Tuesday, February 6, 2018

and then there was January 2018

So my plan to blog every month, isn't getting off to a good start. I did upload some pictures in January and then there it was left, until today.

Facebook! you never know what you'll find on there. One morning the hubby and I were scrolling through and saw our son playing rodeo!

January 1st, we always attend the Headache hammer in at a friend's shop in Washington Missouri. Grandson Alex went with us. 

Before school was called back, we had some extremely cold temperatures.  Ice fishing it was. Here Lizzie shows off one of her catches. She loved the event.

 Brady, the 16 year old enjoyed the snacks!

 Alex caught a nice 3 lb. bass.

The blacksmith tries the lake behind our house. It didn't supply as many as the lake at our cabin. 

Look who's coming to Missouri!  The Florida guys.

 They too enjoyed the snow, ice fishing,. snow angels, sledding, 4 wheeling . . . . 

 2 year old Logan!

 He loved the rides grandpa gave him.

 We had so much family time. Here the 3 little ones play their version of Twister!

 Eventually they wear out.

 Tractor rides.
 Sled rides.
 Turtle rides!

 Our annual front door, 'how much have I grown since last time' photo.

 One of my favorite pictures. This barn has been in the family for 4 generations.
I must get this one framed!

Daughter Sarah, her husband Rusty and kids loved the woods. 

We so enjoyed January. Now what will February bring???