Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finally I finished it!

I finally completed my Lynette Anderson Noah Ark stitchery. If you would like the free download you can go here and get it.
This is some small scale work. The finished project is just 11 by 14 inches. Now that it is finished I see it's dated 2008, oh well, I did start it in 2008!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I never knew when I started blogging almost 2 years ago how many new friends I would make. With 348 post and over 10,000 vistors later.

It's amazing how you run into bloggers that seem like they are part of your family.

You compare kids, grand kids, dogs, quilts, recipes, family issues, good days, bad days, hot days and rainy days and much more.

Today was another one of those days.

I took the 4 wheeler up to the mail box. (It's about a half mile jaunt, and in the 93 degree, cloudless day, there was no way I would walk.) There waiting for me were two packages, both from blogger friends.

If you read my post yesterday you will remember me telling you about Sara. She and hubby Mark had mailed us a package.

I'll say one thing, he is good with tape. I thought I'd have heart failure before I could get it open. There were honey sticks, a jar of honey and a note indicating we might have been sisters in a former life. Oh and did I mention, 4 pieces of sugared fruit candy. What? You only see 3 in the picture?. Darn, I am going on a hunt for that other piece. The jar of honey is from their Farm and Fruit Market, made by their own little honey bees. Thank you guys!

As for the other package, it was a quilt ruler rack that I ordered from
Nancy's Etsy shop. Nancy and I are both into quilting. We live about 2 hours apart in the same state.

Remember the post just a few days ago where I won an apron in the "Pay if forward" game from
Marlene? Today she is talking about her grandmother's rain lilies. We too have rain lilies from BT's grandmother. If you read the link about her, it's not the only flowers we have from her.

Here in Mid-Missouri we have to take them into the basement before frost and let them die down. Early in spring we start watering them and put them outside after frost is over. They pretty much bloom all summer long.

So fellow bloggers out there . . .thank you! I am enjoying this ride.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Today I took the grandsons to Red Cross swimming lessons. Oh how I wanted to impersonate a life guard. But after seeing those 17 year olds in a clingy swimsuit, I knew I couldn't pull it off. The temperature was 90 degrees and it was before noon. I'm sure the heat index was like 150.
This was their last lesson. Alex needs more work. Brady passed to the next level. At the end of class Brady was going down the big slide with a life jacket on. Alex, well he was clinging to the instructor. I don't know maybe he had a different motive.

Afterwards we went to Sonic for lunch. Brady lost a tooth while eating his apple slices. Earlier this week he lost one eating a cookie. Six down, many more to go.

Last week before our big road trip, BT hammered out some hoof pics while playing around in the shop. I knew Sara would like a pair so I sent them to her. Some poor horse gave up his shoe just to make these.

Here are my pink cone flowers. Kathy gave them to me last year and they are doing well. Of course an inch of rain every week helps them . (I wanted to crop this picture and use it as my header. Seems Window Photo Gallery is having issues. Anyone else having problems?)

Here is Great Grandma with Elizabeth. I took the baby to visit last week. Mom had such fun showing her off to all the residents of the home.

Several months ago, I participated in a "Pay it forward" challenge. I sent a wall hanging and 2 aprons. Monday I received this from Marlene. It is an awesome Church Ladies Apron. Better yet it's reversible. The reverse side is solid green and the pockets are made from John Deere fabric. (I'll wear it when BT isn't around, since he's a more partial to Farmall tractors).

It fits like a charm, even Bentley liked it. He was waiting patiently to see if there would be any chicken gravy left over for a treat.

Hope everyone keeps cool this weekend. Tomorrow the weather is to be the worst day yet, possibly a 3 digit day.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What a road trip!

In fact it was 1310 miles worth.

It's been a while since I've posted. You see, we took off last Thursday morning for Oklahoma City. The daughter and boyfriend had invited both sets of parents for the weekend.

We rolled in to their place about an hour before Sarah came home from work. Rusty and his Mom had prepared a wonderful dinner. All Sarah had to do was wilt the spinach.

Both sets of parents were up early Friday morning. We were traveling to Groom TX to visit with BT's mother. Rusty's parents were driving to Dallas TX to visit with their daughter.

As we drove I-40 we saw many of the wind turbines.

We arrived in Groom just shortly after Mom had taken a peach pie, a cherry pie and chocolate chip bars out of the oven. Nothing doing but we had to eat. That's the best thing to do at Mom's.

Later in the afternoon, it was time to make more food. Mom fixed meatballs, the best sour cream-Philadelphia cream cheese-butter mashed potatoes, along with home canned green beans, cole slaw and oh, not to forget, the homemade hot rolls.

We finally made it to bed about midnight, as the rain was moving in. We still slept with the windows open. If it rained in, I wouldn't have known . . . I was in a carb induced sleep. However, it was raining when we got up.

We had a very late breakfast. More good food . . . bacon, scrambled eggs, cantaloupe, and homemade biscuit doughnuts. Just after breakfast, Mom got a call from BT's sister Darlene, Their house had been struck by lightning at 3 in the morning. Everyone got out safely and the firemen got the fire out that had started on the roof. It is so sad that they had a fire again. 18 years ago the same house caught fire and was heavily damaged. This time the damage seems to be limited to some smoke damage and a loss of the furnace, clothes dryer, and TV. Luckily their computer was OK.

After the breakfast dishes were finished, we drove to downtown Groom. This town is located along what used to be Route 66. There was a benefit BBQ in progress for the school scholarship program. (We went there just to visit with the cooks!)
Here Mom's step son Aaron, is searing some of the 170 sides of ribs. He had hauled his BBQ rig all the way from Dallas TX.

After they are seared over the open flames, they are moved to another part of the smoking wagon and slowly cooked. They looked and smelled heavenly. (More pork Sara!)

After a tour of the town, we headed back to Mom's. It was time to travel back to Oklahoma City. Here Mom is packing a care package for Sarah. The peach pie is Sarah's favorite. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive back. We stopped in El Reno for dinner. I also had BT detour to McDonald's drive through for a Mocha cappuccino. Of course I had to walk it back in as they gave me an iced one. I wanted . . . no I needed the hot one!

We arrived at Sarah's as they were just finishing dinner. Rusty's parents had arrived back a couple of hours before us. I walked in with the dessert, which was a big hit!

Rusty headed back to his station to do the 10 o'clock weather cast. The rest of us just hung out watching TV and surfing the Internet for the rest of the evening.

Sunday morning, Sarah made us Belgian Waffles. They were so good. No comparison to Eggo's. Of course I knew that . . . the grandson raved about them when they visited aunt Sarah.

In the afternoon, Sarah and the 4 parents went for a tour of OKC. We decided to take a tour of the Oklahoma History Center. BT and Bob got in free since it was Father's Day.

As you first walk into the Devon Great Hall you see a replica of the world famous Winnie Mae Airplane. Sarah liked the Rock and Roll display. We stayed until they pushed us out at closing at 5:00.
It was then on to Cattlemens's Steakhouse to reserve a table for the Dad's Father day dinner. They gave us a beeper and said it would be an hour wait. That was perfect since Rusty was on air during the 5:30 news cast and would be delayed. However, 20 minutes later, they told us our table was ready.

Our waitress Lula, was a charm. She pampered us the entire time. She even took our order but held it until Rusty came. He finally made it and was looking a the menu when Lula returned to take his order. She looked at him, and said "Where do I know you from? I know I've seen you before". We all had a chuckle. He told her, "I do the weather on channel 5".

The steaks were the absolute best I have ever tasted. I went for the Small Filet - Cut special for patrons with smaller appetites. Wrapped in thick sliced bacon. The guys all had the prime rib special. I can't begin to imagine how many steaks they prepare each evening. The place was packed the entire 2 hours we were there.
Before heading for our cars we posed for this picture outside the front door. Rusty's Dad went in and asked Ms Lula if she would mind stepping outside to take our picture. She was more than happy to oblige.

Back home, once again on food overload, we just chilled out watching TV. All the parents were departing early in the morning. Bob and Lynne would be riding their Harley Davidson back to Florida.

Here is a pic of them leaving on Monday morning. They would travel about 300 miles for the day. We drove 420 miles and were home.

It was a great mini-vacation. We were pleased to get the chance to meet Rusty's parents.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday's Bonus room

My bonus room is actually what we call our mudroom. It's the room that you come into from the garage, before you enter the kitchen. Sometimes it's a catch all. You might see what I mean when viewing the table.

This is my goody cabinet. It has a ton of my collectibles in it.

One of the wardrobes. This one holds our winter coats. After all, the doors to the outside are just steps away.

An oak gun cabinet that my son built in 4-H about 15 years ago.

This wardrobe holds hunting clothes for BT. He restored this wardrobe. It was stained black and in pieces when I bought it. He even made the bonnet on top.

A table that the blacksmith has claimed for his display table.

Here is an awesome coffee bin from the Rich Fountain, Missouri area. We bought it from a friend about 25 years ago.

Just inside the outside door is my display of brown jugs. They range from 1/2 gallon to 5 gallons.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My new measuring stick

For Mother's Day this year, Jeremy and Lori gave me this ornamental Cherry tree.

I had their mother (you know the professional Photographer) take this picture. A is 5, B is 7 and the princess is 2 1/2 months. Now every Mother's day we are making this a tradition and standing them in front of the tree. That way I can see how much all of them have grown!
Check back this time next year for a repeat performance.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Too much rain in June

I thought I'd show you behind our house. This was just a short 4-wheeler ride for me. It's the flooded Osage River.

Last night it stormed. This morning Mother Nature was still at it. There was almost 2 inches in the gauge. Lightning hit close to the house while I was checking my email. I thought for sure the computer was ruined. Thank goodness everything in the house survived.

We live high on the Osage River bluffs. Don't worry, we will never get flooded where we are. Unless Noah is in the neighborhood.

A little Osage river History:

The river is named for the Osage Nation, the indigenous people in area at the time of the arrival of the first European settlers. It presented significant navigation difficulties for early settlers because of its fluctuating water levels, as well as the presence of shallow pools and sand bars caused by its tight meandering course through the hills.

The Missouri Legislature attempted as early as 1839 to deepen the channel of the river. Early attempts failed because of lack of funding for the immense task. Commercial navigation on the river in the 19th century was confined mostly to smaller craft that could navigate the tight bends and shoals of the river. Improvements in the channel by the last two decades of the century led to greater commercial traffic. The construction of the Bagnell Dam, primarily for hydroelectricity, commenced in 1922 and was completed after nine years, effectively ending commercial navigation on the river. The Truman Dam was authorized by the Flood Control Act of 1954 and completed in 1979.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Raspberries are ripe!

What a beautiful weekend we have had. Even though it is the middle of June, we still haven't had the boat on the river. The weather just doesn't cooperate. Today we had clouds most of the day and the sky looked like rain. So far tonight it still hasn't happened. However there is a 60 % chance of storms tonight and tomorrow.

I took this picture to show you just how beautiful my pear cactus are. For you non-Missourians, you probably didn't know they grew here. Soon big yellow flowers will open. I'll keep you posted.

Here are just a very few of the wild raspberries we have growing behind the house. BT picked a nice bowl of them yesterday. I had one short trip to them and I'm paying for it now. Chiggers!

Saturday we had the grand kids. I still can't get use to not say "the boys". Anyway here we are enjoying our vanilla bean ice cream and fresh raspberries. Just after this picture was taken, the 5 year old took a spoon full that happened to fall on his shirt and roll down to his pants. "Crap" he said. All Grandpa and I could do was look at each other and laugh. Anyway he's my son's child. This won't make his mother happy.
Be sure and check out BT's blog for a video of him working today in his shop. He has made something for one of my blog readers. When I get her address it will be mailed. After she receives it, I will post a picture.
I leave you with the following video of Ms Elizabeth. I hope you enjoy it. It's mainly for Aunt Sarah in OK City, OK. So she can see how her little niece is growing. (See you later in the week Rosie!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday bathrooms

Kelly is once again hosting show your house Friday. I really can't believe I am showing the world my bathroom. Actually we have 4 in our house. I feel one to show the public is plenty. I wish I had a picture of our cute little outhouse at deer camp. However that picture is before digital cameras and not on the computer. If I'd take the time to go through my 12 shoe boxes of pictures, I might find it.

So in the mean time, let me show you a co-worker and her bathroom. A blue portapotty. I hear they now come in pink! Lori, next time go pink.

The shower that is hardly ever used. This happened to be the non-master bathroom.

This shelf houses a lot of antique bathroom tins, curling irons and an old wooden box.
This box was orginally shipped to Meta Missouri with soap in it. Meta in it's prime was a railroad town. Meta is about 9 miles from where we live.
My laundry room is located behind these doors. Yes on the second floor of my house.

The main station in the room. Double sinks, triple mirrors great for viewing the back of your head.
Hope you enjoyed the quick trip.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Out my kitchen window . . .

Some days doing dishes is so enjoyable!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Weekend

It was a busy day on Saturday, BT opened his shop early and invited some of the Missouri blacksmiths over. Terry and Joe along with BT forged all morning.

Joe's wife Phyllis, and I visited the morning away until it was time to put lunch on the table.

We ate on the deck. The weather was just beautiful with a nice breeze blowing. I served watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries and grapes for dessert. That really made it feel like a picnic.

Shortly after lunch Tammy and Mr W from Flat Creek Forge stopped by. There was a lot of metal being hammered in the shop.

After Joe and Phyllis left, Tammy and I went shopping at TJ Maxx of course. I found a gift for the daughter and her boyfriend.Tammy found a blouse. It was just fun to look and girly shop. We found lots of 5 and 6 inch spike heels but we passed on those. Tammy liked that I knew where all the mark down isles were.

When we arrived home we stopped by the shop. There we saw the items they had been working on. A Frederich cross, a bottle opener, a steak turner, 4 hoof picks, a hot cut chisel, a wizard door knocker, and a frog gig . . . and several beers had been consumed. We said our goodbyes to Tammy and Mr W along with Terry.

BT and I made BLT's for dinner and hit the recliners.

Sunday morning, it sprinkled off and on. After breakfast BT headed back to the shop to repair the lawnmower he broke. It's usually me who tears the mower up. Like the time I drove the wheel off of it, or the two times I mowed the blade off. This time it looked more serious than it really was. One belt was totally shot, so at the same time he will replace all three of them.

It was a lazy day for Bentley as BT worked in the shop. After BT played mechanic, he went back to forging. He made 3 new hot punches to use when making the wizards. Yesterday Mr W brought him some car springs to use when making gigs.

So for you Mr W here is the first one. BT was really pleased the way it turned out. Thanks for the steel!

I retreated to my sewing machine. I finished the quilt for Maryjane. With the fabric being on sale, it cost $33.50 for the fabric. I can't wait to see it quilted. However, I don't think she even has her name on the list yet.

I found this Fat Ladies Fruit panel when I was at a quilt shop in Sedalia a month or so ago. I thought the old ladies at Mom's assisted living center would get a kick out of it. I have more blocks left to make myself one.

It really quilted cute by going around the strawberry, avocado or bananas butts!

We finished off the evening by grilling some pork tenderloins. Gosh were they good, or I was just really hungry.

How was your weekend?

9:30 PM 81 degrees