories of my Aunt Faye. I made this for her. Her kitchen was decorated with chickens. If she would have had her way, there would have been live ones in her backyard.
Every morning when she made her bed with this quilt, she would flip the edge by the window over, so it wouldn't fade from the sun.
She was my mentor, in cooking, sewing, and quilting. A great Christian lady who would do her daily devotions and write in her journal every morning before hand quilting. Later in the day she would call to see how the kids were, (later it was grandkids) talk about a recipe, or see if I had any show and tell to bring to quilt day at her church.
This pattern was in Woman's Day magazine. All the chicken wings are prairie points. Their feet and eyes are embroidered.
She always said when she was gone I would get the quilt back. True to her word, her grand daughter Tree Lynn Henderson gave it to me the following week.
I miss Aunt Faye every day