Sunday, February 15, 2015

This is how I FELT

Perhaps you remember when my friend Pattie gave me this 1904 Singer 15K machine. 

This is how it looked when I got it.

Today it shines like new. Look at that fly wheel, I never knew you could get it back to almost new. Thanks to my friend Phil, he is the man when it comes to restoring my machines. Sadly some of the decal had been abused. This happened when a previous owner wrapped a cloth around the machine and used it as her pin cushion. Yikes!

Now compare the before and after of the case. All I did  to restore it was some denatured alcohol and lots of elbow grease. 

So to show my appreciation to Pattie, I decided to make a penny table runner for her. 

I checked out pictures on her facebook page and tried to match the color of the newly remodeled kitchen at her cozy little cabin in the woods. 

This felt work was so much fun. I went to Pinterest . . . big mistake!

I got hooked. 

In the past two weeks I have made all these needle keepers. It's a small 3 inch square book. Most of them have 4 felt pages to hold your sewing needles. I've already shipped some to Alaska and Minnesota!!  

These are $12 each and the cheapest I've found to mail them is $5.05, regardless of how many.

These are also needle keepers. They open into a circle. They are $6.00 each.

On Friday, I asked the blacksmith to make a spool holder for me. I had spools of ribbon uncurling all over my sewing table. This is what he came up with. 

Here's a close up. . . 

Did you know Easter is just 47 days away???

So that is how I FELT!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Visiting good friends

We always have a good time when we go to Hamilton, Missouri to visit Margie and Phil. When we arrived in town a little before 2 o'clock on friday, the blacksmith dropped me off at Margie's work. After she wrapped things up for the day we took off for Missouri Star Quilt Co. We had stopped at two quilt shops on the way to find sock monkey fabric, but no luck. (Ben Franklin at Macon and Hueffmeier's Fine Pines Quilt Shop in Brookfield)

At Missouri Star Quilt Co. I was successful. We are expecting grandson #4 in April. I think he needs a sock monkey quilt. After we left Missouri Star Quilt, we might or might not have gone next door for Blue Bell ice cream . . . 

Saturday morning after a breakfast of sausage, fresh eggs, homemade cinnamon rolls, and coffee made with freshly ground beans we took off for Jamesport, an Amish community. The weather didn't cooperate but it was still fun visiting many of their businesses.

We stopped at Jamesport Harness and Supplies. I'm not a horse person, but I can still appreciate the beautiful saddles.

However the spurs fascinated me the most.  Lighting isn't the best in these businesses as there are no electric lights. All stores feature propane lights.

Margie and I posed for a picture in a beautiful Cinderella horse drawn carriage.

If we had waited until Sunday to go (although they would have been closed) we could have tried this sleigh.

One of my favorite stops was at Oak Ridge Furniture shop.  Their furniture was some of the best I've seen. Of course throwing a barn quilt in there now and then didn't hurt either. The other half of the store was fabric, books, rugs, clocks, and barn quilts in all sizes for sale.

What about this bar stool?  Unique isn't it. But it was very comfortable.

Then there was this barn quilt!!!

They had rag rugs galore and very reasonably priced. But do you think I could find 2 almost alike for my mudroom?  NO!

They had tons of beautiful fabric. My only suggestion is take a flash light, especially if it's a cloudy day. Those gas lights aren't very bright.

The blacksmith debated about buying this dictionary. In the end it came home with us. Surprisingly enough when we got home, he had received a letter from a cousin in Adorf,  Germany. There were some family history documents in German. So it will get used very quickly.

I found this 11 lb bag of dried mangoes for only $16.  My Mom will love it!

Late Saturday afternoon, the snow started coming down. This picture is taken through the kitchen window, I only wish you could get a better look at their beautiful mules!

Coco was worn out. You should have seen her walk on her hind legs,  jump through 2 hula hoops, and even give high fives for miniature marshmallows!
She was as sad to see us go, as we were to leave good friends!

THIS is what we drove away in . . . 7-8 inches of snow. We made the trip just fine, highway 36 was clear, however it did snow and/or rain on us the entire time home.

It's always great to get away for a few days, especially with good friends.

Life is good.