Sunday, October 4, 2020

My 6 generation mini quilt

The five embroidered blocks were stitched by my great grandmother, Mary Angeline Park Hammer Born 1868 and died in 1938.

She handed the blocks down to my grandmother, Emma Elizabeth Hammer Saucier born 1896 and died in 1976. 

 My mother, Onetta (Sis) Alberta Saucier born December 1923 and died In March of 2017,  inherited them, she  gave them to me, Patricia (Patti) Ann Cardwell Tappel born 1952.

This will be handed down to my granddaughter Elizabeth (Lizzie) Norine Tappel 

born 2009, daughter of my son, Jeremy Bernard Tappel, born1977.

I pieced the quilt and hand quilted this during the COVID-19 quarantine. 

Thursday, October 1, 2020

This is what we will call our 50th wedding anniversary celebration

  • Well in 2020 there was this dang virus called COVID-19. It threw changes in almost every plan there was. Our 50th Wedding anniversary celebration was no exception.

Our Son in law and daughter found a beautiful cabin (house) in Banner Elk North Carolina.  It would be a first for all kids and grand kids to spend a week together 24/7. 

When we arrived grandma and grandpa came bearing gifts for the 3 little ones.

We enjoyed miniature golf, mask and all.

The front yard was a beautiful place to play games and in the evening deer came to the corn that was put out for them.

The river across from the front of the house gave us hours of fun, from rock stacking, fishing, splashing and nature walks.

The cousins enjoyed hours together, Alex helping the little ones cook.

There were also many games on their electronics, lots of Minecraft!!!

Then there was a trip to Watauga Lake in Tennessee. It is a beautiful lake made at the base of mountains. It features 105 miles of shore lines, 16 miles long and an average depth of 52 feet! The clarity of the water was amazing. 

We rented 2 pontoon boats and enjoyed a day of picnicking, swimming and family time!

We were rock sitting at Elk river across from the house.

The younger generations went rafting at  High Mountain Expeditions.  We were the photographers and drove along the river for miles. 

There was some planned photo ops in the front yard!

More cousin cooking!

I must say playing UNO with a 5 year old was one of the best card experiences I've had. He was hilarious and so sharp!

The kids enjoyed an hour or so Gem mining  at Sugar Creek Gem Mining.

The goofy grand kids!

It was then time for family photos. Our daughter in law Lori did an amazing job, running into the pictures, after she discovered she left her automatic clicker at home in Missouri!

All our grand kids in one photo.

 Our HEARTS  are full. It was the best quick trip anniversary gift ever. 

Thank you to Sarah and Rusty, Jeremy and Lori, and the 5 GRANDS.  It will be hard to top this trip!