Thursday, May 26, 2016

Things I've been working on.

What a challenge I was given!

 It called for some hand piecing. (I normally don't do hand piecing.)

It had some real challenges, including the maker had cut it off crooked. I can say this with confidence that it was not straight across!

I however persevered, added a green border, then a big white border, after all it had to be at least queen size. 

It was then hand quilted. (By friends and myself) Something old, something new. I think it turned out perfect.

A chicken felt table runner made for my friend Margie! (she will love seeing her name on my blog)

This one is still a work in progress. I want to add more onto the sewing machine end. I'm keeping this one for me.

This friend wanted a baby quilt with a beachy theme. The fabric on the back is adorable. The back matches her embroidery work perfectly.

Turquoise and pink was requested for this one. If you blow the picture up you will see the fabric had chickens to match the embroidery work. Both of these were machine quilted. (I used a 1919 Singer 66 red eye and a 1952 Singer 15-91 to quilt these).

These quilts I made 5 years ago for sisters. (You can read about it here.) Times have changed, beds have gotten bigger, mattress thicker and they no longer fit. So they asked me to add a ruffle. I was skeptical at first. But in the end, I loved the way they turned out!

See you later!