Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two bloggers meet

I awakened this morning at 5:00 AM with strong winds blowing. Rain started falling shortly after that. As I lay in bed, I said a prayer for the rain to stop. Today was the Blacksmith Association of Missouri meeting and I was to meet blogger friend Tammy in person. The event was for the most part outdoors.

We left the house before 8:00 and drove in a light rain most of the way. The meeting was in Ham's Prairie, Missouri. Shortly after our arrival the rain stopped and the skies cleared. The sun came out and a strong breeze blew all afternoon.
Hostess Ester was showing several of us ladies how to do copper relief, when I saw Tammy and Mr. W arrive. We quickly exchanged bear hugs and began talking a mile a minute. We soon realized that we had actually met many, many years ago,
possibly 20. I'm sure neither one of us had changed much.

As we walked and talked we came upon Ed's tailgating display. How he can cram, I mean place, so much stuff in that little trunk
is quite a mystery. I'd like to see him grocery shop with that trunk!

Here is Doctor Johnson blacksmithing. He was one of the demonstrators for the day. In his other job, he is a general surgeon. I'm sure his real
job pays more than a general blacksmith.

Ester and Ned served a wonderful lunch of BBQ brisket, baked
beans, 2 different cole slaws, chips and several delicious desserts.

After lunch, the business meeting was held. At the conclusion of the meeting the trade items were exchanged. As you can see in this picture there were some interesting things. BT had made a pinwheel. In exchange he received Ester's enameled anvil plate.

Sorry, the picture doesn't begin to do it justice. We are thinking we are going to hang it on a post at the end of our driveway, just under our house number.

After the business meeting many members headed home.
Tammy and I said out goodbyes, but not before Mr W and BT took our cameras and snapped a few pictures.

Those that stayed were treated to a demonstration of Ned showing
how he makes (in this case), aluminum castings. Here he is packing
petrobond into a wooden form.

This isn't a hobby that would be fun in July in Missouri. He is suited up completely in leather, including steel toed boots and face protection. The aluminum is heated to a liquid of 1550 degrees. He uses a heat sensor gun to see what the temperature is inside the foundry.

Pouring the molten aluminum into the mold.

Here it cools for 10 to 15 minutes before he breaks it out of the form.

The casting cooling on the ground. It will need to be trimmed and

Here is one of the signs Ned cast. BT won it in the "iron in the hat" drawing. He proudly mounted it as soon as he arrived at home.
BAM meetings are always a good time with good food and good fellowship. Today was extra special with meeting Tammy. Enjoyed the visit girlfriend!
And more this week, it looks like blogger friend Betsy and I are meeting for lunch!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

The 3 day weekend started with an almost double header. Well Brady's team had to make up an inning for a game that had been cancelled earlier in the week due to lightening.

It's always fun to watch 7 year olds play ball. The last game he played, they lost by 1 run. 35-34 I think.

Isn't he a cutie in his catchers outfit?

Saturday our 39th anniversary! We left the house about 8:00 AM, early for us. We went to Artichoke Annie's Antique Mall. They were having an outdoor flea market.

I loved the patriotic cistern pumps.

Then I saw this rusty old witch's hat electrical fixture. Makes me wonder, if mine that I showed you in my Friday's blog will look like this in years to come.

Cute little children wooden folding chairs. But I passed on them too.

Two red Coca cola folding chairs. But I didn't need them.

All we left with, no let me rephrase that, all BT left with was a $5 hammer and a $1 butcher knife. I left empty handed. We spent an hour or more browsing. It was then on to Bass Pro and Harbor Freight.

For lunch we stopped in Chili's. My sister had given me a gift card for my birthday in February. Little did she know it would buy us our anniversary dinner! Thanks Lona.

I got 3 to-go desserts in what looked like over sized shot glasses. We took the back country roads to see my Mom in her new residence. I hadn't told you all, but we moved her to assisted living last Monday. She is loving it. Just like today when I called her on her cell phone (after she didn't answer her room phone), she said in a whisper "I'm playing B I N G O, I'll call you later". We are so glad she adjusted quickly there.

Here is her antique cedar chest. One of many things she did not take. I need to remember to write down the name of the company that made it. I'd like to research it. I know she had it years and years.

Here is a 50 lb blue catfish that the son (on the right) caught on a line in the Missouri River today. It was all he and Mike could do to haul it into the boat. It will be some good eating.

As for us this Memorial weekend, we usually get to take this beauty on the river.

However, this is what it looked like all day today and even some of yesterday. Rain. Currently we have an inch and half in the gauge. More is on the way.

If you are wondering what to get dear old Dad for Father's day maybe you can check the Blacksmith out.
Hope you all had a great 3 day weekend.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

On this day

39 years ago today, we were married.

Our loves grows daily. When you think you can't love each other anymore than the day before, God blesses us with another day. We pray for many, many more.

Happy Anniversary BT a.k.a. my blog proofer!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Show us where you live Friday - Dining rooms

Once again it's time to see what Kelly and the others have at their house. I Hope you like my little tour.

The reproduction punched tin chandelier.

Wade collectibles in my china cabinet .

Looking out the dining room door. Bentley is keeping guard.

Eldreth Pottery Santa's. They are just hanging out here until next Christmas when it will be time for them to grace our mantle.

The dining room table. The oak table was built by our cabinet maker.

The high chair. Over it hangs an antique picture of Jesus at the door.

BT's nephew built this oak curio cabinet. It holds most of my cobalt blue collection.

This is my china cabinet. Why I call it that I don't know. All the china is actually behind the solid wood doors on the bottom. Behind the beveled glass doors is my collection of granite ware. I have plates to serve about 30. There are also tea pots, coffee pots, salad plates, saucers, cups, both big and small, sugar bowl, creamer, ladles, platters and more.

Pegs are always good for holding baskets.
That's my tour.

Out my window this morning . . .

Isn't he beautiful? They are eating 2 orange halves daily.

Why is it the males birds are always the colorful ones? Over on KnittyWhit she even talks about the males being prettier.

It's been a busy week. My sister and I settled Mother into assisted living on Monday. Except for the food she is liking it. I've work all week at my paying job, plus worked evenings at home, you know, the non-paying job. Last night I had the in laws over for dinner. The son and family came too. Those grand kids kept us entertained. BT made his famous fried chicken.

One more day to go until the 3 day weekend!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Elizabeth's Baptizing

Finally I got Elizabeth's quilt finished, just in time for her big day.
Once again the little boys took grandma's camera. Look at this picture they captured. I couldn't have taken one this pretty.
Elizabeth's Mom adjusting her bonnet.
Sleeping on her quilt.
The ceremony.
The boys adoring their little sister.
Great Grandma Cardwell also doing some admiring.
We also celebrated Alex's 5th birthday. He loved his car cake.
The meal was catered by a friend of the son's. The menu was BBQ pork steaks, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, ramen salad and cucumber salad. There were lots of snacks brought in for the afternoon. We didn't eat until about 4.
The kids loved the playground behind the hall. The weather was beautiful, sunny and cool. There were some tired and dirty kids by evening.
Elizabeth was so good all day. She never cried during the ceremony. She kept the gown that I made on all day.
Such blessings we had all day.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday guest rooms

Okay so I'm a day late. Maybe even a dollar short. But Kelly is hosting Friday Guest room's. since we are empty nesters we have two spare bedrooms. I will show you a little bit of them.

This is our house. You can tell because BT is looking out the door to make sure. Sorry I forgot to close the garage doors. This is a post and beam home built for us in 1993.
This was the daughter's room. Now it's what I call Noah's room. The quilt I have on the bed features 50 paper pieced animals and the ark. I hand appliqued the ocean waves. It was made in 2002.
Here is the display of some of my Noah Ark collectibles. They are housed in what BT calls the Candy cabinet. We bought it from his grade school about 16 years ago. At recess the nuns would sell candy out of it.

The corner with the grand kids baby bed. Which also happened to be the bed my sister and I used as babies, along with my kids.

The other spare room is used by the youngest grandson when he naps here. He laid claim to the cowboy quilt I made last year. The log bed was purchased from EBay and I put it together and stained it.

That's my quick house tour for this week. Check back maybe next week is Dining room week.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The ironing board has been revived

I hate to show you this, but my poor ironing board cover is tired, stained and has seen its better days. When paper piecing this board is my life saver. Of course it has ironed many a work shirts for BT. I am also a person that still irons all my pillow cases before they go on my bed. Oh and one more confession, I iron all of BT handkerchiefs.

The other day I eyed upholstery fabric on the mark down rack at Hobby Lobby. I passed it by the first week and the second week. But yesterday I gave in when the 54 inch fabric was marked down to $2.00 a yard. Without a measurement I just guessed at how much to buy.

Needless to say with the width of it, I probably have enough for two more covers. This is the beautiful spring like fabric I choose.

Tonight I turned the ironing board up side down on the fabric. I cut about 2 inches all the way around the board. I then got in my scrap drawer of bias tape. It took a couple pieces to make one long enough. After sewing the casing on, I went to the sausage making supplies and found cotton twine. It almost took me longer to thread the twine in then it did to sew it on.

After stretching it on tight, I have this beautiful, bright, new shiny cover!

Let the ironing begin!