Friday, November 26, 2021


We have so much to be thankful for this year. Family, Faith, Friends, and good health.

Speaking of family, I recently received my Grandmother Lona August Hickman Cardwell's personal bible. Inside was this handwritten piece naming all of her children and their birthdates. Also including was my grandfather James Nelson Cardwell's obituary. Wish I had known him. His brass plate social security card was also in the box. 

What a wonderful treasure, I will cherish it. 

Thanksgiving Day started when I woke the blacksmith up to help me cut the turkey in half. Yep I like the spatchcock style  bird. To the rescue was this heavy cleaver made by blacksmith friend Bob Stomer. Bernie won it several years ago in a trade item exchange. 

I love to use this big spatterware bowl to make my mom's dressing


Lori once again took the table picture. 

Lizzie made the pecan pies. The glass tree was made by my friend Tami Bagley, she is so talented with glass.


The Pumpkin pie wasn't eaten until the big meal started wearing off, later in the afternoon.

Grandson Alex has a little whipped cream with his pecan pie. This reminds me of my brother Wesley and cousin Mark one year at Grandma Cardwell's. They had fun with one of the first cans of squirt whipped cream we ever had seen!

Lori and the boys went for a movie. This is something we did as kids on Thanksgiving  afternoon, when we were at Grandma Cardwell's.

I see by Lori's picture, Alex’s girlfriend Josie even joined them. 

Wish we could have had the Florida grandkids here. However they seemed to have had  fun at their uncle's place.

Since Lizzie didn't go to the movies, she decided to make some stockings for her cat Moose, and dog Rosie.  


We even found fur, so they would match the family stockings at home. 

Family, Friends, and good Food. Life is Good.

God is Good.

Family blessings.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

More of the 365 day blocks

Week 42

This is one of my favorite blocks maybe. 

Week 43

Week 44,  I'm not always please with my color design after they are made, but I usually keep them. The last block is not my favorite.  


Week 45

Week 46.  If my counting is right, counting the stashing I'm up to 9,634 pieces of fabric. 

It's been a good week to sew as the blacksmith closed shop and moved to deer camp for the week. That has it's advantages, I don't cook, I get invited to deer camp for dinner, my day is free to do anything I want. 

Deer camp is only 2 miles from our house. So he does come home to shower and grab anything he might need for the next meal. 

He scored with this 9 point buck early in the week. 

Yesterday he came home and we took a little road trip. My friend Debby needs a pick me up, so we picked her some bittersweet. 

The fence row is full of it. 

I made this bee quilt for my soon to be great niece, Della. She's due the day before my 70th birthday. I sure hope she holds out for 1 day!!

Life is good.

God is Great.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Friends day

Friends, isn't that what matters in life?

My BFF Diane, asked me to go to some Christmas open houses. After all it's doe weekend in mid-Missouri. Yep, that's right, the opening of deer hunting season. It's like a religious holiday around here. 

So Diane, myself, and my grand daughter Lizzie went to town. 

Our first stop was at Southern Willow Interiors, in New Bloomfield, Missouri. Take note of the hanging flower arrangement. The guys told us it was a 10 foot wheel from a plant in Jefferson City. There were two at the front driveway entrance all decorated too. I was in awe and forgot to take a picture. 

Two best friends, and their husbands, dissembled a barn and used the materials to build this beautiful shop. The husbands were just as proud of it was their wives, telling us all about the building materials. 

Our next stop was at our "friend" Marla's shop, Cotter Pin.  She had antiques mixed in with new decorating items. Then there's a whole room with new Fiesta ware. I saw this Fiesta ware cookie jar. It is beautiful.   It matched my daughters dishes, but she said she didn't need it.

Next stop was my friend, the other Diane, at her new  shop, Brimstone Gallery & Antiques. It was just opened this week and she said the crowds were great. She might have been just a little overwhelmed!

We crossed the street for lunch at JQ's on High Street. Lizzie had the Spudmageddon!!!  It was the biggest potato we have even seen. A GIANT baked Idaho potato with creamy butter and piled high with JQ's tender pulled pork, Head Country Original BBQ Sauce, bacon, shredded cheese, diced onions and sour cream.

Believe it or not, she could not eat the whole thing!!

With full tummies we went to Dogwood Vintiques. There I saw a frog, that I just had to take a picture of. Of course it stayed there.

I forgot to tell you about stopping at my friend, Lizzie's J Street Vintage shop. I had purchased this bolt of vintage fabric at her on-line auction. I paid $10 for the bolt. See the original price tag of .39 CENTS a yard? It's so vintage it's only 36 inches wide. Most fabric now is 45 inches wide. I estimate there's about 8 yards still on the bolt. 


Did I mention dessert?  Of course BFF's have to have dessert. Mary Kremer was selling her beautiful cupcakes and cookies at Cotter Pin. This was my to die for pecan cupcake!!! The best $2.50 ever spent.

As an ending to my day, I went to deer camp, where the guys cooked smoked crappie and trout. The women furnished river potatoes (A family tradition), a lettuce salad and brownie. 

Life is good.

God is good.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Halloween 2021

Here's my youngest grand dog, Rosie!  This was my daughter in law's, Facebook post. 

We only get a few trick or treaters, this is our great great  nephew, Lucas and his Mom, Staci.

Our first spooks were our nephew Trevor and his son, our great great nephew Kaiden.

Three little neighbor boys, the Reynolds brothers!

On the left our grand daughter Lizzie, and her cousin Laycee, which is our great niece.

The girls go through their candy while finishing touches were add to the homemade Vegetable soup with spaetzle's. It was so good. Soup is always a tradition on Halloween as the grandkids come here as their last stop. 

Our traditional Halloween picture with the grandkids.

The day before Halloween Lizzie shot a small buck, or as she calls it her unicorn!
This was on her daddy's  44th birthday too. Birthday boy looks pretty proud.

Here is a little embroidery for the holiday!

My Christmas, Easter, Valentine, Halloween cactus is blooming again, right on schedule!

Thought I'd change the jack o lantern up a bit! Sew on~ ~ ~ ~ ~