Sunday, November 27, 2016

What has been going on in my life since I last blogged.

August 21st , the blacksmith and his friends went on their annual muzzle loader squirrel hunt. It's been a tradition for like the last 42 years.

So while the mouse is away, the cat plays. Here I am with my BFF, shopping in a cool vintage shop. This is a swing she bought. I stripped it and she repainted it. It is a swing for her grandson, Lane. 

 August 27th, these are my 5 foot plus Zinnias. Suppose to be 24-36 inches tall!

August 30th, the ladies I quilt with every Tuesday morning had a quilter's lunch. The decorations were as adorable as these ladies are.

 September 17th, We did the Columbia Heritage Festival. 

 The grands always come by for a group photo too!

 September 29th, goodbye 2005 Jeep, you were good to us. 

 September 30th hello NEW 2016 Jeep Patriot. This is our 3rd jeep we've owned. 

October 7th, we went with friends to the Lathrop Missouri Steam engine grounds. I took this beautiful sun/church shot. It even surprised me!

 My BFF Margie tied brooms most all day Saturday. 

 October 10th, the beginnings of a new quilt.

 Another piece for the patriotic quilt. More to come. . . 

October 17th,  It was one last boat ride on the Osage river with friends Tim and Rita. 

 Sadly the last ride of the year . . . .

 October 21st, we took the grand kids to Mennonite country for apple days. 

This was not our apple wagon! I only bought a bushel and it cost $9.00 The apples, any variety were .27 cents a pound.

 Some apples went home in horse and buggies. 

 October 27th, the daughter in law took some family pictures. 

 The Missouri grand kids!

Connor, the oldest Florida grandson, proudly shows off his Captain America costume.

Logan, the other Florida grandson is praying hard that he will get some good candy. So cute for only 18 months old. 

Our son in law, Rusty, took the boys trick or treating and look who answered this door? Joey Fatone. Yes, he's their neighbor. 

Lizzie and her second cousin are BFF in school, same classroom even. They both happened top be at our house trick or treating at the same time. 

 Clark Kent, I mean Alex shows off his costume. Isn't he adorable?

Alex's dad, our silly son, shows off his costume, I think he trick or treats for beer?!?!

November 5th, we took a little trip with our friends Phil and Margie. 

 The next morning we had a nice breakfast at the "Bank" in Doniphan Missouri. 

The original vaults were still there, and in working condition. 

 The "Bank".

This says it all!

Picked these from the garden November 7th. (We didn't even turn our furnace on until November 20th!)

One day we took a 4 wheeler ride with friends through the forest. Here we are listening to Tim, the tree guy explain what we are seeing, including paw paw trees. 

 Home sweet home!

 November 12, I took 7 year old Lizzie to a Case for smiles pillowcase sew-in.

By the time it was over she was even making her own hot dog to sew (It's a pillow case term) 
 She made 16 cases. 
She did out sew everyone here. However I will say, I helped her, by pinning and ironing, when all the other ladies did their whole thing.

 I found this cute little pattern for a spool holder, on vintage Singer sewing machines. 

Speaking of vintage sewing machines,  . . . yes I broke . . I bought another one. It's a cool Singer chain stitch machine. My friend Phil, spent more hours than he will admit getting it back to working condition. Thank you Phil! 

#20, but who's counting?

 November 19, Brady gets himself a buck!

Here is the patriotic quilt, waiting to go into the frame. Yes it will be hand quilted  at St Margaret Church, Osage Bend, Missouri!

 Odelia and I pin it into the frame. 

November 21st, we pulled turnips and made 2 - 6 gallon crocks. It will take about 10-12 days to ferment. I will then can it.

November 25th, I made Lebkuchens. They really need to age, so they were iced and stored in a tin.

That folks is what I've been up to, plus a so much more. Hope everything is good with you all. Life is good here.