Monday, August 18, 2014

It's been a busy summer

I am such a bad blogger!  (As pointed out by my daughter today.) Those of you who are friends with me on facebook have seen some of these pictures. Some days it's just much quicker and easier to post on FB and not blog. Do you feel that way too?  

I want to stay blogging for the grandkids, someday they can go back and read my journal.

On to the present . . . the last week of July the blacksmith and I headed to Florida to see the youngest grandson. Oh yes we did go to see his parents too. 

Connor loved his grandpa, he was always computing with him too. 

One day we went to a local nursery that had a butterfly garden. 

Someone was not impressed with the butterflies!

Keep in mind when you watch this video, Connor is only 19 months old. He can turn on any phone, I Pod, I Pad and flip through for his apps and play for hours.

I went to Target and found him his new life jacket. He instantly took to the water. The jacket is Puddle jumper brand. 

Saturday morning we drove to Winter Park, Florida for farmers market. It was fun to see the different plants, fruits, and vegetables from what's offered in Missouri. 

 Grandpa and Connor got to do some train watching while we shopped.

Once again, Connor snuggles as close to Grandpa as possible to watch TV, probably Mickey Mouse.

One day we went to Mount Dora, Florida to visit with a blacksmith friend. Little did we know they live on a horse farm. 
 Here the blacksmiths show off their legs next to Kirk's pink Little Giant trip hammer. 

 The horse was not near as intimidating as those little butterflies were. 

 Some days it rained! 

Grandpa and Connor took lots of walks up and down the street, and up and down the street again, occasionally sitting down for a rest. 

I thought I was going to get a picture for my refrigerator, but that didn't happen. 

Once again, Grandpa has Connor! We can't wait to see you soon Connor, oh and your mom and dad too.