Sunday, April 27, 2008

Auction day

We were awakened early, because the grandsons stayed all night. No sleeping when they are in the house. Brady wanted to play Wii, but I said no. They had cereal and muffins for breakfast, got a quick cartoon and we dropped them off at their house before 9:00.

There was an auction we wanted to attend. It started at 10:30, and it's always good to get there early. The stuff there was so interesting. The items belonged to Laura Raithel, she had never married, and had lived in the same house all her life. They never threw anything away.

One of the best things we bought was a 1926 Calendar from the blacksmith shop in Wardsville. BT has a lot of the equipment out of that shop.

I bought another Oak wardrobe. There were several things I lost, 2 items being from Tweedies shoe Factory that was located in Jefferson City. One was a proclamation from President Dwight Eisenhower thanking Tweedies for their war support. Then there was a box of Tweedies Ink blotters, missed them too. I did get several pairs of Tweedies shoes. I also lost the bid on a box of fabric, 35-36 in width, each piece had a lot of yardage on it, and there were 12-15 pieces.

We stayed until the sale was over, sometime after 6 PM. We were tired from standing on the concrete all day. Dinner was just cream cheese with jalapeno jelly, deer sausage, a mixed drink for BT and hot tea for me.

Bedtime now, 47 degreees at 10:44

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wish you had been with me Friday!

Today I was up before 6 AM, by 6:50 I was waiting to pick Kathy up at the auto garage. We dropped Mac off at school and went on to pick up Kathy's Mom, Doris, and her Mother in law, Roseann. We were headed to Columbia for Speaking of women's Health seminar.

We arrived there just after the doors opening at 8 AM. We picked up our name badges and huge gift bags in the lobby and headed in to see the exhibits. There were booths representing L'oreal, Special K, Dove Chocolates, Alka Seltzer, Maybelline, Speakers were selling their books, State Farm Insurance, Eye exams by Wal-Mart, Free re-usable shopping bags, and even a continental breakfast. The booth with the longest line, we never made it through, it was a picture booth, and the hats and boas were there to take your picture with.

Shortly before 8:45, we took our seats in the auditorium, there we listened to the first speaker of the day, Dr Joyce-Morley Ball, her topic was Discover Your Everyday super Heroes. Today she was my hero, she is the youngest of 14 children and was talking to us instead of attending her sister's visitation and funeral. She said she had done all for her sister that she could while alive, and after her death she couldn't help her in more, because she was in more powerful hands now.

10:15 we were free to visit the vendors and pick up more freebies as well as enjoy refreshments. On the way to our first session, Doris and Roseann needed a bathroom stop, and I offered to hold their big bag of goodies. Some lady came by and laughed at me, said I was a perfect “bag” lady, and if she would have had a camera she would take my picture. I said I have one, so she quickly snapped this picture. At 10:45 we had classes to choose from for an hour lecture and question time with a professional. Kathy and I chose “Discover the 'super powers' of smart skincare” by Dr. Karen Edison.

At lunch time the four of us met in the lunch line. When we were let back into the auditorium, the tablecloths had all been changed to bright orange, with hot pink gift bags courtesy of Maybelline and L'oreal, of course full of free gifts again. The meal was beautiful plated, with our dessert positioned behind it. (Sorry the picture is blurry).
Main Course-Margarita Steak: Pan-seared Petit Tender in a tequila-chili pan sauce, sliced and served on a salt-rimmed plate with Pico de Gallo Salsa and a slaw of crisp tortilla strips, cabbage and sweet peppers.
Bread- Freshly baked assortment of dinner rolls including poppy seed, wheat and sour dough.
Dessert-Amaretto white chocolate mousse in a chocolate shell with a fresh strawberry garnish a top a raspberry glaze.

During our lunch, they gave out numerous awards. Then Jackie Walker gave the keynote speech titled “The Psychology of Your closet”.

When lunch was over we had a few minutes to kill before our next Breakout session, I quickly found Teresa Snow, one of the Emcee's who happened to be a form co-worker of my daughter's. We had a very nice visit.

I then went to a session titled “You and Your heart, what you need to know by Dr Mary Dohrmann. After that hour long session it snack time, fresh fruit, and drinks. We then had the Afternoon keynote speaker, Linda Larsen talking on “Becoming your own Everyday super hero”. Oh and I forgot to mention when we came back to the auditorium, there was another gift box for us filled with goodies. As the afternoon concluded, we were told if we completed our survey and turned it in out front, we would get one more gift.
Where is what I came up with for "loot"

Large zippered bag, with outside net pockets and two should strap handles
Black cloth re-usable shopping bag
black nylon backpack bag
$10.00 Wal-Mart Gift card
Pink zipper make-up bag
1 roll Viva Paper towels
1 roll Scott Extra soft toilet tissue
1 pkg of 16 Kotex ultra thins w/wings
1 pkg of 30 Poise Ultra Thin Panty liners
1 box Cottonelle Pop-up Flushable Moist Wipes
L'Oreal Revita Life Complete Lotion
Nylon zipper pouch w/Anti-viral Kleenex, purse size
L'Oreal Vanilla Scream Smoothie shampoo, 9 oz.
Garnier Soft curl cream\
Garnier Ultra-Life anti-wrinkle Firming serum
100 ct One A Day Women's vitamins
Cure for the cause bracelet
Alka-seltzer Immunity Complex tablets 10 ct.
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Maybelline Shine Seduction Lipcolor
Erase-it cleaning pen
Lint brush/mirror
Mirrored compact case/pill container
eye glass cleaner with cloth
Wrigley's doublemint gum
Lighted magnifying lens
Credit card size magnifying lens
2 thermal Coffee mugs
Ceramic coffee cup
4 by 6 inch silver star Picture frame
Balled massager
Pkg Spicewine Ironworks beef marinate
April issue of Inside Columbia Magazine
May issue of Inside Columbia Magazine
Love Note to Our Moms Book
Life Begins and Ends with Girlfriends Book

As we walked out of the hotel, it had been raining and the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees since when we entered in the morning. WOW!

This was a very fun day and I thank Kathy for asking me to go. It was a very well $35.00 spent.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clearing up stolen idenity before sewing

Monday morning didn't start as I wanted it to. Friday evening before going to bed I checked my checking account on-line. I noticed a $9.75 charge on Thursday. I asked BT if he had used the debit card, to which he said "no", and neither did I since I had worked all day. Saturday morning at 9:00 AM, I called the bank. They couldn't get into the complete file since it was a weekend and suggested that I call back Monday morning.

9:10, I called the bank, they conformed the charge. It was made with our debit card # in Boston MA. Melanie gave me a phone number associated with the charge. I promptly called it, got a recording made by a female with a heavy accent. I hung up without leaving a message. I googled the phone number, and saw more then I wanted to see. It was a scam! Other people had left their responses that their account had also been charged $9.75, it appears to be a bookstore front. I called the bank back and they put a stop on our account and reissued our debit cards. BT and I had been talking back and forth so I called him back and he went to the bank, located about 1 mile from his office and filled out a dispute charge form. Whew! I can get to my sewing.

I bought a cute little sleeveless dress for a wedding Saturday and just in case it's cool, I wanted a short jacket. I could find nothing in the stores to suit me so I am making one. It's outrageous what a pattern cost these days ($15.95). I tried to get it on sale, ended up buying it 40% off. (Hobby Lobby coupon!) But look at the bias tape I used on it. Can you believe the price on it? .25 cents Those bargain days are gone. My late dear aunt Faye had given me 2 shoe boxes of old trims. It always comes in handy.

Now here is my early spring view out my window when I sew. It only gets prettier as spring fills out.
For today's foodies, I fried up the mushrooms that the little boys found, and then scrambled me an egg and filled my last two homemade tortillas for lunch. YUMO! Dinner was fish taken from the freezer that BT had caught and flash froze, we also added fresh homemade french fries and coleslaw. Another YUMO!

After dinner we took our 2 mile walk around the lake and enjoyed the beautiful evening.

PS A friend sent me this link regarding Earthquakes. Check it out.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Morel hunting with the grandsons

Sunday we slept in, I got up around 8:30, BT got up about 10 and shortly after that the little boys called to see if they could come over and spend the day. I told Alex we could go mushroom hunting, he thought that was good since his Daddy had told him he found some over here one time.

I was making breakfast tacos when they arrived at 11:00. (Yes Rita, i got him to eat them 2 days in a row). Brady was ready to play Wii, but Alex was willing to eat a second breakfast with the old folks.

We were out the door by noon. This was our first stop between the house and the barn.
We then started down into the big rocks. The boys love to climb on them as the pictures show. Even Grandpa got into the act. Before long it was fun on the rocks and we all forgot about mushroom hunting. In the end Alex and I went back to the house, the little guy had enough of the weeds and rocks. Brady and Gpa continued on the hunt.

Final count 13!

Okay here is my favorite picture of the day..............

We took the boys with us to the neighbor's for dinner. They enjoyed jumping on the trampoline with McKenzie, while Eric, Kathy, BT and I visited. Little Colten was napping. Eric fried turkey for dinner outside on the deck, it was a beautiful evening with a view of the river.

Back home the boys got in a few more games of Wii, before their Daddy came. Then he had to try the Wii. Of course he also had to out do us with his big mushroom finds.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Saturday we were out the door with caffeine before 8:30. After stopping for gasoline at $3.28 a gallon we headed for Excelsior, Missouri to a Mennonite auction, almost 40 miles from our home.

We arrived just before it was to start at 10:00. Inside the barn, the tables were filled with all antique metal toys. Ranging from match box, to scaled down tractors, trucks, airplanes, all the way up to toy riding tractors and pedal cars. The only thing not related to the toys on the auction were butter churns and 2 anvils and a forge. We decided to leave because the anvils would probably be the last thing to sell.

Back in the car we drove over hills, across creeks, up hills, around sharp curves and 19 miles later we arrived at a farm sale. Just as we were walking up the auctioneer said it was 6 minutes until he started and first to go were the things in the barn lot. Did I tell you it was drizzling and the lot was very muddy, plus the gravel road the sale was on was almost minus the gravel. So I tell BT , I will get the bidder number, he should go to the barn lot. He knew there were two post vises listed on the sale bill.

I was able to pick my bidder # and I chose 52, since 52 was a very good year for me. Luckily the 2 vises were in great shape and sold within 20 minutes of the beginning of the sale. I asked the clerk for the tickets and walked up the hill to the cashier and paid as BT was loading them up.

It was still early so we decided to go back to the 1st auction. Another 19 miles back.There my bidder # was 82. We stood around and watched the toys sell for high prices. It was nothing to see a metal truck go for $150. About noon, the auctioneer stopped and said it was time to sell the anvils and forge outside. They sold for more then BT could make a profit from. We drove the 1/2 block to the Mennonite grocery store. Outside a young man was tending his wife's bake sale. We spied homemade cinnamon rolls, and told him we would be back after shopping inside.

Without getting a basket, BT and I did $38 worth of shopping, including homemade Strawberry jam, Jalapeno jelly, bulk barley, Smoked cheese, a great meat fork for Sarah, 10 lbs. of potatoes and sorghum. Outside we picked up our Cinnamon rolls and there I found a package of homemade tortillas! What made by the Mennonites?

40 miles later we were at home. BT diced bacon,fried it with some onions and I added the eggs. We ate Breakfast taco using our fresh made tortillas. Yes Rita, he did, even though the whole time he kept saying I don't get this whole tortilla thing!

As soon as we finished our breakfast, lunch and dinner meal at 2;00 in the afternoon, we zoomed back out the door to St. Thomas, 5 miles from here to see the garage at Tom Monat's. For some history behind the garage, this building was built by BT's grandfather Albert Monat on the family home place many years ago. Tom is tearing it down and making way for a new bigger garage. Tom was operating his skid steer when we arrived. I snapped a few pictures for remembrance.

By the time we made it back home, we had used almost 1/2 tank of that expensive gasoline. I managed to get a load of clothes in the washer before we headed off to church at 5:30. another zoom of 5 miles one way.

We snacked on the smoked cheese and deer sausage while watching TV. It was an early bedtime for us.

Another piece of history hits the dust!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Teaching a paper-piecing class

I cut out of work an hour early, stopped at Walmart and then ran into Dillard's where I finally think I've found the liquid eye-line I might like. I have been on a mission to replace mine as it is no longer being manufactured. The deal was sweeter when the product I bought, Lancome threw in a nice gift bag, with another pink gift bag inside with eye cremes, mascara, eye shadow, and lipstick. That made me feel better since the makeup cost more then a Wal-mart purchase!

A quick drive through to McDonald's for a sweet tea and I was in the parking lot at the Missouri Conservation Runge Center with 20 minutes to spare before the Nature's Needles Quilting Class was to start.

Twenty-one women filled the room and Gretchen Hanna, my friend ,was waiting for me. The setting was beautiful with floor to ceiling windows looking into the woods. While Gretchen was talking I see the women turning their heads to look outside. Tom Turkey has decided to check in on the quilters.

The class was then begun with a talk about the "Bullfrog". A skeleton was passed around of a grown frog. OMG, did I have to come this night? Frogs are my worst fear. Then a cardboard colored frog about 15 inches wide and 12 inches tall was shown.........

I was introduced and I began by showing the quilts and wall hangings I had brought with me.

First were the wall hangings, the one of Bentley, our black Lab, then the MU tiger, on to the big quilts, first the Horse quilt, the Noah Ark quilt, the Dear Patti Quilt and then the sample blocks. My nervousness left then minute I started the show and tell, I was in my comfort zone.
The ladies showed the blocks that they had been working on, the Missouri paddle fish. Other show and tell started coming out, including a lap quilt given to Gretchen by one of the quilters there, Bee L. It was all hand pieced and hand quilted. It was done in shades of greens and browns in a crazy quilt pattern. Truly awesome. And to think I had the camera and didn't take a picture.

Assignments were then handed out for the their next project, of course it's a frog, now we know why the class started with the frog segment. A sewing machine was plugged in and I gave a very informal demonstration. Bad scissors and all! LOL. Several ladies needed a hands on demonstration.

After closing, Bee L. came up to me and we talked quilts for quite a while. I noticed while talking to her she had a cute handkerchief in her breast pocket with what I thought was crocheted lace on it. Turns out, it was knitted lace. I didn't know lace and/or doilies could be knitted. She then asked me if I liked doilies and pulled a roll full of them out of her bag. She told me I could take one. They were awesome, white, off white, pink, blue sparkles, etc. I took a square pink one. I told her she reminded me of my favorite Aunt, who was my quilt mentor and a doilie maker. I then teared up talking to her about Aunt Faye. We exchanged calling cards and gave a goodbye hug.
As I drove home the storm clouds were rolling in, the moon peaking through.
BT and I enjoyed a bowl of strawberries while reading the newspaper and catching up on our day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's Prom time

The girls are all a buzz, shopping for prom dresses, getting manicures, hair appointments and now even tanning appointments.

Years ago, we went pale, unless you used those self tanners that turned your sheets orange. As you can see I did have hair appointments.

I just couldn't resist showing my pictures!

It's hard to believe this one was taken 40 years ago this month.

This was taken my Junior year 1969.

Now I double dare all my blogging friends to post their prom pictures!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A walk in my park

I am so glad the weekend is over, I have recovered from the head cold and my Wii injury. Thanks to those who sent me their condolences.

After working all day and a quick dinner, BT, Bentley and I took our evening walk. I grabbed the camera going out the door just to show you what's in my backyard. It's a about a 2 mile walk going out our back door, down our drive to the private road, around the lake, along the river and back up the hill to our house.

I then came back, did my dishes, and snapped this shot of some more 4 inch paper pieced quilt blocks for the class I am helping with Thursday night.

To close with I'd like to tell you about a friend's blog. Blind Pig & the Acorn If you want some great bluegrass music check it out, it is so relaxing just to let it play and play and play.........

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Go Green Shopping bag

For my quilter friends that read this
do any of you have a great pattern
for a reusable shopping bag?
If so let me know.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nashville pictures

If you have a account, log on there and search for osagebluffquilter. You will find all my pictures of Opryland!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Week in Nashville

One blog to tell you about the week I just had!

Saturday morning we left by 8:15 and headed to St Louis for a morning flight to Nashville. By 1:10 we had landed 10 minutes ahead of schedule. It was a quick 10 minute cab ride to the Opryland Hotel. Our room was located in the Cascade area on the first floor. We felt lucky to be close to restaurants and shopping, since this Hotel covers 47 acres and has 2881 guest rooms!

After unpacking we went to the Cascade Terrace Lounge, just out from our room for a drink. There we were able to take in the sights and sounds of the waterfalls as the lounge revolved making a complete circle every hour. About 4:00 we walked to the Opryland Mall just ¾ of a mile away. We ate at Johnny Rocket's. Just as we were walking out of the mall and across the street to The Grand Ole Opry it was starting to sprinkle. I hopped into the ticket office to claim our tickets that were on hold. As I came out it was pouring so hard you couldn't see across the street.

Our seats weren't bad and they were very comfortable pews with padding on the top and bottom. (our guess was the padding was for all the gray hairs). The show was just AWESOME. Vince Gill, Kellie Pickler, Bill Anderson, Charlie Daniels, Jean Shepard and Little Jimmie Dickens. The 2nd hour of the show was broadcast live on television. The last hour was just great music. We really enjoyed our show and would do it again if we had the chance. We walked back to our hotel room and crashed about 10.

Sunday we decided to find breakfast so we walked the hotel. One restaurant advertised “Brunch”, when we finally found it, the “brunch” was $32.95 per person, not including tax or tip. Needless to say we passed on that one. We found a little coffee shop and had egg muffins and coffee and Cappuccino! *(About $50 saved right there)

Later we were taking a stroll through the Garden Conservatory and ran into Cheryl and Steve, whom we meet 2 years ago at the same conference in Miami Beach. Cheryl and I hugged, then looked at each other and hugged again, as if we couldn't believe we seeing each other in person.

At 3:30 the opening session was being held for the IT conference (aka Common). With nearly 2000 people in the room, we never found Cheryl and Steve. Close to the end of the 2 hour meeting BT got a call from Jeff and Kayle Winters who had just arrived. I texted Jeff on where we were, they were outside the room waiting for us when the meeting was over. We all went down to the trade booth section and took advantage of the free food and free alcohol. We decided to walk to the mall and eat at Dave and Buster's. After more drinks, we ordered and had a great time sitting and visiting.

When we got back to our room, my pedometer registered 4.05 miles walked for the day.

Monday the gues
t program started at 8:00, there I introduced Kayle to Cheryl. This would be our meeting place for the next 4 days. We enjoyed our free breakfast and then walked the Opryland Resort taking many pictures of the beautiful flowers. The last time I was with Cheryl she was a professional Chef, since then she has become a certified Master Gardner. So Kayla and I had our personal horticulturist for a tour of the gardens.

Late in the morning we found the “Di Vine” lady. I can't take credit for this video, but you need to check her out. Unbelievable.

We took the $9.00 boat ride around the inside of the Hotel. Funny thing was, someone had told Cheryl it was a four mile ride. Well the 15 minute ride must have really gone fast, because it seemed like just a quarter mile, which is what we were told then. LOL

Us girls meet our guys at noon in the Expo area for a free lunch. When the guys went back to class we walked to the mall. Cheryl had found great shoes stores and needed another look. We popped into Sax Fifth Ave. There I tried on a pair of heels, the original price on them was $695.00 but wait, they were on sale for $295.00 What a bargain! But it was one I was able to pass up quite easily.

That evening BT, myself, Jeff and Kayla, and Cheryl and Steve were together again in the Revolving bar. This would become a nightly ritual. When we returned to our room late that evening I had walked 5.37 miles!

Tuesday morning, us girls decided not to met at the crack of dawn! So it was 8:30 before we got to breakfast. After that we went to the Java Coast for some hot coffee where I got my mocha cappuccino fix. We shopped until it was time for the free lunch with the guys. Finally they had some good fresh salad, along with that was panini sandwiches. I had a veggie one that was really good. After lunch we walked some more and took more plant pictures. Then we all took some time to ourselves in our rooms. A girl needs to check email and make phone calls!

At 5:15 all three couples meet at the Jack Daniel's Saloon. It is the only official Jack Daniel's Saloon. Jeff, Kayla, Cheryl and Steve needed an early dinner to make the 6:30 Grand Ole Opry show. BT and I went to the I Social where drinks are $1 to $2.00 a piece. A lot different then the $12 martini's or $10 Marguerite's at the moving bar. And after a drink or two you don't know who's moving you or the bar.

Total walking distance today was only 2.69 miles

Wednesday, it was almost 9:00 before the girls made breakfast. Cheryl and Steve got a call that they had won the cute dinosaur from the Expo show. It' is battery operated and can be programed.

Yesterday was the last day for free lunches, so we each met our husbands at noon and went separate ways. BT and I grabbed pizza at Paisano's Pizzaria & Vino, minus the vino for us. We walked to The Grand Ole Opry for a 3:00 taping of the Crook and Chase show. We thought it was just going to be Loretta Lynn and Josh Gracin appearing, but Crystal Gayle and Peggy Sue, both Loretta's sister came and performed too. Our seats were in the nose bleed sections but at least we were centered and could see pretty good.

Steve and Cheryl took the evening off and went downtown Nashville. Unfortunately Wildhorse Saloon was closed. Kayla and Jeff meet us again in the rotating bar before we went to the I Social.

Total of 4.89 miles walked today.

Thursday Kayla, Cheryl and I got to breakfast about 9:10, this would be our last day together. Kayla was leaving by the 11:00 check out time. It had been pouring rain outside most of the night and this morning. We said our goodbyes to Kayle and wished her a safe trip to visit with her sister over night before heading back to Missouri.

BT and I called each other at noon time and met at Stax for lunch, he chose the beef burger and I went for the veggie burger. I then relaxed in my room for a while.

The Conference closing was a party with dinner and free drinks at 5:30. We saved Cheryl and Steve a seat and set out for food and drinks. It was a “Bonkers” night with games being played on stage. The last thing of the evening was when they drew numbers from tickets that were given as we entered the room. My number was called and I was on stage before I knew what I had even won, it was a Wii. We said our goodbyes to our friends and wished them well. They will drive back to Indiana over the next two days taking a little side trip.

We were in our room by 9:00 and had lots of missed calls to return on the cell phone.

Friday, we were up before the 6:30 alarm. We had a 9:15 flight. It was raining as we flew out of Nashville, but just cloudy in St Louis. A quick stop at Ruiz Mexican restaurant in Wright City for lunch and BT filled up with $3.29 a gallon gas. We pulled in at home at 2:00 exactly, 133 miles one way, no I didn't walk it....and Bentley was sure glad to see us. And the same goes for us.