Sunday, October 24, 2021

Quitting for the night

Ok, I knew I had sewed enough today. This is the first block of week #42. The first block has 68 pieces of fabric. Remember each block is 3 inches square!  I will tackle it tomorrow.

This is my 365 day tiny block challenge quilt. 

This is week #42. 

My Facebook/former blogger friend, CJ made this bread the other day. So I started it Friday and baked it Saturday. It’s not sweet, just a bit of honey is in it, but the cranberries are sweet and delicious. However next time, I would add a few more pecans.

Crusty cranberry pecan bread

Tonight I toasted a piece, that was even better!

Time to rest these eyes and get me a cup of hot tea!

Friday, October 22, 2021

Apple festival October 22, 2021

Today we took Lizzie who was out of school, and headed to Mennonite country. 

Our first stop of course was Donut Palace in Eldon!

We had something to deliver to our Mennonite auctioneer/farrier friend in Excelsior. His wife always has a produce stand out front. 

Across the street we went shopping at Weaver Market, where I found a frog I could possibly like. It was made from figs, raspberries, oranges and ginger. 

Next it was to Apple Festive at Dutch Market. We followed this truck in and just  had to ask to take a picture. The couple tells us it happens all the time. We had a nice chat with them.

I asked Lizzie to take mine and grandpa's picture, I thought it was funny how the Mennonite worker joined us!

The lines went very quick, one team weighed apples, the other rang your purchase up.

Grandpa and Lizzie pick out many different varieties. Now that we have them home, we can't tell which one are which.

Cute little kids in the wagon!

At Hoover's surplus store we found this Blackstone grill for $130. I texted it to Jeremy. About 20 minutes later, after we had left, he replied, BUY IT. We turned around and went back. In the few minutes we were gone it had SOLD.  It was a bargain.

Shopping is hard work so she takes a little rest in a cute chair! Luckily it wouldn't fit in our car.

Lizzie made a haul. The dress is brand new with tags, Target brand,  it was $2. The shoes are Blowfish brand, new with tags $55, bought for $22. The brand new volleyball shorts with tags for $2. She got 2 bottles of sunscreen, the collapsible dog bowl and 2 face mask for a quarter each at the amazon return store. 

At County Road Surplus, Bernie and I scored very well too. I got a new pair of Natural Reflections flannel lined jeans regularly $46 for $18, a Bob Timberlake flannel shirt $48 for $19. The gold T-Shirts was $3. Bernie got a Natural Reflections Henley shirt $28 for $12. 

At the Amazon return I bought a new cell phone case for a quarter, 2 bottles of sun screen for a quarter, and some Mousse for a quarter.

 Our 18 pounds of apples for $7 and some change.

It's always fun bargain shopping and visiting with friends!

God is good.





Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Saltfork Blacksmith Conference Sulphur, Oklahoma 2021

We pulled out of the driveway early Thursday morning and headed to Sulphur Oklahoma.

We arrived at Country Days RV park shortly before dinner time. This was our second time to stay at this park. Debby is always a pleasure to work with. The park is way out in the country and very peaceful. 

Friday morning after a good night sleep, we found a local breakfast spot, The Poor Girl Café.  Coffee was hot, eggs were perfect and I enjoyed listening to the local men's coffee club discussing their ailments.

We had the day off and decided to play tourist.    


We checked out Chickasaw Lake,  the  mud hens were thick on the lake. We saw many flocks of them riding the white caps 

In town we went to Sulphur Springs, can't say we like the smell or taste of the water. I don't care if it did have healing powers!

This was the bridge at Chickasaw Cultural Center. You could do a self guided tour and play the talking boxes, even talking in 3 languages. 

This is just a very tiny section of Bromide Hill. It sure looked like someone had poured rough concrete. Of course it was God who did!

At the visitors center we saw possibly the biggest picnic table ever!

Just one of the many buildings built by the CCC in the 30's.

So many springs, waterfalls, and streams to check out.

This was in the downtown area.

Later in the afternoon we headed out to the Steam Engine show grounds where the Oklahoma Saltfork Craftmen were having their yearly conference. 

Set up for the weekend was just about complete. We would return bright and early in the morning.

There were 3 of us vendors set up across from the demonstrations. 

Bernie visits with Greg Reeder of Reeder Products, Inc. With a little luck, Greg might be at the Missouri Blacksmith Association conference in May of 2022.

My job for the weekend was selling tongs. So I took hand work. Luckily I finished it Sunday evening just as things were drawing to a close. 

I also made a new friend, Karen from Tulsa. Her husband is a blacksmith and she thought she'd tag along with him. After all they had rented a tiny cabin near by for their anniversary. We soon discovered we had a lot in common, first of all breast cancer survivors, then February birthdays and the list went on and on. 

You never go hungry at this conference. JJ and LaQuitta and several other workers feed you well! This was smoked briskets, smoked ribs, ham, and pulled pork!!  The best ever!

Added to the above meal was potato salad, slaw and PECAN PIES.

This is JW, the son of Brent the demonstrator. He was a little trooper all weekend. He made this in the craft class. When I asked to take his picture, he said they already took it, and then he struck this pose!

Brent Bailey was a fantastic demonstrator. I watched him forge an axe head and then he turned the wooden handle.

Our final night in Sulphur, as we went to a Mexican restaurant God gave us this beautiful sunset!  There were 2 people parachuting in the sky too. We had dinner with our new friends Karen and Todd and about 24 other friends from the conference. A yearly tradition!


Monday morning after a good nights sleep, it was time to head home. We were looking for a breakfast/lunch place and came into Prague. We asked a local where to go and she suggested The Kitchen, and up front on their sign they advertised Kolaches!!!

Lunch was good, too much food, but then they told us they were completely out of Kolaches.  Such a disappointment!

In Sarcoxie, while filling up the gas tank, I spied an antique store down the street. We went to check it out. Of course the blacksmith found rusty iron to buy!

What a trip!  Good times, good friends, new friends, good food, good weather, God is good!




Monday, October 11, 2021

BAM and Arrow Rock the same weekend

On Saturday October 9, 2021 we hosted the BAM meeting in Boonville, at the Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Association grounds. Attendance was great, as was the weather. 

 It's a fantastic building.

Bernie demonstrated an 18th century candle holder. 

John was his striker!  He is always great help on anything we need at the shop.

To say we took a a few of our candleholders from the house is an under statement. We both like and appreciate the early American lighting.

The wives sat outside for good conversation and fresh air.

That evening we stayed in our Casita across the road in the show grounds camp ground. 

On Sunday morning we went to Arrow Rock, Missouri for their festival. 

Beautiful homes line the streets. 


One of our first stops was to see our friend Jim Duncan, the gunsmith.

Here's an interesting story. I was talking to this lady about her weaving. I told her I had taken a class at John C. Campbell Folk School on weaving and soon learned it wasn't something I wanted to do much off. She told me the Folks school was on her bucket list.

I went on to admire her loom. She tells me it's cherry wood and is some what portable as it folds nicely and fits in her car. I told her about my blogger friend who has had many looms in her time. She asked me her name and I said Karen, immediately she said her last name.  She knew her from the blog too. Read my blog post before this one and you can read more about Karen

Lunch time found us in the Tavern. After our main course we divided this big fried cherry pie, or as my friend Deanna calls them, a hand pie. It was delicious.

Next door we found our friends Brian and Brad in their Santa Fe traders camp. This is their new wagon they recently purchased. 

Brad lost a button on his trousers for his suspenders the night before. How, we aren't sure how as we never got the complete story. I was impressed he was sewing it on himself, even if I thought the needle was rather large!  Good job Brad!

This quilt was on display in one of the old homes we went into. It was better than any that were displayed in the quilt show in my opinion.  

This quilt was made from a Crabapple Hills Studio pattern. Bernie thought it was pretty neat, especially the old oil cans. 

It was a wonderful weekend to be out and about!