Friday, July 31, 2009

Show us your life - Wedding party and flowers

Kelly at Kelly's Korner is once again hosting "Show us your life". This time it's your wedding party.

These were the styles, 39 years ago. The bridesmaids dresses were made from bonded yellow lace, lace was fused onto polyester. The sleeves were full gathered, sheer yellow organza fabric. A scooped neckline and a yellow wide satin belt accented the empire waist.

And yes, I made these too, while I was finishing my last two weeks in high school. Total cost for the 4 dresses was $43.19. That even included the "new" invisible zipper!

The girls carried fresh flower boquets made of dyed green daisies and yellow carnations. I remember them having big thick green leaves as a back ground. I've slept may times since then and don't remember what kind of leaves they were.

The wedding party included, my little sister and BT's little sister. . .my brother Wesley and his wife Linda. My cousin Rick was an usher. BT's sister Janie was maid of honor. BT's cousin Wayne was best man and another cousin, David was usher. Best Man Wayne had dinner with us several months ago. He lives about 150 miles away. It was the first time we had seen each other in years!

And here is a picture that shows it all.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

While waiting for test results

I thought I'd show you a few recent pictures. . .

Elizabeth and her white hat.
Which one was more happy about the birthday present from one to the other?

His T-Ball medal!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Grandson

Today the kids, all 3 of them were over for a couple of hours.

It is the big guy's 8th birthday. So they got to do what they love to do, play webkinz's at the same time. It great having 2 computers side by side.

The arm is still suffering. It's wasn't broke, but tomorrow I go for one of these . . .

Stay tuned.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The one arm typist . . . after the skating party

Today was Brady's 8th birthday party. He decided to have a roller skating party.

Here he is skating with one of his classmates.

Grandpa is getting little brother Alex started first on the carpet.

Grandpa and Aunt Sarah lace up.

Cousins Brooke and Bailey take a turn around the rink.

Then Grandma here decided she can do it too. Never mind it's been years since I was on wheels.

Then Grandpa took a fall.

Time for cake.

Then time for ice. ICE. Yes Grandma took a fall. Of course it had to be my left arm, since I'm left handed. My Mom is giving me the sympathy look! HELP me!

So after the skating party, bum arm and all we went for Mexican. Even Elizabeth was ready for a Margarita. I really was!

I'll live with the pain for a day or two. The doctor should be in Monday if I need him.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday finds and Show us your life - Wedding dress

You will get a kick out of this. Kelly is hosting "show us your life- wedding dress day.

So I dug deep and even found the receipt for the cost of my dress. Remember we got married in the dark ages. The total cost of my dress* was $36.16. I didn't charge myself for making it, so labor was free.

What I didn't show you is the 4 bridesmaid dresses. I
bought their fabric. Oh and I also made those 4 dresses.
Total spent was $43.19. Did I mention I was still in high school at the time?

I did graduate before we got married. By two days too!

I did borrow my veil. Does it look familiar Nentwig girls?

Wasn't my Dad a doll? We use to tell him he looked like String bean from Hee Haw.

Now on to my Friday finds!

I found this neat little pottery piece at an antique store today. They labeled it a toothpick holder. That I doubt.

We have a new Tuesday Morning's store in town. I stocked up on Halloween Ty beanies for the grand kids. Not bad at $2.99 a piece.

In a couple of weeks I am invited to an afternoon tea party. Dress up is required. I found this Moo Moo for my Mother. She always made them for my sister and I and herself back in the day. Of course we all three had matching ones too.

This one says authentic Hawaiian, or so the tag says. What do you think Cousin Mindy in Hawaii? Look real to you?

To dressMom up I still need a hat and lots of gaudy jewerly .

For a $1.00 I found this cobalt blue piece at Salvation army. I just can't decide is it old or repo, candle holder or vase. Anybody know?

At the antique mall I found this neat little crochet vase cover. Of course what it is really covering is an old Akla seltzer bottle. The proof is on the bottle bottom "AS".

Bentley dog even got a treat today. A giant kong. You put peanut butter inside and it keeps him entertained for minutes, licking it out. Wish it was hours.

*Now that I look at the receipt for the wedding fabric, I noticed it's dated December 11, 1969. WOW that was before I even had my engagement ring, or had told my parents we were getting married. YIKES!!! Oh to be young again.

8:25pm 88 degrees.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The championship game

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned. . . .

I forgot to take the camera to the game. The game started off with a not so good start. By the third inning, our team was losing 15 to 1.

By the end of the game the little guys had played their best. However they lost 25 to 12. It was a good comeback, just not enough.

If I'm lucky maybe the DIL will share a photo with me of the guys and their medals!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Up for Championship!

I'm hoping the rain stops and the skies clear for tomorrow nights Championship game.

This 7, almost 8 year old will be playing to WIN!

Go Brady!

♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, July 19, 2009

St Stanislaus Quilts

As you already know from yesterday's post, today was the church picnic. If you missed it, it had the best fried chicken ever! I ate three pieces just to prove it. I picked up what I thought was cherry pie. It turned out to be rhubarb and strawberry and was excellent!
We ate about 3 o'clock and afterwards mingled through the crowd visiting. The quilt auction was to start at 5:00, it was a little late getting started but Father Greg told us it was due to technical difficulties.
I snapped a few pictures (imagine that) and I will show you a few and what they sold for.
Star wedding ring. One of my favorites. It was paper pieced I was told. It measured 87 x 106 and sold for $575.00.

This was a darling embroidered ABC baby quilt. It was a little larger then I usually make, it was 42 x 65. Sold for $140.

Whirling Hexagons and it measured 90 x 112 and it went for $700.00

This was the last one to sell and was absolutely beautiful in shades of Ivory and green. It is called Tear drop and featured yo-yo's. 91 x 102 $1000.00

Another of my favorites. Nine patch Star, it looked vintage in reda, and shades of blue and tan. 94 x 114 $500.00

First I want to show you a close up of Midnight star. It is quilted with gold thread. Very daring on black fabric. Very impressive!

Midnight Star 105 x 110 sold for $1025.00

Log cabin in round 104 x 112 $700.00

Courthouse steps. This is a lot of piecing. 100 x 114 and it sold for $775.00

This is called Chrysalis Star. It was done in Burgundy's, green's and mauve's. 98 x 110 $675.00

I'm pretty sure I've seen this pattern before. It's is called Broken Dish. 96 x 111 $550.00

This is the top that was hand pieced by my late Aunt Faye. I donated the top to the sodality and the ladies hand quilted it. 92 x 106. It sold for $525. I was very pleased with what it brought. Aunt Faye would be tickled pink!

They called this one Aspen Rail. 100 x 114 $475.00
There were 34 items on the auction, including a Christmas tree skirt, 2 lace tablecloths, a grandfather clock and a lead crystal punch bowl. Nothing went for under $50.

I always look forward to the quilt auction.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Preparaing for St Stanislaus picnic 2009

Through these doors is one of the most beautiful churches. It was built in 1883.

The inside is graced with beautiful limestone pillars, and beautiful stained glass windows.

We were married in this church over 39 years ago. BT has attended it since he was 5 years old.

Today is preparation for our annual July picnic. Normally it's the hottest weekend of the month. Fortunately this weekend it's the coolest in years.
72 degrees was probably our high today.

We were on the 2nd work shift to roast beef. That meant 4 hours from 10 am until 2pm, washing, cutting, salting and roasting the beef.

BT snapped this picture of me in my church lady apron I won from Marlene at . . . stitching by the lake during her "pay if forward" give away. Church lady apron, very fitting I thought!

BT and Tim (a co-worker both at the office and here today at picnic work day) are washing and cutting the beef.

When the beef is almost finished cooking, we add french onion soup to it. It then browns for another 10 or 15 minutes. We spread out on big baking sheets to cool.

After cooling it's packed into foil lined boxes.

This time there were 31 boxes weighing 57 to 61 lbs each. That's somewhere in the neighborhood of 1800 lbs of beef. And don't forgot tomorrow there will be fried chicken to add to that menu.

And this is just a small portion of the broth that will be made into gravy tomorrow.

Meet Cheryl. Cheryl is the school cook. Cheryl is very good at what she does. But somewhere, some how, there was an error made today when the cooks made the dough for cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon rolls are a big hit at the country store. They are sold after all three masses also.

The mistake made today was, somebody doubled the recipe in error. And boy did they make cinnamon rolls. It was estimated at about 2000 cinnamon rolls. They ended up making some into hot rolls, and even bread.

Here is just a portion of what was made.

And more. . .

The dining hall is all set up so we hope you can join us tomorrow.

Y'all come