Friday, April 26, 2019

We now return to our regular scheduled programming

Last Thursday, Kathy, Eric and Colten delivered these beautiful flowers. They have lasted over a week!

On Saturday our son Jeremy, grandson Alex, and two of their friends spent the entire day on the Osage River. Morels were the only thing biting. They picked over 500!

Easter was celebrated with a delicious meal.

This was a pan full of Bernie's delicious fried chicken.

My Danish Twist is a must every Easter. 

The little grandsons in Florida had a big Easter, so much so that they took an early nap on the sofa. Sure missed visiting those guys this April. #cancer treatments

On Thursday I had my last doctor visits!  Dr Allen promoted me to the head of the class. 

I am now doctor free for SIX MONTHS!

I want to say thank you to everyone who called, sent notes, sent gifts, prayed, brought food, gave me endless hugs and cheered me on. It is great having you all for family and friends. 

I now consider myself a cancer survivor and cancer free. God is Good!

Back to the quilting.

I pieced this king size quilt for Margaret. My friend Brenda quilted it. She paid attention to the  patterns as to not cross my designs.

Here on the back you can get a better idea of the designs. 

This is my donation to the Blacksmith Association of Missouri auction next week. I pieced it and hand quilted it. My friend Deanna did the machine embroidery.

The church ladies finished hand quilting Elvis. It will be auctioned August 4th, at St. Margaret's Church Osage Bend, just outside of Jefferson City, Missouri!

Life is good!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Graduation day

Wednesday was my last radiation treatment,  20 treatments. On this day I thought I would be finished, sure I’m finished with treatment but cancer doesn’t stop there. I'm now dealing with the radiation burns. Yes I am cancer free, but not worry free, and  life goes on. 

Today was a follow-up with the surgeon, next week with the radiation oncologist . The following week there’s a doctor appointment with the cancer oncologist.   After that  there will be more frequent mammograms, there will be a daily pill to take for at least five years, and life goes on. 


There was a little ceremony  after my treatment, I was awarded this diploma.

 I was also given this guardian angel pin.


They had donated gifts from a husband and wife volunteer team. We chose this cute owl bird feeder.

I ordered this for myself, as I have learned you can't just go through breast cancer and forget about it. It's a sisterhood, I always be in. Life goes on.

I can't begin to thank so many people for all the cards, the gifts, the Masses, the hugs, the phone calls, the meals and unlimited supply of support. 

I have even received more cards after this picture was snapped!

And life goes on . . . a life time journey.

Sometimes the cards matched, these came from opposite ends of the state.

This was one one big honking card! One of many this gal sent!!!!

There were many viral reality card sent via the internet by lots of you all. 

I also want to ask for prayers for my friends with the big C. Cathy was just finishing her 6th and last round of chemo, next will be surgery and radiation. The blacksmith and I always dropped in on her and Jerry when our days corresponded. 

There's Valerie, Vicki, Caleb, Charlotte, Geralyn, and Cathy's niece Sarah that need prayers. 

Life goes one . . .

Back to our regular quilting blog.

This I made for one of my daughter's bffs from high school. Holly is expecting her first child.  It was fun to catch up at her baby shower. I even facetimed Sarah so they could see each other.

Sunday April 14th, we woke up to this S N O W.  But hang on it's Missouri and tomorrow the forecast is for 73 high and 80 degrees the next day. 

Life. . . . it's always an adventure.