Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shopping Day Friday Sept 28th

It was a slow start, cappuccino, Regis and Kelly, phone calls and addressing a few envelopes. I head to town about 10 ish. My first stop was TJ Maxx. I did a leisure stroll and looked at many things. I picked up a crock water bowl for Bentley, I passed on several pairs of gold earrings on sale and settled on buying myself a black sweater with bead work around the neck. Looks very fallish. As I was checking out, the clerk scanned the crock which was labeled "water" and asked if I had a dog. I should have said no, it's for my son or something just a equally stupid.

I slowly drove past the new Kohl's that is to open any day. I was hoping they were doing a soft opening and I could get a sneak preview without a crowd. Their sign out front said "Now Open September 30th". So that is a little confusing, it's only September 28th, are they open or not? I saw no one coming and going so I will catch it next week.

Wal-mart wasn't too bad, I picked up a few necessaries and groceries. They had no burlap that I wanted for a table scarf so I then headed to Hobby Lobby. Before I even got to the burlap, there was a sale table. $2.00 to $3.00 a yard, I couldn't pass up that bargain. I stopped with two pieces. When I went to have the fabric cut, the lady had just cut one of the fabrics I was purchasing into remnants. I asked it they were cheaper, yes. WOW I saved .80 cents. One fabric I bought had coffee cups on it. It will make a great wall hanging with some coffee things paper pieced. Oh yes, and I got a yard of the green Burlap.

One more stop for fresh meat at Schultes and I was ready for a sweet tea at McDonald's.

Home by 1:00, Lona called to say Mom wasn't feeling well. Her blood pressure was up. I then went out and fired up the lawn mower, cut around the mail boxes at the top of the road and along our drive at the Pine trees. When I got back to the house to cut, I let Bentley out and he accompanied me as I cut row by row.

When BT arrived home early (Jean and early out day) I was fringing the burlap on the deck. I didn't want all the lint in the house. All three of us enjoyed a drink on the deck. Dirty water for BT, White wine for me and ice cubes for Bentley.

Jeremy and the boys came after their picture taking at Osage Bend Church. We pulled out the smoked cheddar cheese and crackers as BT was frying Fish and french fries. After dinner Brady and Alex had Mandarin orange cups and cake for dessert.

Rest of the evening was taken up with bike riding outside and computer games after dark. Lori came about 8 to pick them up. BT watch the season premier of Vegas and I watch Diane Sawyer interview Jenna Bush.

And here is Brady's Kindergarten picture this year 2007-2008. What a cutie!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I thought the Cardwell's were gone.

Sleeping in till 7:30 was awesome. I got up made cappuccino and feed Bentley. Shortly after that I got a call from Dixie Cardwell Lynch, my first cousin from St Louis. She was riding to Jefferson City with her daughter for the day as Julie had a meeting in town. Dixie wanted to know if I wanted to go to the Lake of the Ozarks shopping. I declined due to the hair appointment. She was going to call Mom. So I got ready to go for my hair cut and color. Oh no only my hairdresser was to know that fact.
I found the shop with no trouble. Since my last visit 8 weeks ago, they had a brand new salon across town. Ali and I had a lot to chat about, her wedding reception, the gift I brought her, her plans to build a new house, my Folk School vacation and the Cardwell reunion.
It was almost noon when I arrived back home. I worked on the smell in my car, only to find out the rubber mat in the cargo area was completely wet beneath it. YUCK. I let Bentley out and went inside for a bite of lunch.
About 1:00 I sat down and thought I'd watch some shows I had on
tape when Bentley started a barking fit, one like I had never
heard.I yelled at him and he'd stop for maybe 2 minutes and then start up again. So I went to see what he was barking at. I saw a very large black Cat he had treed about 14 feet off the ground. I sat back down and tried to watch TV but 40 minutes later he still wasn't happy with the cat up the tree. So I got him a piece of chicken and lured him to the kennel.

At 4:00 the grandsons came for the evening. Lori was going shopping, the YMCA and Wal-mart. After dinner Grandpa and I took them outside so they could ride their bikes. Brady learned to play flying squirrel with Bentley.
Lori called about the time she was to pick the boys up. Someone had stolen her debit card and over $200 cash from her billfold. It seems they took her car keys from her bag inside the Y, went to the car, took the money and card from her billfold in the console and returned her key to her bag inside. She explained to the police she had filed a report last week, when she went to the doctor someone hit her car in the parking lot and took off. An estimate today revealed $1200 damages on that. Not a good day for her. Poor girl.

Sarah called and got to talk to the boys, Alex talked the longest, Brady was too busy with his Elmo computer game to talk.
I took the boys home about an hour later. Lori was busy on both the cell phone and the house phone. It seems the thief had already charged over $300 at Best buy tonight. I gave the boys a bath, medicine and vitamins and read them 2 books and tucked them into bed.

Back at home, I am ready for bed. After all tomorrow is a work day. But first here is a finished picture of the surprise I mail to Sarah last week. It's a pot holder for Oklahoma.
10:10 63 degrees.

Tuesday September 25, The Cousin’s last day.

The day started at 6:00 AM promptly. An hour and a half before it was supposed to. We wake up to a high pitched beep, beep, beep, beep. BT said I think it’s your cell phone downstairs. I said no I’m sure I turned it off. I put on my glasses and head down the stairs. As I get closer to the kitchen it is coming from there. The cell phone is turned off, the analog clock is beeping. I noticed yesterday it had military time showing so I pushed a button and it flashed 6:00, I thought oh, I need to reset it. Ha, at 6:00 in the morning I did need to reset it after I pulled the batteries out to shut the darn thing off.

I went back upstairs to bed and laid there half awake till 7:30.

I stopped for gas and a quick car wash on my way to pick up Mindy and Rei. After the country gravel roads yesterday the car was a mess. I was at Best Western at 9:00 exactly.

We head towards the Capitol and as we go inside the skies look threatening of rain. Still we go in without an umbrella. To me it was very disappointing inside, as there was repair work going on everywhere. The beautiful Missouri seal located directly under the dome was covered with tarps and plywood surrounded with 4 foot high orange plastic fencing. The chandelier fell as it was being lowered many months ago. The gift shop clerks told us it was on its way back to be reinstalled, as to the exact date, they weren’t sure. So why cover the seal ahead of time? Who knows? As we walked to the wings of the museum, there was scaffolding up and painting was going on. We still made our way through and saw most of the exhibits before we headed to the second floor to see the Thomas Hart Benton paintings. As
we approached the 14 foot tall double doors to the Senate Chambers, they automatically opened and we walked in, where they closed behind us. Here we were in this beautifully painted room. We looked around and took several pictures, as we walked to the door, it magically reopened. We then took the stairs to the third floors to see the Hall of Famous Missourians, a growing collection of bronze bust of famous Missourians, including Bob Barker who was just dedicated last week with his personal appearance.

As we exited the grand staircase to the first floor we made our way to the front door only to be surprised that the sun was shinning. Thank goodness we hadn’t carried the umbrellas the entire time.

As we headed west of town towards California Missouri, I pointed out where BT was working. It was a scenic drive to
Burger smokehouse located 2 ½ miles south of town. Out front we see this majestic white 4 story building which we would later learn is where the hams were curing. It was an hour before we were to meet cousin Barbara Hutchison and her daughter Kitts there for lunch. We had time to read all the displays, watch the tour movie and fill our cooler with pepper bacon, smoked sugar cured ham, homemade jellies, sausages and even a tomato knife for me before they arrived. We were resting in the parlor area when Barb came and Kitts’ was just a minute later. Today was Kitts' B-Day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITTS! We all ordered our sandwiches, chips and a Pepsi and headed outside to enjoy our lunch at the picnic table under the trees.

Barbara invited us over to visit at her house as a fast moving storm approached. Just as we pulled into her driveway, the skies opened up. Inside her beautiful living room, it was raining so hard we could hardly see across the street. Her 3 dogs didn’t like the thunder and lightening at all, and we really didn’t either. Mindy and Rei had never experienced a Missouri thunder storm. The afternoon went so fast. It was such a joy visiting with the new found cousins. We learned all about Kitts' and what a wonderful family life she has. Her 2nd oldest daughter, Megan works at Shirk’s Market and we had to stop there on the way home.

A couple of hours later the sun came out and we headed back towards Jefferson City but not before we stopped at the market to meet Megan. Mindy was ready to squeeze the peaches and make a scene but Megan wasn't close for us to make a scene. So we had no choice but to just introduce ourselves. We filled a basket with spices, black walnuts and ornamental gourds before we left. Our next stop was French’s Antique Mall. After an hour there we were getting very tired. It was then that Mindy realized it's a small town when.............the lady checking us out was talking, asking where we were from, Mindy said Hawaii. Oh what brings you here? A Cardwell family reunion. The lady gives us this funny look, I know some Cardwell's. So I looked at her and said, do you know Clifford? Yes she said, my daughter was married to his son Allen, and my grandson from them just turned 15 last week. SMALL WORLD!!!!

I dropped Mindy and Rei off at their hotel. They would be out shortly with their leftover pasta from Madison’s. I drove home in another pour rain storm. We had a total of 1 ¼ inch of much needed rain. It was leftover Brats for BT, I grabbed a piece of chicken and just as we finished our Chocolate pumpkin cake, the girls arrived. Rei divided up their leftovers and popped them in the microwave. I shared the pickled okra with them from the Amish market. Their meal was topped off with cake and Coffee too.

We went to the computer and read a few emails and went through the Cardwell Reunion pictures one last time.

It was soon time to say our goodbyes. I can’t begin to tell you what an awesome 5 days I had with all the new found cousins. And I look forward to the day we get to go and pay Mindy and Rei back with a trip to Hawaii!

Monday, September 24, 2007

the "First" unofficial Cardwell Reunion

I had just packed the car with coolers of bottled water, deli meat, cheese, potoato chips, bread, tablecloth, and condiments when Mindy, Rei and Dale drove up shortly before 9:00. They stopped to pick me up a little more ice to keep everything really cold. I filled the coolers and we headed out for Tuscumbia.

At 9:35 we were the first to arrive and just as we were climbing out of the car, the Museum curator arrived. She greeted us as others were pulling in one after another. I was making name tags as fast as I could write. 19 total came to exchange stories, dates, pictures and just visit. I was going from group to group just to listen, so many questions being thrown out. Mindy, Bonnie Sue Alberts, JR Uber and Alice Dugan all came loaded with pictures, albums, even big boxes of "stuff". It was fun to visit with Clifford Cardwell and his sisters Sue and Bonnie, who all grew up in Jefferson City where I did. After an hour and a half, the curator told us we could use the tables downstairs and spread our stuff out. The museum looked wonderful as I very quickly passed through it. Too much to see and so little time. So we all went downstairs.

Shortly after going down stairs, Mindy and I thought we should pull out the food. Rei helped us set up the table and get the drinks out. Slowly as conversation died down one group at a time would make their way forward for ham, smoked turkey and cheese sandwiches. The official Miller County Historical photographer arrived and asked if we would pose for a group Cardwell picture. It will later be posted on the web site at MillerCountyMuseau We all walked to the front of the building for the picture. It took several takes as there were numerous cameras flashing.

After picture taking we got into a procession and head for two cemeteries. It did look like a funeral possession and after all isn't that where we were headed? The first one is all nicely mowed and I photographed several stones. The second one was past Brumley and down a long dusted, bumpy gravel road. When we pull up to the gate which was tied shut with a rope, the weeds were taller then the gate. (Missouri Blue stem was the grass growing there) In fact they were taller then most of us. There we found our great grandfather's stone which had been hiding from all of us. We still didn't find his wife, Barbara Kitts Cardwell stone, but we know she is there. You have to understand most of these stone were rocks with a little scratching on them, very hard to read, almost illegible.

It was close to 3:00 when we decided to head home, well some of them. My car load and 4 siblings from Belton headed to McDonald's for a cool drink. Cousin Barbara and her daughter Kitts, and 2 granddaughters came also, only to discover the ice cream machine was broke and therefore no cones, sundaes, or shakes. All of us except Barbara's clan found something else. They headed to Eldon for ice cream for the little girls.

A few years ago I would have said this day would never happen, my part of the Cardwell family was never very family oriented. This was so awesome to visit with all the 2nd cousins exchange stories, pictures and written information. It was great to put names with the faces of those who have been communicating via the computer. Some will never do the computer and therefore we will reply on xerox machines. Never less, it will all get passed from one to another.

Thanks Cousins, I truly enjoyed the day.

We arrived back at my house with BT arriving behind us. Mindy, Rei and Dale gathered their things and took off for the hotel with plans to meet us in the lobby at 6:30 for a shuttle to Dinner.

I pulled up at the Best Western 5 minutes ahead of time, so I walked into the beautiful new hotel and called them on the courtesy phone. In no time we were headed for Madison's Cafe. It was Wine for the women, water for Dale and Diet Coke for BT. The place was very quiet and as we sat in a corner Mindy told BT more events of the day. Our food arrived and we all realized you get way too much for one meal here. BT had eaten just about a 1/3 of his when the waitress brought him a refill on his diet Coke, as she started to sit it down, it fell over, broke the glass and spilled on BT's lap. Pieces of glass were everywhere, including on BT's jeans. They brought him a new order of Baked Mosticolli, offered to pay for the dry cleaning bill, and the poor little waitress apologized at least 6 times. Oh, and the the payer of the bill got a deduction for BT's meal.

We made plans to tour Burger Ham's tomorrow at California and see the Missouri State Capitol Building. Dale will head home for Texas so it will be just us women. I dropped them off at Best Western and we said our good byes to Dale. WE are so glad he made the trip.

At home, I threw a load of jean into the washer, ummm wonder why?

The evening news came on and the lead story was The History Channel films at Burger Smoke house. The show Modern Marvel's filmed an episode today which will air Nov 27. (Mark your calendar Dale) on the process of curing hams. If only we had made it there today.

11:26 76.8 degrees

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Us Girls get tired feet.

I rolled out of bed about 7:45 and headed for the kitchen, made a pot of coffee and feed Bentley. I then took the jeep and drove to the top of the road where our big Sunday newspaper is delivered. (I don't want to walk that far in my pj's.) As I drove down the driveway a deer jumped across the drive in front of me. What a beautiful site this early in the morning. Back at home I made myself a big ole cup of Mocha Cappuccino and took the paper to the deck. The morning air was so fresh and smelled of fall coming. After all I think today I am correct finally saying this is the first day of fall?!?

BT came out on the deck about 9:00 with coffee in hand. Shortly before 10, I called and told Rei who answered I was up to company anytime. Mindy called back and said they would be out in a bit. Just as they arrived I was starting to mix up the cream cheese icing for the chocolate pumpkin cake. Mindy asked if there was anything she could do. I immediately took her up on her offer and told her she could ice the cake. That is one department I was never very good in. She did a Martha Stewart job on it, including putting wax paper under it to keep the platter clean.

The women left about 12:30 and headed to the antique shops in Jefferson City. Our first stop was Immanuel Baptist Church where our great Uncle Fate Cardwell was a janitor. My Aunt Faye was also the last charter member of that church when she died. We then went past my grandparents house at 614 Georgia Street, where my Dad grew up. I now have a cousins living there. After that it was onto Missouri Blvd Antique Mall. 2 hours later we emerged with a few purchases. I found a cane, the first one to go in our new cane rack. We looked at lots of Pyrex bowls for Rei and anything for the kitchen in yellow for Mindy. Rei was the only one who left without a purchase. From there we went to Yellow Moon antiques until it closed on us at 5:00. Mindy got a great antique but I'm not allowed to talk about it on here just yet. She also purchased an Atlas quart fruit jar with a zinc lid and some silver teaspoons.

I gave them the day time tour of what they saw last night after dark. We stopped for Mindy to take a picture of the Missouri State Capitol, the Governor's Mansion and trucks at A-1 Cardwell's Moving Company. It was then onto Wal-mart where we picked up bread, potato chips, paper plates, bottle water, cheese, deli ham and smoked turkey to feed the "cousins" tomorrow. While Rei and I split the cost for the groceries, Mindy called Dale and told him we were headed home.

As soon as I walked in I told BT to get the BBQ fire going. While he grilled the Bratwurst, Mindy and I made Rita's Orange Cashew Avocado Salad. We set the table and added Potato Salad, and potato chips. After dinner we had coffee and chocolate pumpkin cake, it was very tasty with the cinnamon and cocoa in the cream cheese icing , but also very rich. Dale and I couldn't eat just that very last piece either.

Then it was time for show and tell of my quilts. Dale and Mindy took pictures. Dale and Bernie then went to the computer and printed off a genealogy chart for tomorrow. We got a few supplies together like a highlighter to mark everyone on the chart that attends, chalk and tracing paper to read old tombstones.By this time Mindy said she was getting tired and she wanted to get to bed to have a bright early start in the morning. Dale wanted to pick out his gift from what BT had forged for the cousins. I also had a gift for him and Julie (wish you were here Julie). But once again I can't reveal those gifts. We decided they should be here by 8:45 and then we said our good byes.

Tomorrow should be exciting.

10:17 pm 76.8 degrees

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday, the Cardwell's go shopping etc......

Mindy called about 9:30 and we planned the day. Her and brother Dale are going to the achieves for the morning. I will pick them up at 2:30 at their hotel and we are going to the dutch market.

I finished a wall hanging I made for a wedding gift and then polished my poor nails. I had the acrylics taken off two weeks ago and they are in terrible shape. BT worked in the blacksmith shop forging a neat shovel. Bentley was just playing shop dog and enjoying the cool concrete floor.

Leaving at 1:30 I stopped by Downtown Toy and Book, to see if they had a book on the history of Bagnall Dam. No such luck. I arrived at the Best Western at 2:29 and meet the cousins in the lobby.

We head west on Hwy 54 to Eldon. Yesterday I was on an RVer's blog mytripjournal and they talked about Nolt's Dutch Market in Eldon. So before I left home today I gave the market a call to see if they had bulk spices and their business hours. It took us just 20 minutes to get there. Out front under the awning they had fresh baked goods, including cookies, sticky buns and white bread. There were also pumpkins, squash of all shapes and sizes, tomatoes, peaches and green beans. Inside Dale was the first one to get an arm load full and go for a basket, next was Rei and I was doing pretty good until I called Jeremy and he wanted Cinnamon sticks and mustard seeds then Lona called and wanted coriander and bouillon cubes. So I had to retrieve a basket too.

After that we stopped at Red's Antique Mall. Upon opening the door we got a strong odor of cigarettes. After spending 20 minutes in there we couldn't find Dale, he was outside, I guess the smoke got to him. Us women all complained we felt like we had just smoked a pack ourselves and probably smelled like it tool. Too bad we didn't find any bargains. We got back on Hwy 54 and headed home, stopping at Hickory Hill antiques at 4:30 on the dot. Darn the shop closed at 4:30 and already had the closed shingle hung out. A few miles down the road we find a flea market open until 5:00 and we quickly popped in. I was the only one that bought anything two cloth military style belts for BT. A real bargain at 50 cents a piece. Mindy was trying on shoes, while they were waiting to close.

I showed them where I work and drove on to Mom's, her car wasn't there so I knew she had to be a Lona's. We pull up there and Lona and Mom came out to greet us along with one of Lona's dogs, Brutus. She gave us the $1.00 tour of the whole house minus Stephane's room. (we didn't have a bulldozer to get in there) and then Mom took us back to her house for the tour there.

Before going home I gave my own personal tour of Busch Lake and Osage River behind our house. After looking at some Cardwell antiques in my cabinet in the mudroom, Mindy and BT did some computer exchanging of family tree information. It was now time to head to Jefferson City for Dinner at LaBamba.

Mindy and I each got a frozen Margarita, Rei had red wine, which came as usual chilled. I had forgot to tell her that. The company as well as the food was wonderful! We thought Dale was going to break into song when Mindy asked him theme songs from TV shows. But he told us they only sounded good in his head, not when he sang them.

The moon was beautiful when we walked out about 8:00 so BT drove us to the Capitol where we parked and walked through the Veteran memorial, past the fountain to the Missouri River, the duel bridges and the train tracks. It was then onto Centennial Park where a train was coming through. We were perched top of the deck and could feel the vibrations of the wheels. After it came to a slow stop we decided to go onto the Governor's mansion, past the old restored but unused Missouri Pacific Train depot, and to the past site of the Missouri State Prison. The old prison was closed down about 2 years ago when a new facility was built east of town. The beautiful limestone walls now have 2 holes broke into them, and are paved with drive ways. We drove into the lower one and it gave me a whole to prospective as to what behind the walls mean. As a kid I went home past those walls daily and never knew what the inside looked like. It was a creepy feeling. I found this article if you'd like to read more. insidethemissouristatepenitentiary

BT drove on east and past the old International Shoe factory, Riverside park and the house where I lived from age 5 to 13. We arrived back at the Best Western about 9:15 and dropped Dale, Mindy and Rei off with all their spices and other purchases of the day and headed home.

Another great day with the Cousins!

10:43 72.9 degrees


I was up early baking a blackberry pie for company. Maggie the neighbor came over for me to make her 8 buttonholes on some pillow cases for her granddaughters. At 10:00 I got a call from Mindy, they had made it into St Louis last evening about 11:00 PM, they were going to grab a bite of breakfast and head to Jefferson City.

I knew I had time to wash my hair and run to town for some cheese I had forgetten to go with the salad. While shopping I picked up some beautiful red roses for the table. I also found a soap saver dish at Kmart that I had been on the hunt for.

Mom and Lona came over about 3:00 and Mindy, Rei and Dale arrived just a few minutes later. WOW 6 Cardwell's in one room. We had a great time chatting and Mom told quite a few stories too about the Cardwell relatives. BT arrived home early, since Friday is jean and early out day. We were enjoying our Ice tea when he came in. Mindy pulled out gifts for all of us Lona and Mom even got boxes of candy. After an hour or so of visiting, Mom and Lona left. We all walked to the barn so the relatives could have a tour of the Blacksmith shop. Mindy was impressed with the Farmall H tractor sitting in the back stall. We explained it's used around here to blade snow in the winter time, our only way out of the road. Something she never has to worry about in Hawaii.

We decided to head towards the house and get Dinner going. BT fried chicken in his big cast iron fryer outside on the deck. There we could enjoy the beautiful first day of fall, while drinking our wine and smelling the chicken frying. I made Madison salad, green beans with Country cured Ham, and fresh Corn on the cob.

Dinner was so good, the chicken was the best and we finished with coffee, blackberry pie and of course ice cream.

After dishes, we retreated to the living room and looked over Mindy's family albums. BT pulled out County Atlas from 1916 and boy did Mindy start to droole. Unfortunately we didn't have one for Miller County. We decided to call it a night about 10:30 so that we could get a fresh start for a whirlwind next few days.

The next few days will go way to quickly!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The CARDWELL'S are coming

The next few days are going to be so exciting. My Cousin Mindy Cardwell is flying in today from Hawaii. We have never met in person. She contacted my Mom several years ago while doing some family history research. Mom passed her name on to me and I contacted her. The rest is history.

Mindy, her partner Rei and Mindy's brother Dale will be here until the middle of next week. Monday we have approximately 16 second cousins meeting at 10:00 at the in Tuscumbia. After touring that we are going to several cemeteries in the area where we all share the same great grandparents William H. and Barbara Kitts Cardwell and will visit graves.

BT forged me some gnome on the range as gifts to Mindy and Dale. Here is a picture of them taking etiquette lessons from my gnome.

I am so excited I can hardly sleep, so if you don't hear from me in a few days that is why.

Before and After

Just wanted to show you the Spider skillet and the Frog box before and after they were reconditioned. Pretty cool!

And I still don't like frogs or Frog Legs!

Monday, September 17, 2007

September 16, the most beautiful day in the Country

WOW was it cool sleeping last night, I’m going to have to add another blanket to the bed if this weather stays like it is. The only bad thing about the cool night is sleeping with the windows open and the coyotes crying and howling at 4:20 AM.

About 10:00 I made us some breakfast, bacon, grits, and English muffins. After that BT bought me up the spider cast iron skillet and I cleaned it up with a steel wool pad. He had been cooking it in the barn in a 5 gallon plastic bucket, using soda powders and a battery charger. It cooked all the rust off of it.

At 11:15 Brady called and said they were headed over to Osage Bend for St Margaret’s Parish Centennial Celebration. (Okay so he didn’t use all those words, but I knew what he meant) I finished getting ready and we drove the 6 miles there arriving just after the opening ceremonies. Our intention was to look around, visit for a while and go back home for the afternoon. That didn’t happen. There was so much to see and so many people to visit with.
We made our way past the trapping demonstration; they had tanned hides, all kinds of traps and literature about the process. Next was Bob and Rosie Versules with honey and honey products, onto a lady spinning and dying wool. Paul Berendzen and his wife Ann were making molasses. His son had the big Percheron horse and it was hooked to the sorghum press going round and round. There was a farrier in the corner. Soap making was being done by Darlene Wolken, Butch and Judy Braun were churning butter, sauerkraut was being cut in the kitchen and bread making was going on. Below the hall the Antique steam engine was hooked to a corn grinder. Row and row of antique tractors filled the lower hillside, cars and truck from the past were on top of the hill.

Dinners were being served by the Jefferson City American Legion team. BBQ pork steak or Fried Chicken Dinners for $7.00 with all the trimmings. A relay for life team was selling ice cream sundaes with several toppings including sprinkles which were the choice of the grandsons later in the day. History Books were for sale and I bought one. It's a beautiful hardback book and it even had Jeremy and family in it.

Inside the hall was the most wonderful displays, from antique quilts, antique wedding dresses, christening gowns, a flower girl dress over 60 years old, beautiful hats from years gone by. A living room with parlor chairs, including a feather Christmas tree with ornaments 60-80 years old, a kitchen with the old dish cabinets filled with pink and green depression glass, the alter from the old church, displays from the old general store and the school which closed in the 60’s, pictures of the gravel plant in it’s early operation, the ferry crossing the Osage River, military uniforms, old musical instruments and so much more. I took two different strolls through just trying to see it all.

In the kitchen was penny candy for sale in woven baskets, there had to of been about 30 different kinds. Brady was happy with 5 pieces and Alex just took a scoop of candy corn and a peppermint stick. Donuts, coffee, bake goods, homemade soap, fresh ground corn meal, homemade jelly and candy were just some of the items for sale. There was a counter of religious items too at a very reasonable prices, rosaries, statues, prayer books, crosses, plaques and clocks were just some of the items.

At 4 o’clock we all went to watch the Pollock tractor pull. Since I didn’t know what it was you probably won’t either? A team of 4 is chosen, at the start of the stop watch, one hops on the seat and steers the tractor while the other 3 push it across the line. The quickest team wins the trophy. I’m including a picture of the only all women team. The hillside was full of people cheering for their favorite team. Lori was the official photography for the day and was in front trying to capture the fun. She later took a group picture of some of the church members in period clothes. (See top of page)

Five o’clock the band set up on the patio behind the hall. The dance was starting. The guys were asked to bring straw bales from the fall displays across the grounds. A few chairs were also set up. When we left at 6:30, I still hadn’t seen anyone dancing, but a lot were sure tapping their feet to the music. A blue grass group had provided music earlier in the day. The closing ceremony took place in the cemetery with taps being played as the Flag was lowered.
It was such a great day, beautiful weather, no sun, overcast, good food, wonderful friends and cheap fun. We had the boys off and on all day with us there. We got to spoil them with kettle corn, penny candy and ice cream sundaes. They took a ride on the Percheron and it was the last ride they would be giving, so he took a route through the park lot. The horse got spooked and threw the boys off. Thank goodness Eric was quick to catch them both with one arm and hold onto the reins at the same time. Brady thought it was funny, but Alex had tears.

Back home, we were tired from all the fresh air, I had to finish my laundry and forgot about making the soup, it was took late for that. I relaxed with a cup of hot tea and BT had a brown water. Today we feel blessed.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wedding preparations for Brady

Tomorrow Brady is in his Cousin Josh’s wedding. So his Mom tried on his tux tonight and she took some great pictures. So thought I’d share them with you.

Proud Grandma!

September 14th, Top cyclists from around the world coming to Missouri

Cyclists from more than 20 countries will race through dozens of cities and small towns in the inaugural Tour of Missouri bicycle race. This six-day race from Kansas City to St. Louis is patterned after the Tour de France. The race has six stages, beginning Tuesday in Kansas City and ending Saturday, Sept. 15, in St. Louis. Cyclists representing 15 of the world's top teams will compete, while racing 600 miles through cities and rolling hills of the Show-Me state. Stage five of the tour of Missouri bicycle race begins here at the state capitol in Jefferson City. Cyclists will cruise around the capitol building and through the downtown area in a matter of minutes.

I went to work with my camera today hoping to take a late lunch hour to go see the cyclists come past Lona and Mom’s house. As the morning creeped by we had several people call work to ask if the bike riders were past yet. (They were riding within a half mile of my work) What were they thinking bike riders are usually what you call a motorcycle rider, these were professional cyclists.

About 12:35 I headed out the door to Moms. There were already highway workers putting up road closing signs and every house had several people waiting in lawn chairs, including one little guy holding his American flag. Mom was just finishing her lunch when I arrived. We pulled her lawn chairs out into the warm sunshine as the wind with 70 degree temperatures were a little cool. After a bit she had to go change her black pants for a lighter color as she said her legs were baking.

We were teased many times with official cars, patrolmen, sheriffs and sponsor cars going by. The Discovery Channel sponsor car came, several cars marked photographers, the producer’s car and finally we had two cars with flashing lights and a van come by. The van had huge speakers on top and told us, shortly there would be 8 bikers and then 3 minute wait for the remaining cyclists.

First we see a motorcycle with two people, the back person had a camera on a pole and was facing the cyclists. And the first group of 8 arrived. We waited. And in a few minutes here came the big group.

They were rushing by at an average 28 mph. We were told the wind was slowing them down. Behind them were car after car of sponsors and most had 2 to 4 bikes on top of them. Mixed in with the whole line of cyclists and cars were small motorcycles all with “Marshall” tags on them. And then it was over. From start to finish, we probably watched them for 12 minutes.

I got in the car to go back to work amd quickly caught up with the end of the line. I almost felt like a cyclist on 4 wheels, as people were waving at every car going by. It took a bit to get through all the cars pulled over and the workers taking down signs.

Back at work I shared the details with my co-workers and they looked on the pictures on my camera.

BT was home way before me, I forget its casual Fridays for him. Blue jeans and off work at 3:00. Must be nice, of course we can wear jeans too, but we work till 4:30.

I made Beef fajitas, pinto beans and fresh guacamole for dinner. Later I had to retrieve Bentley from the neighbors. It’s been a long time since he wandered off.

Sarah is working late tonight producing a football game near Oklahoma City, wish I could talk to her. Rusty must have mentioned her on his noon show.

BHS is losing as I type. That is sad.

9:10 59 degrees and we are headed for a low of 42 in the morning. Brrrrrrrrrr

And to think I was just there!!!!!!

100 Best Vacations
The Folk School is listed as the first entry in Chapter One: Arts & Crafts Getaways.

The National Geographic travel guide, The 100 Best Vacations to Enrich Your Life by Pam Grout explores life enhancing vacation possibilities in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The Folk School is listed as the first entry in Chapter One: "Arts & Crafts Getaways." Pam Grout writes, "On the side of one of the barns at John C. Campbell Folk School is the school's motto: "I sing behind the plow." It's fitting because it demonstrates the school's real goal—not to teach canning or blacksmithing or quilting but to celebrate life, to sing with the joy of a job well done...You'll find a school that aims to engage both the hands and the heart."Released in May 2007, the book is available in the Folk School's Craft Shop, as well as book stores and online.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sept 12, 2007 Messy Closet revealed

I was up early waiting for Alex to come and spend the morning with dammaw. Lori had a doctor’s appointment with her Mother. Alex came just before gampaw left for work. Alex had cheerios for breakfast as I toasted us a bagel with the new Philadelphia Cream Cheese flavor, Honey Nut. It is just as good as Panera’s maybe even better.

While I watched Regis and Kelly, Alex got his cartoon fix. He then came up stairs and started playing, first in what he calls his bedroom (It use to be his Dad’s) then he bought a baby toy in that he found in the basket. It is a swing for tiny baby to lie under and play with. Alex (who is so much like his great grandfather) figured out in no time how to put it together. The next thing I knew he was laying under it and explaining all the things to me. After he got bored with that he went to our closet. He and Brady love that closet, it is about 12 foot wide and 6 to 8 feet deep, it has a door on each end and two lights in it. He was having so much fun playing in there that I just had to take a picture of his little nest he made. Little did I know that he had put his stuffed giraffe and bear to bed in there too.

It was so beautiful outside that the AC was turned off early, Alex and I went on the deck and sat for a bit. He was really worried that Bentley was loose so we had to go back inside to make him feel secure.

Alex was really getting tired when his Mother came shortly before 1:00. We looked everywhere for his giraff and bear and never did find them. He got almost to the car when he told her, I didn’t hug dammaw. He was ready to leave without a tear after that.

I finished getting ready and headed out the door just a few minutes later to pick up Mom, we had a final appointment with the lawyer to update her will. We were finished there in less then 10 minutes. On to the courthouse to record her deed and then to Wal-Mart for her some soy milk. After taking her home, I stopped to see how Steve was feeling. I found him on the couch watching TV. But he is feeling pretty good, considering all he’s been through. On my way home, it dawned on me, I bet Alex's stuffed animals are in the closet.

After a stop at Lori’s to drop off a zip lock bag of snacks from Lona I got home and started dinner. Homemade sausage pizza, which we enjoyed on the deck. This time of year it’s just beautiful outside.

Later in the evening I got to sew some. I made the cutest pot-holder for Sarah and Rusty. I will post a picture later, I don’t want to ruin the surprise for her since she reads my blog. :) I looked in the closet and there was the giraff and bear, just as Alex had put them down for their nap. Mystery solved.

I woke BT up at 10 from his nap in the recliner, now it’s bedtime and the windows are open!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Do you remember where you were in 1963 when you heard President Kennedy was shot?

Do you remember where you where in 1986 when the space shuttle exploded?

Do you remember where you were 6 years ago today when the World Trade Center was hit with 2 airplanes?

Leave me your comments.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

September 9th, Maintenances

The sun woke me up at 7:25, I tiptoed out of the room and went down stairs to call Lona. She slept like a log, she never heard Steve up during the night and the nurse was even in the room bringing a scale for him to weigh. They are hoping to go home today.

Bentley was very glad to see me because he never got out of his kennel yesterday. He obeyed my orders to sit and stay until I opened the gate and gave him the command to go. Before I fed him I opened the jeep and told him to load up and we drove to the top of the road for the big paper.

I fed him and went inside for my morning caffeine habit. BT woke up about a half hour later. After reading the paper and drinking coffee, BTwent to work on the tractor. It broke Friday evening in the rain and had to be welded. He had to get it fixed to unload his rusty metal from the sale.

Just as we sat down to eat breakfast about 10, Pat showed up, to get something out of his truck that we had not returned yet..

When it was time to return his truck, Bentley once again loaded up and rode with me over to Pat’s. He can stand and take the curves pretty good in the back. Back home I got to sew while washing the bed clothes. I am working on a paper piece block of a bride and groom for a wedding gift. I locked Bentley back in his kennel so BT could go blade Hidden Valley Road and then I mowed grass.

After all those chores were finished BT wanted to drive the road in his Jeep to see how it looked, Bentley loaded up again. So we drove to the lake and stopped at the river access, Bentley got out for a quick swim in the Osage River.

It was now time to relax on the deck with drinks and a snack. I made a plate of the cheeses we bought yesterday, added deer sausage and crackers. BT had brown water (Jack and water) and I had a wine cooler. Bentley had water and crackers with us. Ok maybe a piece of meat too.

BT went inside later to get on the Internet and I finished my sewing and a little ironing before dinner. I called Lona, she and Steve made it home early this afternoon. Both are glad to be there.

9 o’clock and it’s 75 degrees.

September 8th Mennonite Country and Frog Legs?

I was up before 7 AM, we wanted to get an early start to go to an auction in Versailles MO. It featured lots and lots of Blacksmith items. The sale was hosted at Martin Auction barn. Mr Martin belongs to the Mennonite faith and besides being an auctioneer he is a blacksmith. At the beginning of the sale he told us, the sale bill did not list the owners name because he was very sad to have to sell his stuff, but was gravely ill. We arrived a good hour before the sale. Parked among the cars, and pickups were lots of horse and buggies. The little girls were running around in their long dresses and their brothers had on homemade cotton shirts and suspenders. Some were barefoot, some had on hats or bonnets. The weather was overcast, humid and not a breeze was stirring. All items were under roof, some in the barn and some on the porch of the barn.

Mr Martin started a fire in the forge just after we got there. He hammered around on a horseshoe to show those who weren’t familiar with the craft. The bidding started just a few minutes after 10. The first thing I bid on was a glass and oak curio cabinet. I really didn’t need it and in the end I gave up. I also didn’t win traps for Jeremy. However I did win a really neat spider cast iron pan. It sits on 3 legs and is a #10. The funny thing is, one of my biggest fears is frogs. Earlier in the day I had pointed out an antique wooden box that frog legs had been shipped in. Well the auctioneer threw the box in with my skillet. BT and I had a big laugh over that. I also bid on a wooden box of bottles, I quit at $15, after all I only wanted one cobalt blue bottle. I watched the guy who won it and I followed him over to another wagon. I asked if he would want to sell the blue bottle, sure he said for $3.00, I quickly handed him the $3.00 and walked away with a smile on my face, after all I had just lost it for $15.00. It commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the American Legion 1919-1969.

BT bought a huge swage block. He feels he can now safely say his swage block is bigger then anyone else’s. The items were cleared from inside and we all moved to the porch. That is where the 50 lb trip hammer sat. BT had drooled over it all day. He talked with another blacksmith, actually a knife maker, Bill Miller who was also interested in it. The bidding war started BT would bid, Bill would bid. Back and forth it went, until BT stopped at about $1200. So then Mr. Martin looked at me and said young lady you can bid for him. I looked at Bernie and knew it was alright. So then I would bid and Bill would bid. At $1450 I stopped and BT said no, with the repairs it needed he didn’t want to stick anymore in it. Bill won it for $1475.00. After the auction, Mr. Martin came over and thanked both BT and I and shook our hands. He said he really appreciated us coming. He also told us there could possibly be another sale later this fall with a trip hammer equal or better to that one.

After we loaded up, we stopped just next door at Weaver’s General Market. We bought two big blocks of cheese, one jalapeno, the other smoked cheddar and a big bag of frozen pie cherries.

At 4:05, we pulled into Pat’s shed and showed his siding crew our wares, then rushed home to take showers. After mass at 5:30, we were to meet Eric, Kathy, Allen and Roseann for dinner. We got to Colton’s first and called them on the cell phone to say the parking lot was full of people waiting to get in. So we decided to go to Longhorn and Kathy called ahead for reservations there. BT and I were at the bar getting a drink when everyone else arrived. I walked out to the sidewalk with my margarita and a shaker full of more. WOW I didn’t know a Texas Tornado Margarita was so big. We were all on the sidewalk with our drinks having a sidewalk tailgate party as one passer by said, when our buzzer went off. Inside I had the best salad with fresh mozzarella balls and balsamic vinegar to go along with my shrimp and chicken skewers. We visited until after 8:30 and then continued to visit on the parking lot for a bit longer.

Bedtime came after the news; I wanted to see if MU won. And yes they did.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Back to the real world!

Now that I have the vacation blog caught up, let me bring you up to date on the week since then.

Wed. Aug 28th. Grocery shopping was first on the list, 2 weeks away a lot needed to be replenished. I had to wash my Jeep, it was filthy after sitting along in the big town of Cape Girardeau.

Thursday Aug 29th. I got to sew! Nothing makes me happier then sitting at my sewing machine. I am working on making quilted postcards that you can mail. I then went out and cut grass, not as much as I would have liked to, you see I crashed the mower. BT won't be happy with me, but then on the other hand, he's pretty use to my mower repairs. I hit a hidden tree stump and pushed the blade into the mower deck. OUCH! After BT got to looking at it, the blade actually cut into the metal deck. As usual he was a great repair man and I was back after dinner mowing what was left.

Friday Aug 30th. The day started at 7:03 when I woke up to a phone call from my sister Lona. Her 47 year old husband, Steve was having a heart attack at work. I called Mom and told her and said I would be right over to pick her up. We got there shortly before 8. Steve was conscious and talking but in pain. Brandon and Stephane came in shortly. We stayed till 10:30 when they said 5 minutes and they would have him a room. Apparently they can't tell time because it was almost noon before he got moved.

Saturday September 1st. WOW Already a new month, I wasn't ready for August to be over yet. Steve got transferred to Boone Hospital n Columbia today, after the surgeon in Jefferson City called Lona and said he would see Steve after the holiday on Tuesday. I don't blame her, the heat cath showed he had 3 complete blockages. The grandsons came over about noon. Alex went down for a nap after lunch. Brady helped Grandpa in the blacksmith shop and I ...well I got to sew for a couple of hours. Bath for the boys and then we made 5 o'clock church. The boys were pretty good. Alex liked to open the flaps on his book and announce out loud what animals was behind each door. At least I got my LaBamba fix, however I didn't for go the Margarita since I had the boys. So many choices since they have their new menus out. After dinner we stopped at Lowe's and then home. Bedtime at 9 for the little guys.

Sunday September 2nd. I left Grandpa in charge of the boys, and I picked up Mom at 10:15, and we headed to Columbia. Steve is resting well, the heart surgeon came in while we were there. Surgery will be Wednesday, due to holiday back up. He told Steve if its any consolation, he wasn't the worst one up there. If his condition worsen, surgery could be done ASAP. I didn't get home till 3:00 and Bt said it was too late to go to the river, besides it was pretty hot.

Monday September 3rd. Labor Day! We loaded up the boat and hit the river about 1:00. Jeremy, Lori and the boys came at the same time. For once the river was down enough to go to an island. We stayed out several hours and then went home to BBQ. BT and Jeremy did pork chops on the grill, while I made Mac and cheese, Rita's Green beans casserole with tomatoes, bacon, celery and onions. It was a great labor free day!

Tuesday September 4th. WORK what a bad four letter word.

Wednesday September 5th. I pick up Alex at 7:00 am, mom by 7:20, and Stephane after that. We waited at Schulte's for Brandon, Steve was already in surgery when we got to Columbia. Surgery lasted till 12:30. We got in to see him shortly before 2. Then we headed home. I stopped by the grocery store and Mom and I did a marathon shopping trip. We arrived at Jeremy and Lori's to meet the bus. Brady was so happy to see grandma there to pick him up. I take Mom and Stephane home and get back to my place to start dinner. Beef and Noodles. Buttered Broccoli and garlic bread. After dinner the boys were playing outside and Alex and Bentley collided. Alex might end up with a black eye. He cried he just wanted wanted to go to bed. Jeremy picked them up before 8.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

August 28, And we might be on America’s most wanted

By 7:05, we were up dressed and ready to hit the road or as Bonnie says “Barn Sour”. * The office was still closed, there was no one or no where to pay fees, we quickly wind in the electrical cord, as is the guy in the pick up truck next door and we hit the road. We are now the get away camper. We stop for gas and in front of us is a black Ferreri, sharp car. We grab a coffee and a granola bar for the road. Going down the main street, the Ferreri passes us, like we were sitting still. I watch the rear view mirrors for cops, either chasing us or the black Ferreri.

In less then an hour and a half we are waiting on the bridge at Cairo for our turn to go across
during construction. It was a scary feeling, especially when the bridge started to gallop, we are thinking about

the bridge that collapsed in Minnesota. Bonnie and I look at each other without saying a word; we know the thoughts going through each others mind. Luckily we are stopped over land and even thought it would be a hard crash, there wouldn’t be the water. The 10 minutes we waited felt like an hour. I finally started taking pictures of tug and barges on the Mississippi to pass the time.

280.7 miles from our get away RV park we pulled into Cape Girardeau to claim my Jeep. We had left it at Bonnie’s friend’s house. No one was home, but the keys were left in it. I then follow Bonnie to her house, 71 miles later we were at Bonnie’s place and it was close to 11:00.

I walked over to
PeolaValleyForge and did some shopping. Lee, the potter is moving after 23 years here to Springfield MO. I just had to have some more of his great hand thrown items. AT 12:34 I said my goodbyes to my friend and partner in crime for the past 12 days. What a great trip we had! It was fun to see new places, enjoy great company and good food with Bonnie. And in the end we (being Thelma and Louise) kept the camper from going off the bluff!

I drive another 148 miles back home and arrive just a little after 3:00. Time to take a shower and wash my hair and look a lttle more presentatble for BT. And then it's laundy, the party is over :(

* Racing Home – One of the initial symptoms of a barn sour horse is a horse that speeds up the pace as he nears the barn on the journey home. Most of the time the horse does this of his own accord since he's simply excited about returning home, but sometimes a rider will actually canter the horse down the final stretch for fun.

August 27, Day 3 of Thelma and Louise

We woke up at 7:30, quickly got dressed and hit the road. Bonnie gassed up the RV and took the wheel. 219 miles down the road, we stopped and all took pee breaks, of course Beagle Bob got his first. We then snacked a bit in the RV, it does have its advantages! My turn to drive. Beagle Bob slept most of the day. Made us wonder if he didn’t sleep well by himself in the camper last night.

We stopped in Joelton, TN and ate at Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant, but first we had Margaritas and toasted to our great trip. As we ate dinner we had the discussion, was an avocado a fruit or a vegetable? So we asked the guy at the cash register. He said I don’t know, I’ll have to google. DUH, we would too, but we are computer free and have been for 10 or 11 days. Now that I am home I did google and the answer is…..drum roll…. It's a fruit, it has a plant bearing seed which makes it a fruit. And now we all know.

As I take out of the parking lot, I turn the wrong way, Bonnie laughed at my sense of direction. (And BT would too). I drive an additional 108 miles and find a camp ground in Calvert City KY. It was Cypress Lakes RV Park. It was dark, and it was a big RV park, combination permanent mobile homes and RV’s. Nice place, pool, bath house, Laundry facilities, but just not well marked. I see a young man sitting outside, how in the dark I don’t know. But he pointed us in the right direction. We find the office closed with a note on the door, “Find a spot and pay me in the morning”. Just as we were sitting up a man in a pickup, pulling a utility trailer pulled in beside us. We quickly made our beds and crashed. After all we drove 758.6 miles today.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

August 26, Day 2 of the Real Thelma and Louise

I was woken by Beagle Bob looking me in the face. He wanted to go out for a potty break. When he and Bonnie stepped outside I took the opportunity to curl my hair for the first time in several days. I still skipped the make-up after all this is vacation isn’t it? Bonnie came back in and we both took a nap since it was too early for anything to be open. About 9, we saw the campground owner’s wife outside and Bonnie went and paid her $50 for 2nights. The one we we just spent, and asked that she hold the spot for us tonight. Told her we would be back after sightseeing today. We took off and found the coffee house and I had my first caffe mocha in 8 days. I was in heaven so I ordered a slice of lemon poppy seed bread to go with it. We drove just a few blocks and came to the beach. It was Beagle Bob’s first visit. At first he would run when the waves would come in, making sure not to get his paws wet. That is until he saw a bird and started chasing it, he go so enthralled in the chase that he forgot and went into the water. He was wet up to his belly. We walked the shore for a long distance until I had more shells then my little cup would hold. Our drive continued north on the outer banks. The RV turned into the waiting line for the Cape Hatteras ferry, and we were flagged to come straight on board. It was a free ferry and the trip would be about 40 minutes.

We drove straight to Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. It stands 208 feet tall

and is the tallest in the United States. The lighthouse is painted black and white spirals with a red base. It’s light can be seen for 20 miles, warning ships of the submerged sand bars where so many ships have foundered. It was erected in 1869-1870 and was lit for the first time December 6, 1870. In 1999 the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse made a historic half mile journey away from the pounding waves of the Atlantic to a new and more secure location. The lighthouse was cut from it original base, hydraulically lifted onto steel beans and traveled along railroad tracks to it present position. This amazing 23 days trip has ensured that the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse will be standing proud for many, many years.

After stopping for gas in Rodanthe, we drove on to Bodie Island lighthouse.
(They pronounce it Body). It is encircled by two black and three white
bands, stands 150 feet high and is equipped with a first-order Fresnel lens. It flashes its 160,000 candlepower beacon 19 miles over the ocean. Originally built in 1847, the lighthouse was rebuilt with improvements in 1859. In 1862 Confederate troops blew up the structure to prevent its use by the Union forces that occupied the Outer Banks. On October 1, 1872 the present tower was put into operation and is the third lighthouse built on this site at a cost of $140,000. The keeper’s quarters is now restored and is used as a visitors center.

Lunch called us at Slammin’ Sammys Offshore Grille and Stillery. Prime Rib sandwiches with extra pickles for Bonnie, I had a huge Grilled chicken and black bean salad.

After lunch, we made a stop at the vistor’s center. They gave us directions to the last lighthouse of the day, just as sprinkles starting hitting us. 25 miles later we were at Currituck Beach Lighthouse and in a nice downpour. It was by far my favor and the most beautiful one to me, all done in single laid red bricks. It stands 158 feet tall, and its flashed first beacon December 1, 1875.

It was 25 miles back to the main road that brought us up from Ocracoke Island. While driving back in the rain, Bonnie was programming Phyllis (the GPS) and she ask me what I thought about Plan B. She suggested instead of driving 75 miles back south out of our way and paying another $30 for the Ferry tomorrow, and having the 3-4 hour ferry trip, that we just stay on the mainland and head towards home now. The $25 she had already paid for the campground would be lost, but she would gain that back by not paying $30 for the ferry. It sounded like a plan to me. So I followed her directions and took the new route. As we hit the main highway, we kept seeing signs, watch for bears. We commented on them, and then as I was driving I said to Bonnie, wouldn't that be fun to explain to your insurance man, about hitting a bear. I no sooner had those words out of my mouth, until I saw a bear coming out of the woods, onto the shoulder. I quickly stopped the RV, but by the time we got the camera up, he was gone. What excitement. We also saw signs warning of Red Foxes. But we never saw any of them.

The rain went from sprinkles to heavy as we drove 190 miles, until we stopped in Williamston NC. At a Holiday Inn, it was difficult driving and we decided we sure didn’t want to find a RV park and hook up in the rain. After splitting the cost of the room, it was $41 each and a good hot shower and great night sleep was had by all, including Beagle Bob who stayed in the camper!