Friday, August 26, 2011

It's all in a day of shopping

So you all know the blacksmith has been gone all week on a hunting trip. Today was my shopping day. Won't you ride along with me?

 First it was a tag sale where I scored two purses and hat. Total spent $6.00.

At the second tag sale, I found nothing I needed.

A quick trip to the pharmacy. Score one expensive prescription.

A block away, J C Penney, score two pairs of pants, total spent $22.84, total saved $56.80 Need I say, I love coupons!

 I never made it past the cash register at Kohl's, I only stopped for a gift card.

My choice for fabric today was Hobby Lobby.

This soft corduroy will be a jumper for Miss Elizabeth.

These pink and greys will be a baby quilt for a co-worker.

Goodwill, I made a drop off donation of clothing, bought nothing.

Across the street, I dropped off my glass bottles.

Across another street, I dropped off my necklace for repairs at Blue Diamond.

New junk store in town. I won't make the mistake of stopping there again!

One of my favorite antique shops, however I scored nothing today.

Calvary gifts a very nice re-sell it shop run by the church ladies. 

There I scored these flip flops for my sister who loves dragon flies. Cost $1.00.  I also bought a beautiful cobalt blue vase, I tried 3 times to get a good picture of it. Pictures just don't do it justice. You are just going to have to take my word, it was $6 well spent. I also got the blacksmith a nice Winchester camouflage shirt for 50 cents. 

Tennyson's furniture, there I was pricing a TV stand to hold the DVR, satellite receiver etc.

Another junk shop. Today I found nothing.

Menard's, whew, are you getting tired yet?  I am! Here I purchased several items with a total of $11 rebates.

Last stop, Habitat. I am looking for an old fashioned kitchen sink with the drain boards. No luck today.  I then headed home for a couple of hours.

At five o'clock it was back to town.

It was dinner with my daughter in law and grand daughter at Madison's restaurant. Or as the grand daughter calls it - Madison's house.

After dinner we decided to see a movie. We saw "The Help". What a great movie!

Last stop at 9:15, was for milk and donuts!  After all I need to refuel from all my shopping. Tomorrow is another day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm off the hook once again!

Dear Hubby

I know you are enjoying your day to the max on your annual "squirrel" hunting trip.

The deal is if you aren't at home on your birthday
 there is no gift exchange
 no cakes to bake!

I'm scott free today . . . more ways than one!

Love ya!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's a win, win situation!

You know the old saying, the cobbler's kids go shoeless, or the mechanic's wife's car is never fixed? Well this blacksmith's wife is not doing without!

Look what he made me now. It holds all 5 of my rolling pins. One of which is from my grandma Cardwell's kitchen. I can still rememeber her rolling out dumplings with it. It's second from the bottom.

I love it. 


This is the blacksmith and his friend Kenny. They packed up and left today on their annual squirrel hunt in southern Missouri. They will be gone all week, minus the dog, he stays with me.

So I will be spending the week, eating what ever, when ever, I want, sleeping in the middle of the bed, shopping at TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, Penneys, Dillards, Marshalls, the quilt store, antique shops, resell it shops, did I mention quilt shops?


PS I really will miss him.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Men of the Club 2011

A girl's night out with your BFF is always fun.

Especially when you get to see bare butts!!

Okay peeps, get your head out of the gutter. It was a fund raiser for the Boys and girls Club of Jefferson City!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bass River Resort

It was a weekend trip. The blacksmith and I had been invited by the son, his wife, and three grand kids to go along!

Our destination was Bass River Resort in Steelville MO.

The Casita at site #298. It was a really big camp ground. You can tell that by our high number. And they went even higher.

We arrived just after one big thunder and lightening storm. So big, in fact, the entire camp ground had no electricity, which meant no water. Thank goodness our camper had a bathroom with a reserve water tank that was full!  The electricity came on about 9 and the entire camp ground broke out in cheers. But it was short lived, it went right back off and stayed off until after we went to bed. About 11:31 we woke up to cheers.  This time it stayed on.

The son and family were camped just 2 sites away from us. I was so glad they asked us to go. The last time we camped with the son, was in the 80's. He was much younger then. Come to think of it so were we.

There was river time. The water was cold.

There was sun bathing time.

There was minnow, crayfish, and tadpole hunting going on too.

Card playing broke out too. Hot games of "Go fish", very appropriate since the two grown men forgot their fishing poles.

Bananagrams was played.

Marshmallow roasting is always a necessity.

It was a very restful weekend.

Peaceful river setting.

Now lets talk about the food.

FATTIES.  Google fattie recipes, there are forum and recipe pages galore.

Heart attack waiting to happen, I think.

But gosh were they good!

Take 2 lbs of bacon. If you can weave a basket, then you can make these!  Just kidding. Next add about pound of hamburger, throw on some seasonings.

Cream cheese went next, topped with jalapenos and a good squirt of BBQ sauce.

Roll them up good and tight.

The guys grilled them along with corn on the cob. With their grill they could just flip the entire grill.

Okay I need to apologize, I didn't get a picture of the uncut finished product. But you get the picture, right?

Man were they good. So good, we were awarded the leftovers, doubling the chances of the son's father having a heart attack.

Sunday morning as we were packing up, along with hundreds of other campers, the trash bin was over flowing. Here is where the backhoe came into play. First it looked like this.

A few stomps with the bucket and it all fit with room to spare. 

It was a great weekend, except it went way too fast. Thanks Jeremy, Lori, and kids for inviting the old people. Hope we didn't slow you all down any.

Speaking of fast, this little girl never slowed down all weekend.

It closing, I am posting this picture for you Karen, just so you can see I made it on a horse. I am the third from the end, yes behind the tree!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Garden . . . take two

Grandpa says season one is about over. And that is what I think of that!

Grandma says she really doesn't need anymore tomatoes. I counted 73 jars of tomato juice, tomato salsa, tomato soup, chili sauce, spagaetti sauce, even whole tomatoes in the basement cabinet. But then I really can't count past 7 or is it 9???

Grandpa planted turnips, lettuce,  white radishes and red radishes last friday. Monday evening I saw they were already peaking through the soil. He can hardly wait for fresh lettuce from the garden.

Grandma and Grandpa need a rest after all the garden work, think I will ask them to go camping with us this weekend!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Today I have asked permission from This Old House too  to repost her beautifully said post. Hope you enjoy!



If you're a decent parent,
you give your kids solid ground and roots to grow....

The hardest part, and one that's just as important
... is the giving of wings.