Monday, June 30, 2008

Her New Years Resolution was to have more family time

Tonight she got her wish. Who you may ask, BT's sister Grace. You see her husband Dan and niece Mandy arranged a surprised 50th Birthday party for her at Steve's Family Restaurant. It is located just a few miles west of Jefferson City on route C.

31 of Grace's favorite relatives showed up. I forgot to tell you, it backfired on her husband Dan, as it turned out to be a 50th B-day surprise for him too.

After a great meal of Country fried golden chicken, Country cured ham, real mashed potatoes, homemade milk gravy, green beans, Cole slaw, applesauce and Central Dairy Ice Cream
they opened gifts. Here Grace is trying to read through her magnifying credit card. Dan is holding onto his new depends.

Afterwards we were all outside saying our goodbye when someone on the balcony above started yelling for Grace. Oh no, it was Cousin Ron, who couldn't believe he could view the tops of so many of his cousins heads.

And as we were leaving, Grace just had to get a birthday hug from big Brother BT.

Back at home, here is a beautiful picture of my pink lilies. I really don't know the name of them. My Mother in law gave me a start of them many, many years ago. She had gotten them from her mother. You have to take them inside in the winter here in Mid-mo and then set them back out in early spring.
79 degrees 10:12PM

Sunday, June 29, 2008


The best part of having the boys over night, is taking them to LaBamba for Sopapilla's!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

An afternoon with the Boys

Lori dropped the boys off just as I was finishing my lunch. Brady called Aunt Lona to see if we could come swimming. Here they are taking a break on the pool deck. Brady snapped this picture of me. Don't you just love the Toby Keith hat?

Look what Lori brought me from her Dad's house. Does your window sill look this good?

Later in the evening Alex rode the big wheels....

While Brady and Grandpa played catch.

Good Catch Brady!

After we were finished swimming I stopped by Mom's house. Look what she gave me...two more quilt tops.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Back in my element

Having the week off, I finally found time to sew. YIPPEE!

While searching my wash boiler....okay who doesn't have little hiding places for their things? I found the following.......

My mother who is 83 years young loves to embroidery. She does all these quilt tops and blocks and gives them to me to put together and quilt.

The one on the left has 12 blocks which I will set together with the Polka dot fabric both on the front and back.

The Teddy bear quilt, I found some red pin dot fabric, which might even be vintage fabric. I will use that for the backing and the binding.

Isn't this Froggy one cute? She has done a couple of these. I had some leftover binding so all I had to buy was the backing.

Here are 12 cross stitch blocks that I am setting together with 9 paper-pieced hearts. I also had this navy fabric from way back in my craft show days.

I even made this for myself on Monday. I was mad that I didn't come across the coffee bean fabric until after I had it pieced. I will make it into a wall hanging and use my new magnetic curtain rod to hang it on the refrigerator.

Another thing I made was a fabric postcard for one of my blogger friends. I can't show that picture yet. After she receives it, I will show you too. I want her to be surprised. Here's a hint...her blog is listed as one my favorites.

On a sad note.....Yesterday at Wal-mart, their fabric department is completely gone! They still have notions.

I did a run through cleaning of the house this morning. It will be a busy weekend. Son and DIL are leaving this afternoon for a float trip and we will watch the boys all weekend. I just pray Gma and Gpa can keep up with them!

Have a great weekend.

Now back to sewing for a few hours.

10:14 AM 79 degrees.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A nice relaxing weekend

Saturday we worked around the house, BT cut some weeds as seen here. He also sprayed lots of poison ivy along our driveway.

We went to my work and picked up 3-55 gallon barrels of mulch to put in Bentley's dog pen.

After showers it was church at 5:50 and was a 2 Marguerite night for me! Thank goodness we shopped at Lowe's before dinner.

Sunday we slept in and then read the paper on the deck with lots of coffee being consumed. I made breakfast burritos for breakfast only to find out later that is what Jeremy and the boys had too.

At 1:00 we loaded up the boat and took off up the Osage River. Gosh was it quiet. I don't know if the river rising or the high gas prices had anything to do with it. However it made a very quiet, enjoyable day on the river for us. Only one visitor came, he like my hat and my ankle.

We only saw about 5 boats and 2 jet skis. Oh and 1 Eagle. (Which I didn't get a clear picture of either). There was one boat fishing along the bank, it turned out to be BT's sister, Janie and jer husband.

Back home by 3:30 BT grilled some brats while I made a pasta salad. Here is what Bentlety does best on the deck.

Brady had a T-Ball game at 6:30 and we made it there before he did. Tonight he played his best, he ran after almost every ball hit.

What a nice relaxing weekend.

Friday, June 20, 2008

First Day of summer 2008

Just about the time summer arrived today, 6:59 PM, we were roasting marshmallows. Okay so I was out of the big ones, we used the mini ones. BT found bamboo skewers in the drawers and that's what we use. Did the little boys mind? Does it look like it? You have to try the mini's, they get creamy all the way through. Trust me Grandma and Grandpa had their share.

Earlier in the afternoon the boys and I took a 4-wheeler ride and found Lewis cutting hay. Does this say summer or what?

I pray and hope that this summer brings good things. Like visits with Sarah and Rusty, river time with friends and neighbors, picnics with the grandsons and BBQ with all our kids. What do you have planned?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day 2008

Busch Lake 1953

This is my Dad and me 55 years ago this summer. This happens to be the lake behind my house now. When we bought a land here 15 years ago, Mom gave me this picture. I followed my Dad everywhere. I remember one time I got so mad at him. I was a thumb sucker for many years and one day he painted my thumbs with turpentine. Mom said I wouldn't talk to him for days. In the end, I still suckedmy thumb. Sadly I lost my Dad almost 8 years ago. He is never far from my thoughts.

Osage County 1986

Here Jeremy's Dad shows him a lesson of life, he is the best father any son could ask for.

Current River 1986

Just like his son, his daughter also worships her Dad, here they share a quiet time fishing and eating peanuts.

Fall 2007

Finally, the son now grown with children of his own, and his boys think he is so cool. Like his Father he is a great Dad too. I am so fortunate to have all of the above in my life, plus some.

Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Red Power Round Up

We arrived at the Boone Country Fair grounds for the 19th annual Red Power Round Up in Columbia Missouri by 9:30. In case you don't know... that translates into a really big Tractor show.

It was one of the largest collection of International Harvester Equipment. Over 1,000 tractors, 300 plus trucks & scouts, 300 plus Cub Cadets, 300 plus Hit & miss Engine working displays and 100 plus part vendors, would be on display. As we were taken from the parking lot by tractor and wagon to the gates, it was a sea of RED. We paid the daily fee of $7.00 and walked into the first building. There we found all the different state Chapters, each were selling their wares. There was a museum section which included things I never realized the International Harvester Company made, including Guns and deep freezers. There were plenty of small things, the usual calendars, lapel pins, matchbook covers, rain gauges, key chains and the list goes on and on.

A tractor built for two?

The back part of the building was full of any T-shirt you could imagine with tractors only of the red kind. There were also trailers of used and some new tractor parts. There was a milking station with a life size cow, to get yur picture with. It had plastic teats and you could even milk it, but we passed on that.

By the time we got out of the first building we needed food since we had left home without breakfast. We found the pork producers building and the beef producers. We choose pork. It was smoked tenderloin on bun for both of us. The ice tea was refreshing as a hot breeze was blowing all day. After lunch I saw that one of the food booths across the way was selling fried bologna. WOW Hollyhocks had just talked about that last week. I told her it brought up childhood memories as my Dad use to make it for me.

A pedal tractor?

After our early lunch we walked the fields forever looking at tractor after tractor. I forgot to mention that you could have rented a golf cart to get around too, at $50 a day! Thank goodness I wore my Toby Keith cowboy hat, or I would have been sunburned to a crisp. We watch several of the old threshing machines in operation and had just missed the antique dragline working. Just shy of 2:00 we stopped for another tea and lemonade break and then found our seats in the grand stands for the Tractor parade. From high on the bleachers we watched them all drive by. Sitting next to us was a man and his brother from North Dakota, they really found the heat and humidity to be miserable.

The show was over an hour later and it was back for more liquid refreshment. They were making and selling homemade ice cream using a gasoline engine, but we passed for now on it. Back inside the air conditioned building I found a $5.00 walking cane stamped "Farmall", to go in my cane rack I bought at the family reunion last year. (Thanks, Jim M.). It was there that I saw this Nancy you could go see RED in your hometown too!

We took a seat and waited for the bluegrass music to start at 4:00. The band "Easy Tunes Band", from just down the road in Booneville Missouri was playing. The featured singer was Stanley who was 87 years young. He played the mandolin and never missed a beat. Here is a clip to show Tipper that we have bluegrass music too. (Be sure to stop the music bar on the left side before playing the video so you can hear it.)

Before we left the grounds we stopped for a bag of Kettlecorn and BT has a cup of homemade ice cream. We stopped and looked at a few more tractors on our way to the gate and the tractor ride back to the parking lot.

It was a beautiful sunshiny day with a breeze blowing all day. We stopped at Bass Pro for a gallon of boat oil and then went to Jefferson City for dinner at Lee's Fried Chicken. We made Brady's T-Ball game just 5 minutes before it started.

When we finally arrived at home, Bentley was so glad to see us, even at 8:10 in the evening.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Grandma and Grandpa weekend

Our new garage doors were installed Saturday morning. BT gave moral support from his lawn chair, as Jeremy helped Mike who was doing the installing. I was busy inside baking a ham, making potato salad and watching Alex and Brady.

After lunch Alex went down for a nap. Brady watched some TVand played Wii. Together we took a 4 wheeler ride around the lake, up to the road to pick up the mail, and even stopped briefly to visit with Diane.

Jeremy and Lori had a benefit dinner/dance in Loose Creek for Lori's aunt so we would be keeping the boys all night. First we went to church at 5:30 at St. Stanislaus. The boys were very good for us in church. When we got out, I had a message from Kathy that they would meet us at LaBamba. They were waiting when we got there. Brady asked for an order of white cheese with his meal. He and Alex found a new use for it, they dipped their french fries, chicken strips, I even saw Brady dip his hamburger once.

When we were walking to the car the boys asked if we could go to the Capitol. I was glad to oblige, because last week there was a new monument dedicated to Lewis and Clark. I was so mad that I didn't have my camera with me. Here is a link to Sabra Tull, the creator's, web site. It is the most awesome display. 4 larger than life statues, Seaman, Clark's dog, a possible bag, a goose, Clark's journal, and even their hats, lying beside them. We than walked entirely around the capitol, stopping to view the War memorial, the fountains, the trains on the Missouri Pacific tracks, the barges on the river and all the coins in the fountains. We made our way to the train depot, Jefferson Landing , the Governor's garden, the Governor's mansion and finally back to our car an hour and a half later. By this time it was dark and lights were shining on Lewis and Clark. It was just as beautiful then.

Today while googling for pictures of the Corp of Discovery Monument, I found this Jefferson City's Daily photo blog. She has the best pictures of my home town, Jefferson City. I wish I had captured all the beautiful sites she has. Check it out.

Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast out on the deck, before it got too hot. By a vote of 3 to 1, we had corn cakes for breakfast, I was the only one that wanted breakfast burritos.

The boys left about 1:00, so BT and I put the boat in the Osage river, just behind our house and boated for a couple of hours. I took the camera to show you our view from the water.

St Thomas Bridge

Across from Luebbering's Island

Eagle's nest in a tall Sycamore tree.

Looking up the Osage River

The boat ramp behind our house.

Cows enjoying the river too.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The turtle that almost got away....

Tuesday I ran to town for a weekly supply of groceries. While in town I met Lori at LaBamba! From there I took Alex with me. We made one last stop at the meat market and then headed home. While driving I gave Alex the cell phone to call Aunt Sarah in Oklahoma City. It was a bad connection and when I took the phone I couldn't hear her, so I hung up. About a mile down the rode the comment from the 4 year old in the back seat was, "Maybe Aunt Sarah needs to buy a new phone".

While little Alex took a nap, I put away groceries and sewed two toss pillows for the niece. When he woke up I was making fruit dip using 8oz. creme cheese and a jar of marshmallow creme. Here he is licking the beater.

Wednesday Alex came at 8:30 to stay while his Mother worked in the morning and had an appointment in the afternoon. After he ate his lunch I gave him the options for his dessert. He choose a soft Molasses cookie. I told him "oh that would be good with his milk", little did I know he was going to dip it. Awe to be young again.....

After Lori and Brady came to pick him up, BT and I were having a drink on the deck before dinner. BT was having a brown water, a Smirnoff with a slice of lime for me. I went in once to check on dinner and saw a huge snapping turtle in the front drive way. So I go and tell BT, he said call Eric, he wants one for the shell. I call Eric and he said well it wasn't good timing, he was busy. BT tells me to call his friend Kenny. I call and get Janice, who will tell Kenny and said it would be near dark before Kenny would come and get it. So while I am putting dinner on the table BT goes to the barn for the wash tub, brings it to the front yard and fills it will cool well water. He puts Mr Turtle in there, and we go in to eat. About 10 minutes later I look out the window and the tub is upright, and empty, water and all. So we go on a search for the turtle. It is no where to be found. So we call Janice and tell her it's an escaped turtle.

It is now Thursday. Maggie and I go to the local greenhouse and arrive at 8:01, for their sale. But on my way out of the garage, for some reason I do look down before I step out of the house, just in case there is a turtle lurking about.

By 10 I am on my way to town to do a little clothes shopping. I hit the jack pot at Penney's along with my $10 free coupon, I find 3 pairs of capri's and a blouse.

Once home, I put on my garden clothes and Bentley and I are working in the front of the house. All of a sudden, he is in the garage, growling and barking. He's found Mr Turtle! He is under the red flyer wagon. I went and called BT and told him to call Kenny, the turtle has reappeared.

About 7, Kenny came and got his turtle. He plans on frying it up in a week or so. He will save the shell for Eric, so in the end both guys will get what they want.