Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quilts, quilts, quilts

Life is good! 

I have been able to do a lot of sewing in my retirement. I now have a few baby quilts for sale too. All are machine quilted. I have washed them all with very mild soap and machine dried them. They are ready for any little one to cuddle with. 

This quilt measures 39 inches by 52 inches. It has some darling alphabet fabric on the back. It is priced at $70.

This is probably not big enough for a baby quilt, but would make an awesome wall hanging. The batik fabric are beautiful. It measures 34 inches by 40 inches and is priced at $50, I have a sale pending. 

This red checked quilt is even prettier in person. It measures 42 inches by 45 inches and is priced at $50. Sale is also pending on it. 

This blue and brown quilt features cute little kittens. It measures 41 inches by 58 inches and is for sale at $60.

This black and white quilt features butterflies. It measures 42 inches by 54 inches and is $60.

This is bright with all your primary colors. It's the biggest one at 45 inches by 54 inches. It is for sale for $70.

If you'd like to purchase one, drop me an email. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday evening

We've had a busy weekend!  We were at the Columbia Missouri Heritage Festival. It was the most beautiful weather. 

We hauled 8 big totes full of iron work. Lucky for us we sold a bunch!  

Our friend Scott (who is also a blacksmith) demonstrated both days too. He made bread and baked it on site over an open campfire. He sent us home with bread both nights. 

Believe me when I said we were tired tonight. I warmed up our venison stew and served Scott's bread with it. What a meal! If you'd like the recipe for the venison beer stew, visit my friend Lise for her recipe. Trust me when I say you will never know you are eating venison. 

We stopped to take this shot as we were driving out of Nifong park. 

If you came to the festival, thank you. If not we missed you. Next weekend we will be in Jefferson City at Munichburg. Come see us there.

Life is good!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Carpet!

It was time.  Time to change the carpet. For over 20 years the burgundy carpet had served us well.
However after selling the piano, and getting rid of the big screen TV we decided to brighten things up. 

Sunday we spent ripping out carpet, and sweeping up the floors. See what dark colors we had?

Now it's all fresh and bright!  Notice the new TV too? Thank you very much co-workers for the retirement gift.

 The upstairs bathroom went from dark teal to beautiful Berber. 

The small bath even got a make over.

Sometimes change is good!

Life is good!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Grandparents day 2013

Last Friday we went to Lizzie's preschool (or "my school" as she tells us) for Grandparent day. She was so excited to show us around after Mass and brunch (as she called it.) Actually it was donuts, blackberry cobblers, fresh fruit, cookies, muffins, cinnamon rolls, coffee, and juice.  Yes this is an awesome community school! 

Here she holds the paper she made for us. 

 We stopped for a picture in her class.  Thank you Mrs. Kirkweg for taking it!

Since it was not one of the two days that she normally attends preschool, we were able to take her home afterwards. She asked Grandpa to push her on the playground before we left. 

Since it is grand parents day, let me share with you a video we got from our little Florida boy. Here he is sharing with his best bud, Josie.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I guess the fat lady hasn't sung yet . . .

Because around our place we still feel like it's summer.  

We took the three grands and hit the river. It was three plus hours of sun and fun!

Here they are trying out the potato chips as an appetizer. This is at what we call "sandy island".

Grandpa can be seen in the background grilling our hot dogs. 

 Alex loved his hot dog, relish and all. 

Lizzie met a new friend on the island, Olivia. We adopted her as our 4th grand child for the day. She and Lizzie played so well together. She even had lunch with us.

Here are the families all  enjoying the river. It's a small world, as I went to school with a lot of Olivia's great aunts and uncles. (Wow does that make me feel old). Olivia's grandfather I believe, was one of 12 children. Her great aunt Marge, was my sister's best friend in school. Marge has a daughter  Mandy, who is the same age as Lizzie's dad. Somewhere I have a picture of them playing together when they were about 2, and that was about 34 years ago!

The sand bar is always a hit!

 Alex looking for fish. 

Brady loves the water. 

The girls loved the rapids on the back side of the island. 

Here is how the 5 SECOND conversation went with Brady, "Watch it Brady that paddle will break", " I know", POP.  The look on his face was priceless. 

Good thing this didn't happen last week or we really would have been up the river without a paddle!

Not to forget my youngest grandson, Connor. Today he is 9 months old. I love this picture with him showing off his two teeth.  We miss him so much. But soon Grandma and Grandpa will be flying to see him.

We are so blessed to have beautiful grand children.

Life is good!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer fun comes to an end (insert frown face)

Summer has come to an end. But not before we took one last trip up the river with the grands. 

 Lots of exploring.
 A pose Grandma asked for.

 Grandpa helping with sand castles. 

 Sun, sand, and water, what more could you ask for?

We even enjoyed a picnic lunch. 

Memories!!!!!!!!!!!!! May they last a life time.

Love you kids, Grandma