Sunday, May 9, 2021

A baby quilt and much more

 I can now reveal a finished quilt, as the expecting parents received it this week. Ian and Emily are expecting their first baby in August. I thought with her being a school teacher, the alphabet quilt was perfect. They were pleasantly surprised by the gift!

 I’ve been working on the 365 block quilt challenge and staying up to date. This was the most challenging block yet. 57 pieces in a 3 inch square.

Week 18 had so many pieces.

Week 19 only had  total of 95 pieces. Almost too easy.

Since I’m finished early with the tiny blocks, I’ll work on this quilt. Today I started marking quilting lines. Hopefully I’ll get it in the frame.

It’s turned off cool and supposed  to be that way most of the week. Maybe it’s a good time to stay in and quilt.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Just like in the days gone by . . .

 Breakfast started like this.

The blacksmith bought this grain mill several weeks ago at a flea market. It was a rusty mess. After stripping it in electrolysis bath he painted it shiny red.

Next he ground whole wheat into flour.

Last night I set a sourdough batter using whole wheat flour. The result was a delicious nutty texture waffle!

I also used my square Griswold skillet to fry bacon. Why all these years did I use a round skillet?