Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sewing for Cancer

Summer is drawing to a close for the kids. Soon it will be back to school. So I found a project Lizzie (our 7 yr. old grand daughter in case you didn't know) could work on. She loves to sew on my 1931 Singer hand crank machine.  I had gotten an email from Specialty Quilts about a Yo-Ho-Ho treasure hunt sewing project. It was to sew pillow cases for kids with cancer. I had done this before at Christmas time using all holiday fabrics. 

So off we went to the store. Lizzie picked out a package with 2 pre-cut borders. (Of course that in itself was a hard decision). After signing her name to the "Pirates List", she had to match "body" fabric to coordinate with the borders. 

I explained to her that these would be given to children in the hospital suffering from cancer. Lord we know what that is, we have buried two from our family this summer with cancer. Our great nephew Bradley was only 15 when diagnosed with stage 4 Ewing Sarcoma, summer of 2014. He passed away this May just shy of his 17th birthday. Then in July we lost our brother in law at the early age of 57 to pancreatic cancer. And we have a sister in law who is in hospice now from lung cancer. 

Lizzie was more than willing to sew for these kids. She even commented when picking out the fabric if a baby or a big kid would like it. 

Don't you just love how she can cross her legs while she sews. Bet you and I can't do that!

 Such concentration!

Here she proudly shows off her two pillowcases. We will return these next week where she will be given a reward for sewing them. Chances are she will ask to sew more.

Just listen how peaceful it is to sew on this machine. (The tongue out might help too.)

If you'd like to know more about sewing pillowcases for cancer go to Ryan's Cases for smiles.

After we finished the cases it was time to make some blackberry jelly. Lizzie's other grandfather who is 87 picked all the berries. 

I can't believe their summer break is about over.