Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quilted wallhangings with a Magnetic Curtain Rod!

Magnetic Curtain Rods A great solution for hanging curtains on steel doors. Powerful magnets are able to hold the weight of most curtains. Best of all there are no screws, no adhesives, and they attach in seconds. Magnetic rods are available in different style rods too.

Now over at Busy Little Quilter, she talked about these curtain rods. I can hardly wait to get one. She bought hers at Wal-mart, I found 18 listings on E Bay, and even Bed Bath and Beyond have them. I can see quilted wall hangings hanging from the refrigerator, the dishwasher, and the house doors.

What to sew for them.....oh did I tell you I found this really cute coffee fabric at Hobby Lobby the other day? I know somewhere in my fabric stash I have some coffee bean fabric too. While I am digging, I will look for my paper piece coffee cup pattern. If I can't find one, here is a free down load of a Cup.

Maybe I could hang this on it.

Or this one...

Or this one....

Wait how about this....oh so many choices.

After all I may have some down time, look what happened to me today. While cutting grass, I noticed my legs starting to get a little red. Well a couple hours later they got really red. After googling, my diagnose would be sun allergies. IDK. I will see what benadryl does tonight. Anyway the yard looks nice!

10:01 72 degrees.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nothing new to say

Since this has been a week that I have worked at my paying job everyday, I have nothing much of interest to report. It has been a slow week at work, so check this out dog, check this out...

Blue Grass Radio

You can listen to it while you are on the computer. When I just now turned it on, Soggy Mountain Boys, a song from "Oh Brother Where art Thou" was on. That is my all time favorite movie. My friend
Tipper lead me to this radio station. Thanks, Tipper! She always has great music on her blog by her family members. My how I'd love to live in that house. Stop by there and visit.
In my surfing today, (hey I told you it was a slow day at work,) I found a quilt show next week in Mexico Missouri, 46 miles away. You know these days with the price of gas, you have to stop and think twice before you hop in the car and go. I might just do it though, since I am off 3 days next week. Monday they are having a free demonstration"Circles and Curves without pins", Tuesday is a "High Tea", Wednesday is free Paper Piece demonstration", Thursday is a noon luncheon for $8.00, Friday is a "Hand Applique" class. Now what days do I want to go? Anybody wanna go with me?
One more day of working for pay, then it's the weekend! We have a graduation party for BT's two nieces that graduated high school. Smart girls, one was #4 in her class, the other #6, same school even.
Hope you all have a great weekend.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

It was a very relaxed holiday. We never made it on the river, there was always the threat of rain. Last night during the early morning hours we had one heck of a lightening and thunder storm go through. It also dropped about 1/2 inch of rain. The thunder was so ferocious I thought for sure my dishes would fall out of the cabinets.

After breakfast we took our walk around the lake, why we always do this on a full stomach is beyond me. BT took his pistol as we made our way around. Two days ago the son killed two water snakes there. BT's brother Pat came looking for us, he needed some spare parts off of the part tractor at the barn. He drove back to the house as we walked.

Jeremy called for us to come over and see his big catch. A 47 lb Blue Catfish out of the Missouri River. He and Mike had to have fun with their choice of beer for the cat's last drink.

BT changed oil in both the Jeeps, I cut the front lawn and we smoked 2 chickens for dinner. I also made some hot German potato salad and fresh asparagus.

I Hope everyone remembers our loves one that have passed before us.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Sunday

We woke up to rain again this morning, earlier they said it had even hailed.

All day we wanted to go on the river, but we'd get rain, then sunshine, then more rain.

BT pulled a portable forge out of storage and gave it a trial run. He is getting ready to work an antique tractor show in July. Together we made some new clutch fingers out of leather. It was a real team process. Jeremy and Mike brought over some metal rods and BT will make hooks for Jeremy.

Jeremy called as they were getting ready to put their boats in the river behind the house. I jumped on the four wheeler and went down. As I pulled up I told them I was the "official" photographer for the day. Aren't' the kids cute as they anticipate their boat rides?

I also took this picture of a butterfly. It reminded me of my blogger friend Zoey's blog today. Check it out. Is this your butterfly Zoey?

Just as we finished grilling our hamburgers and pineapple slices, the rain came again. Oh well there is always tomorrow to take a ride on the river.

8:45 81 degrees

Friday, May 23, 2008

38 years ago today!

On this day, I married my best friend.

The groom's family

The wedding party

A view of the church

Cutting the cake

The flower girls

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Osage Bluff out of the way, but not far away

Posted: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 - 03:49:10 pm CDT News Tribune

Osage Bluff out of the way, but not far away

OSAGE BLUFF, Mo. - Although the appearance of this Cole County community has changed greatly since it originally was settled, it is still a favored place that many call home. And, it appears to be growing.

Hazel and Kenny Braun have lived in Osage Bluff for about 40 years. It's where they raised their family and where they plan to spend the rest of their retirement years.

The Brauns, like many other residents in the Osage Bluff community, enjoy living in the community.

“Beautiful new homes are springing up all along Route B right through town,” Hazel said. “Osage Bluff is not a dying community. I liken it to a new subdivision along the much traveled highway.”
Although the community doesn't offer a lot of amenities, it isn't far from neighboring towns. Osage Bluff is located on State Route B, about four miles from Wardsville and about 12 miles south of Jefferson City.

The history of Osage Bluff dates as far back as 1885, when it claimed a population of 100.
John Jacobs, one of the earlier residents, purchased a one-room, 19-foot square log cabin that he later converted into a store.

Before opening the store, Jacobs' residence was accessible only by climbing a ladder from the gable-end and going back down another ladder into the building. At night, he would pull the ladders and close the entrance.

According to the 1976 history book about Cole County, industry in the Osage Bluff area was scattered throughout the surrounding area and was not in any type of pattern. Jacobs served as postmaster, blacksmith and merchant.

A second general store also operated in Osage Bluff. It was owned by C. Killman. There also was a sawmill and a wagon shop.

In 1888, Jacobs' son, Bill, constructed a new store about three miles from his father's establishment.

By the turn of the century, the community witnessed few changes, but there were additional businesses. Mail routes had become a daily affair and Bill Jacobs was serving as the postmaster.
Carpenters and blacksmiths were plentiful in Osage Bluff in the early 1900s. A flour and grist mill was operating along the banks of the Osage River, where it was powered by water. Wheat harvested during that time was taken to the mill. Children kept horses moving over the wheat, which lay on the ground under roof.

A school building was built in 1905 at the cost of $700.

Two town barbecues were held to raise funds to cover the cost of the building. The old log school building still stands in Osage Bluff. The building is located on the Braun property where it is used as a workshop.

The Jacobs' general store remained in the Jacobs family for many years before it was sold to the Hirschman family in 1924.

The building remained in existence until May 13, when it was demolished.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pause the music on the right side under my music choices, so that the music of the video plays.

Alex's 4th Birthday

It was a gorgeous day, lots of sunshine and always a breeze.
Jeremy and BT fried chicken outside while Lori made all the trimming inside, including Lightning McQueen cake.
Today was Alex's Birthday, he and Brady were lucky to have 2 great-grandmas, 1 great-grandpa and us for a photo session.
It's nice when big brother can read the cards to you.
Check out Lori's Video she made of the party.
Relaxing on the deck with my dog. Oops, BT's dog.
He thinks he's a lap dog!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saturday May 17th the beginning of charcoal making

The sun woke us up early. Nice to see Mr sunshine after all the rain we've had. I think we are about 10 inches over normal on rainfall already this year.
I quickly made coffee for BT and he headed out the door to Jeremy's to go after slab wood. He would stop pick up the little boys and Jeremy would follow the 1/2 mile down the road on his four-wheeler. They loaded the trailer with oak slabs and unknown to them two of walnut lumber too.

Back at home I was frying panhaas for all of us for breakfast. Brady and Alex had already had an early breakfast of cereal but that didn't stop them from eating more.

The boys kept busy with either Saturday morning cartoons or the Wii games. I did get them outside to play a little, that's when we went to watch BT saw up the slab wood with his antique buck saw that he was powering with his 1941 Farmall H tractor. By early afternoon all the wood was cut into small pieces about 8 inches tall and the width of the board. It was then that he had to hand split all the pieces. Several boards won't make it into the charcoal barrel, as they were walnut, not good for charcoal.

After the boys ate lunch, I put Alex down for his nap and Brady played Wii for a bit, until I took him for a 4 wheeler ride to get the mail. We went and checked on Diane's dog that I was watching for the week and took a spin around the lake. Brady's friend Gavin was playing outside. We asked if he wanted to come up and play Wii with Brady. He was so excited as it was his first 4 wheeler ride (Not so sure his Dad was excited). The boys had fun playing games, riding big wheels and exploring the near by woods. Gavin stayed about an hour and then was ready to go back home.
BT came up about 5:00 and he was beat from the hard work and high humidity. He grilled beef steaks while I made salad and beef noodles for dinner. Lori came about 7:30 to get the boys and then we crashed in the double recliner.

Girls night out

Friday after work I came home and quickly did a few chores. It was then off to my friend Rita's house for her 2nd annual girls night out party. They live just a few miles from us. Their mile long lane is so beautiful in the spring, around every bend is new sight. The farm is listed as a Missouri Tree Farm.

As I arrived Rita was putting a taco pizza in the oven, Vicki was cutting up veggies and some were preparing drinks, while other were awaiting a four wheeler ride to the river. I put my cranberry slush in the freezer while catching up with everyone.

We all consumed our fair share of pizzas, dips, chips, Connie's creme' stuffed strawberries and of course alcoholic drinks....
Girls continued to arrive until about 9:30. I forgot to mention that it was also a surprise 30th B-day party for Jessica. She would be late because she was giving the commencement address at the high school she graduated from. Jessica was so surprised to find out it was also a party for her. After getting her clothes changed she grabbed some quick food and a drink before her "roast" started. Vicki and Sarah gave a tribute to her, changing the Budweiser commercial to fit Jessica.

We then headed downstairs for the pinata. Jessica swung several times and then the pinata fell to the floor and she whacked it again, that's when the stick, better knows as Tim's antique cane broke. But that didn't stop her, she tore into in it to find chocolate, many pairs for fashionable sunglasses and stickers. It was then back upstairs to refresh our glasses and eat more snacks. Sometime after 11:30 they started pulling cards and games out, that when I made my exit, after all I had to take care of the little boys at 8:00 am and granny couldn't manage that with a hangover. Sorry to say I was going to miss Rita's breakfast and Bloody Mary's. It always fun to get together with everybody.

Happy 30th Birthday Jessica!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Historical Landmark demolished

BT called me just mintues after he left the house. The General Store in Osage Bluff is being torn down. He had many fond memories of riding his bike there as a child. It was your typical old store, with the wood stove going, the long glass cabinets, the tall open shelves. But the family said it was no longer restorable due to termites.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

My Mother kept a garden
a garden of the heart,
she planted all the good things
that gave my life its start.
She turned me to the sunshine
And encouraged me to dream,
fostering and nurturing
he seeds of self-esteem.
And when the winds and rain came,
She protected me enough
but not too much because she knew
I'd need to stand up strong and tough.
Her constant good example
always taught me right from wrong
Markers for my pathway
that will last a lifetime long.
I am my mothers garden,
I am her legacy.
And I hope today she feels the love
reflected back from me.

Lona, Mom and Me

Marla, Butch, Janie, BT, MOM, Pat, Grace, Karen, Darlene

90th Birthday party and meeting old childhood friends.

The sun finally showed this morning off and on, the day looked beautiful. If the weather would hold, we might get the grass cut. If not, I guess we are going to have to call in the hay balers.

We left the house about noon and stopped at the neighbor's house. Diane was getting her kitchen painted as her mother day's gift from her kids. PURPLE yes you read correctly. They were almost finished.

This little boy had a GRAND 90th Celebration today! Happy Birthday Levi!

It was then on to Wardsville for Levi's 90th birthday party. Levi is BT's 1st cousin, twice removed. The hall was full of people and Levi and Regina were at the door giving hugs to all those who entered. We were able to visit with their children, Garold (from Virginia) and Sylvia (from Kentucky), and their grandsons, John and James. Snacks, soft drinks, beer and wine were available.

We had been there for about a half hour when I saw Levi's sister-in-law, Mrs Schepers. When I was a child we lived two doors down from her. I played many a days with her daughters. So I went over and reintroduced myself. She was so tickled to see me. (You see back in "the days", we were always taught to respect our elders and never I knew her first name and still don't). She pointed out daughters Cathy and Diane and said Barbara was also coming. Cathy remember me even though I was 5 years older then her, Diane remembered our house. Just before lunch was served Barbara found me, we enjoyed two great big ole hugs. Her and I were 3 years apart. Barbara's husband Garry and BT were introduced, and we enjoyed talking old times. Her daughter Genevieve was also with them.

After the meal I went and asked the Scheper's girls if we could take a picture. BT was kind of enough to be the photographer. Janie (Mary Jane) even got in on the picture, even though she didn't have a clue who the Cardwell's were. We moved away when she was about 4.

Before we left the party the rain started once again. There went the grass cutting. Once home, Bentley kept barking, the TV had tornado warnings so I went and took him out of his kennel and brought him inside to the garage. We watch TV and rain rest of the afternoon.

At 5:00 we headed to church. After mass it was a stop at the gas station. OUCH, $58 to fill up the jeep at $3.59 per gallon. We headed into town and got a call on the cell phone to see if we would meet the neighbor's Kathy and Eric at Arris Pizza. As we were going in the door, BT was holding the door for two ladies. I recognized one as my cousin Pam from NEW YORK. She was in town to visit her ailing brother Fritz. We had to wait for our table as this place does a great business. About 10 minutes later we were walking to our table, who do we see, "The Scheper Girls and Mrs Schepers". BT told them at least they still remember where to get good food.

Sprinkles were falling as we left the restaurant. We bid farewell to Eric, Kathy and kids and headed out to dollar General (the only place I can find powder Ajax) and to Wal-mart to exchange the digital picture frame Sarah sent me for Mother's day. (It has a defective cord). I ran into $ General 4 minutes before they closed. It was not a successful trip to Wal-mart, being mother's day weekend, their shelf was pretty bare. None of the frames were as pretty as what Sarah sent me. I decided to take it back home and work with it some more before giving up and returning it to

Back home by 9 it now time for the recliner.

9:57 62 degress and still raining~~~~~~~~

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our Evening walk......................

Enough said?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rain, rain and more rain

I finally made time today to go the the local Green house and buy my annuals. Trinkleins, is located about 4 miles from my house. the neighbor Maggie and I went, the sky was just overcast as we left the house at 9:45.

Her and I each took a cart and strolled through the 9 customers greenhouses. I found some great perennials, Native Missouri Butterfly plant (Asclepias tuberosa), Fox gloves and what looks like black-eyed susan's.

Back home I started planting a quick as I could, the rain was coming. I planted a banana tree and Purple cone flowers given to me last night by Lisa. Thanks Lisa! In that same bed I planted Nicotianas and Live forevers. Then the sprinkles started coming down lightly. Bentley and I pursued and planted one bed with all bright eyes, the other bed had to wait, it was raining harder.

I put Bentley in the garage while I went inside and made myself an avocado and tomato salad with a cup of hot tea to take the chill off.

It was still raining after I finished my load of laundry. So I opened the garage doors and got out my deck planters. There I could fill them and stay dry, Here is the help I got out of Bentley.
Just as I was about to start on the last planter, Maggie drove up with an Asparagus fern plant she had bought for me in town. I set all the planters outside and God is now washing them off.

It's almost time to go pick up #1 grandson from the bus. It will then be time to start cooking my collard greens for dinner. Yumo as Rachael would say.