Thursday, May 30, 2013

The blacksmith shop at John C. Campbell Folk School

We just spent two weeks there . . . to read more about it click here.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Life is good, thanks for reading along.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Meeting old friends face to face for the FIRST time!

( Four bags waiting to be given to 4 great friends)

I am so far behind on my blogging.  That's what happens when you spend 15 fabulous, wonderful, beautiful days in the Appalachian Mountains. More on that in the days to follow. 

It was also a chance for me to meet 4 of my fellow bloggers face to face for the very first time! 

Tipper of   Blind pig and the acorn  and I became friends about 4 years ago after I found her blog when returning home from John C. Campbell Folk School. I was searching for more information on that area. She writes about the history and customs of the people of Appalachia. Tipper's entire family is very talented and musical. 

Our face to face meeting was during the Contra Dance held on Tuesday nights at the folk school. 

Chitter and Chatter came along too. After all, the girls were doing the dancing. 

Tipper was the recipient of the bag #1. The family later invited to us to their lovely mountain home on Saturday night for dinner. The food was delicious. The Deer Hunter grilled venison tenderloin. Tipper added a variety of dishes, along with warm homemade bread and warm apple pie!  

On Saturday morning I drove to Bless my stitches quilt shop in Murphy NC. There I would get to meet Dana  of Old Red Barn company, in person. She was having her first book signing. Her quilt, Bubbles, is featured in the book titled Modern Baby. I was afraid walking into the store  she would recognize me. Especially since I wore a University of Missouri shirt, her Alma mater. I completely surprised her, when she asked how I wanted my book signed and I replied, Osage Bluff Quilter. She screamed in delight!

Dana received bag #2.

Then there was Jackie!  Jackie who scared the #@?!#!! daylights out of me. She took took me up a mountain in her two wheel drive truck!  It was a white knuckle ride! But in the end, her friend Pete came to the rescue and drove her truck up the mountain road. (That is after I bailed out on her)

This is Pete's little cabin in the mountains. 

Here is the view from his deck overlooking Brasstown, North Carolina!

Pete was so gracious in showing us his property, including his adorable little cabin and the dance hall in progress.  Be sure and check Jackie's blog out, Carolina Crafting. Click on her videos as she interviews some of the craftsmen in her area. 

On my last day in North Carolina, I went by to tell Jackie good bye at her craft booth. She received bag #3.

The last of the four friends that I got to meet and the recipient of bag #4 was Lise (pronounced "lease"). She drove an hour to meet the blacksmith and me. Her blog is Lise's Log Cabin Life. She talks about the first year of living in her little cabin in the mountains. She and Johny love the outdoor life. They are gardeners too. She has a camera and carries it almost everywhere she goes. Her photography is beautiful!  

She had been wanting to visit the campus of John C. Campbell Folk School. We visited every studio and saw their works in progress. I was her personal tour guide.

She was able to join us in the dining hall for lunch. I was so glad, because I didn't know what the main dish was, but she did. A pasta dish with asparagus, swiss chard, and a creamy white sauce. So yummy!

The afternoon flew by as we talked non-stop. Soon it was time for dinner. Lise inquired in the office if she could stay for dinner but it was too late to make reservations. When the blacksmith was finished with his class he asked her to join us for dinner and to help us celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary. He was really needing a "meat fix", so he chose Rib Country, featuring some of the BBQ North Carolina is famous for. 

What a great time it was to finally meet Tipper, Dana, Jackie, and Lise in person. We all met through our blogs years ago. Please take a little time to get to know these girls. They will tell you all about the people of the Appalachian mountains and their life styles. 

THANK YOU girls! You made my visit to North Carolina complete!

Monday, May 20, 2013

The third bag owner revealed!

Have you visited Down on the Farm blog?  She recently helped my sister and I out in a big way. So I had to make her a thank you gift.

As the old saying goes . . . "A friend in need is a friend in deed!"

PS Most of these bags all feature a vintage hanky and my first attempt at machine embroidery!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

2013 Blacksmith conference, with SNOW in May!

Last week was a great week to have a conference, not!  It snowed in Mid-Missouri.  It snowed from 4 AM to 4 PM.   The same time last year we were sweating our butts off and couldn't keep enough bottled water cold. This time it was trying to keep the water hot, to make hot chocolate. One morning alone I made 120 cups of coffee for the group!
 I took this picture of the Casita from the truck in order to keep my camera dry.

At least the roads stayed clear. I blame all this on my friend Nathan. He's from MN and he sent it our way.

I found this awesome machine at an antique shop. I  delivered it the first day of conference, to my friend Phil.  It's a model 301A. He tells me it's called a long bed, as some do have a shorter plate. They are known as short beds. It needed no work. The girls used it the next day to sew sock monkeys.

Here are the monkeys being stuffed.

 Mary Jo McCarty taught basket making once again.  Someday I need to try this.

There were women doing blacksmithing too. Gabby had two broken legs, but she didn't let that stop her!

The blacksmith had a display in the gallery. 

Remember the quilted wall hanging we made?  This is the label I made for the back. The quilt sold for $320 at the auction!!!

My time was spent working the Boutique. Hoodies were the hottest item. Since it went from 82 on Wednesday to 2 inches of snow on Friday, many were unprepared for the weather. 

Despite the weather it was an awesome conference. The Blacksmith Association of Missouri has the best members.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Busy times

 I really need to get my act together and start blogging a little more regularly.

My husband's niece got married the other day. It was a beautiful spring day in
Mid-Missouri.  The granddaughter did really well in her first of 3 weddings this spring.

Mother embroidered this quilt top several years ago. I set it together and machine quilted it. She will be getting a new Great Grand daughter any day now.

I could not make the shower for baby Eden, but I still sent my gift. I wish I would have taken a picture of the backing. It was a beautiful paisley fabric with pale greens and pinks.

I have been sewing up gift bags for friends. Here are two . . .well 2 and a third (of which I can't show, it hasn't been delivered yet). These are really easy to make, I just sew on a vintage hankie and add trim. Hobby Lobby has canvas that works well.

What does this pile of work shirts mean?  If I wear one a day for the next days I work, what happens after that????  I'm out of there.  Almost a quarter century at the same job. It's time to retire and relax with the blacksmith! My last day is August 2. I work 2 more days in May, 7 in June, 11 in July, and one in August. Happy Retirement to me!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


On the previous post, I showed the quilted wall hanging in Batiks. Batiks are very interesting fabric and no two are alike.

Yesterday I was talking to the daughter in law, she said, Brady the oldest grandson was home doing art home work. He was making batik fabric. 

Last night Brady texted me his master piece. Pretty darn awesome for an eleven year old!!!!!!!!