Monday, February 21, 2022

On this day. . . 54 years ago


Bread was $.21 for a loaf, mayonnaise was $.29 a jar, and three cantaloupes were $.89.  A Coke was .15 cents!

Catsup was 4 bottles for $1.00, a 12 pack of pampers were $.89.  Cotton work pants for men were $1.80 with a matching shirt at $1.00.

Portable dishwashers were $209. A clothes dryer was 99.00 with free delivery. Sealy Posturepedic mattress and box springs were $79.

A Ford Mustang was $2,707.

The average income was $7700 and minimum wage was $1.60.

Also, it was our first date, 54 years ago. Oh, the memories.

Here’s to many more!

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Birthday and Valentine week

Birthday weekend and week was fantastic. Turning 70 isn't so bad after all.  I might even try it again!

For those that texted, called, visited and sent cards, THANKYOU!  I feel very special. Almost 400 texts on Facebook were amazing! I tried to thank everyone, but I sure I missed many. 

From Saturday to Monday, I was pretty much spoiled eating almost every meal out. Between the  Blacksmith conference and the kids I was treated well.  

It was also a day to remember it has been 3 years since my breast cancer on my birthday. God is good.

My family and friends spoiled me with gold earrings, Hobby Lobby gift cards, and one friend even sent me 70 packets of my favorite Trader Joe's coffee, one packet for every year. Then she also gave me a gift certificate to Rooster Creek Quilting store. Don't think I'll have a problem spending of the gifts. 

As for Valentine's Day, it's the end of an era. Insert sad face!  For many, many years, my Valentine tradition was to buy the blacksmith Maple nut goodies, as seen above and burnt sugar peanuts shown below. 

Production on the maple nut goodies was ended sometime last year. They were replaced with a maple coating over individual peanuts.  The candy is way too waxy.  

So, this year I just bought him a bigger bag of the Burnt sugar peanuts.

I received my traditional heart shaped box of Russell Stover chocolates. The best in my opinion!

Lori, my daughter in law, and Lizzie shared their sweet treats with us again. They are to die for chocolate covered strawberries, sugar cookies, and red velvet cookies. I am safe to say they didn't make it 24 hours here in the house. 

Life is Good!

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

A week full of family fun!

The Florida family came for a week!!  I'll let the pictures tell the stores and show the fun we had. 

Grandson Alex's girlfriend Josie became 6-year-old Logan's girlfriend!

Josie and Alex play on our ping pong table we uncovered. 

The computer games were kept hot! From 6-year-old to almost 21!! I did leave up a small Christmas tree too, for a few surprise packages. 

The little boys loved the 2nd Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa!

Darts and riding Uncle Jeremy's 44-year-old ford tractor, Fun!

 We ate well. Lori made oreo balls and ice cream cake.

Uncle Jeremy and Logan handy work.

One day Sarah and I took the boys to the new bridge to an island on the Missouri River at Jefferson City. 

Grandpa gave a few shooting lessons. 

Alex adjusts one of his helmets and Connor to go 4 wheeling in the snow!

Rusty brought his new toy home. The grown guys all had a ball with it.  So much in fact the family up here bought one.

This was our walk to the island, with the Missouri State Capitol in the background. 

Homework in his pajamas. 


Uncle Jeremy and Logan do some creative writing. Also known as brand your donuts!

Grandpa started a snowball fight. We are so glad the Missouri cooperated and gave them snow. 

Logan gives Josie and hello kiss!

Grandma goes sledding!  I survived too. It was so much fun. 

Oh, that Uncle Jeremy gives a whipped cream lesson!

The week was perfect, family meals every night. The Missouri weather cooperated perfectly giving them snow for their arrival and clearing up when they sadly had to leave. 

Life is good.