Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 in review

March 1st, brought much sadness as my mother who was 93 passed away. It was peacefully in her bed, in her room, at home. My sister and I were both with her when her time on earth came to an end. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out. She was always so giving. I have so many remembrances from her around the house. She would go to town and come home with something she saw that she thought I would like.  

 This photo was taken a couple days before she gave me her wedding ring.

Mom loved Blue Boy and Pinkie. She painted  2 large paint by numbers when my husband and I were dating, waiting for me to come home at night. It always had to be by midnight, including the night before our wedding! 

Almost 2 year old Logan got to fly home with his Mom for the funeral. I'm not sure what he was eating, however it must have been good, it's all over his face. 

 A cool little dude, enjoying cooler weather in Missouri than his home state of Florida.

My sister, my brother and I enjoying a meal at Ecco, mine and my brothers favorite hang out. He grew up near there and now resides in California.

Spring concert at Lizzie's (on the right) school. Here she is with her best friend (and second cousin) Laycee.

Mother's ring on the bottom, mine on the top. Both were remade many years ago by a grade school friend Kas A Designs.

We went to Florida in April. The little one turned 2.

He loved the rocking chair we got him.

 Our farewell photo, always a must.

 Our Missouri kids at Easter!

A quilted wall hanging I made for the Missouri Blacksmith Association annual auction. 

Hubby and my basket making friend Pattie do a little forging. She was up from Georgia to teach a foot stool weaving class at our annual conference.

I got a private class at home!

We took her to meet Joe and Alice Dudenhoeffer. They are expert basket makers like Pattie.

 Of course she and I did a little shopping at the basket shop too.

 Some of the best guys, are those at a BAM conference. 

 . . . .along with their spouses and mother!

 This was one of our purchases at the auction.

 A good picture, my friend Beverley took of us. Sometimes we do clean up pretty good.

 Pattie and Patti!

The blacksmith and I put down new deck flooring. He forged all new railing. Here the grandsons help.

 It's a beautiful deck. I am so proud of his work.

A quilt I pieced for my friend Margaret. It's for her great grandson. 

 Of course Margaret's great granddaughter wasn't left out. 

 Lizzie got back into making pillow cases. She's a wiz at sewing theses on the hand crank  machine.

We went to the annual gathering of fantastic knife makers in Cedar Hill. Thanks to Bonita and Hank for hosting. Good friends, good food, good times. 

 I pieced a patriotic quilt for St. Margaret's Church. Here we are hand quilting it. 

Some close up detail, the Eagle had 121 pieces of fabric, the entire quilt had over 2500 pieces.

 Carol, an old neighbor and classmate, made the beautiful embroidered label. 

 It sold for $5000.00, yep you read that right. My buttons were popping off! 

One of our biggest Ox Heart tomatoes. We had tons of them. We'd give away buckets full and two days later there would be more buckets. Next year, we must cut down on plants.

 Central dairy ice cream before heading back to school.

 I need to learn to take selfies with all of us in one picture.

 This was prior to eating ice cream!

We enjoyed the Hamilton Missouri steam engine show for a couple of days. Margie, Willy and I got to ride in Phil's beautiful truck all through town in their parade. 

 Eclipse 2017, who didn't celebrate???  This is a group of us that gathered in Osage Bend. 

My high school friend, and  wedding singer Rita, and her husband came for the event. He took some fantastic pictures. Of course we celebrated with Moon pies. 

I pieced this top for Sarah, not my Sarah. This is the daughter of my babysitter, 40 years ago!

Speaking of 40 years ago, guess who turned 40?  Yep our son Jeremy. I love this shot I captured, when his sister who flew in from Florida for 36 hours to celebrate with him!

 A great family photo!

We saw Joe and Alice doing a show and I purchased the coolest basket from him. It has a swinging handle. I don't think I have enough fingers and toes to count all of their baskets I have. 

 Our Florida Hulk and spider man!

After 15 years I redecorated our bedroom. This quilt was made out of vintage fabrics. Some of which came from my great grandfathers general store in Stanton, Missouri. I hand quilted the entire thing. 

 Our Bentley. He's not aging so well. He's 12 years old now. Deaf, and blind in one eye.

All three Missouri kids got deer. For Lizzie, it was her first. For Brady, it was his first as a solo hunter!

 Another quilt for Margaret!

 I pieced this scrappy quilt for me. some day I will hand quilt it. 

December found us back in Florida for Connor's 5th birthday. We made a trip to Lego land. 

 Can you tell his birthday theme was Minions???

 The daughter turned ummm. . .   well she turned another year. 

 As did her husband! We all enjoyed the trip to NASA.

Logan enjoyed it until he came to the see through tunnel and could see the story below him, Grandpa to the rescue.

 Birthday margaritas for Sarah and I. 

 The December goodbye, until next time picture. 

Margaret had this quilt top of baskets that her mother pieced 50-70 years ago. I added borders to make it queen size. I will bind it after she gets it hand quilted. 

 Christmas 2017, I received this unexpected gift from a blacksmith's wife. It is gorgeous.

Margaret, no wait, Margaret's' neighbor brought me these hand appliqued blocks. She also brought the vintage yellow and muslin fabric. I had the 36 inch wide green. I did purchase 2 yards of muslin. Just barely, did I have enough fabric to make a queen size top. 

HA! My contribution to the Tappel Christmas gathering. No longer will they talk about my copper pennies (Marinated carrots).

 Christmas 2017.

We are ending the year with making Krumkakes. In the past few days we have made 3 batches. 

I can't wait to see what 2018 brings us. I know right away our Florida kids are coming home for a week. It's a first. I'm busy gathering winter clothes for them. As I type it's 15 degrees, with the lows below zero.

Here's to a healthy happy 2018 to you all. Thanks for reading.