Friday, July 23, 2021

My new rug comes with a story!

My new rug is absolutely beautiful. It’s a hand woven wool rug!!! The best part, my blogger friend Karen wove it.

I had been following her latest find of another loom. Did I say another loom? I believe her addiction to looms is way above my 21 plus vintage sewing machines. (Oh but we do have almost identical sewing machines!)

To read all about this loom and it’s wonder history, click here: Finlander Barn Loom

 See my rug in progress! 


Here is my rug all packaged up for Stevio to mail.

Here is the beautiful wool at our front door. Karen is very talented in many ways, visit her Etsy store:  The Loom-A-Tic workshop for some of her hand woven wool socks (of which I own a pair) or maybe one of her quilts or perhaps a wool rug!