Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A road trip with the 3 oldest grandkids

We picked up the kids early this morning and headed to Eldon, Missouri for our favorite donut place, AKA Donut Palace. The Asian family that runs it is so friendly. 

You see the two twists?  That is the blacksmith's favorite. 

It was on to Excelsior, Missouri  to County Road Surplus. Next door they have an Amazon return store that is so much fun. New products are put out on Saturday. Everything is $5 on Saturday and Monday. Tuesday it goes down to $3, Wednesday it's $1, Thursday 50 cents, and  Friday 25 cents.

In the non Amazon section Alex found a brand new pair of Red Head snake proof boots for $39. They were regularly priced at $129.00  BARGAIN

I found 21 cherry bright red lids for $1.00.  I thought they'd be perfect for holiday gift giving of jars of homemade jellies, etc. BARGAIN

Three new movies, $1.00 each.  BARGAINS

Lizzie found lights for me with clips to hold pictures for $1.00 BARGAIN

I bought 2 packages of these apple USB cords at a $1.00 each, retails for $17.00 per box.  BARGAIN

Fashion gal found a new holiday fleece throw for $1.00 BARGAIN

She learned several ways to make new wearable tops from it. 

For $1.00 each Lizzie found a new phone case, earbuds, earbud case, and a phone stand. BARGAIN

I didn't get a picture of Brady's bargains.  He got an Apple iphone charger that you just lay your phone on and 5 USB cords for $1.00 as well as  Alex too. BARGAINS

With all that shopping the kids were ready for lunch. We went to Lehmen's Mennonite restaurant. No one opted for the buffet, which included a whole turkey with stuffing. Instead it was a french fry kind of day!

Our last stop was Pop's surplus in High Point, Missouri. All their clothing was $1.49 each. This top retailed for $30.00. BARGAIN

She loved this dress, it retailed for $44, and was from Sears. BARGAIN

This also was Sears, retailed for $24.  BARGAIN

Overall I think today was a BARGAIN day.

Tomorrow we'll rest and eat Turkey and dressing!!!