Thursday, April 14, 2016

Florida April 2016, someone turns ONE

Florida times means grandsons time!

It was some beautiful weather this time, maybe because our son in law is a meteorologist and he only orders us good weather?!?

Everyday grandpa would pick oranges in the backyard and make fresh squeezed juice. Connor thought that was a real treat. It seems his parents get their juice in a bottle at Publix! LOL

Here the boys are playing with a toy from their second cousin who is now a Navy seal. Old toys were made to last!

Every time this little guy hears music he started to dance. You should see him rock to Big Bang Theory theme. He knows to raise his arm at the end of the song. 

 I think the dog might have been a little jealous.

 This might be our last good bye photo at this house, as they are house hunting for a new home. 

 A beautiful afternoon to play outside. 

 Birthday party!!!  Grandpa asked for a bite and got it.

 Logan was not afraid to dig in. 

It's not a horse, but he knows how to ride 'em!

Until next time . . .see you on facetime boys. Love you to the moon and back.