Tuesday, June 8, 2021

My Australian quilt

I first met my pen pal Cathy in Australia more than 30 years ago.  We met on a quilting bulletin board, on the internet . She was looking for some American fabric. I sent her some and we became long time friends.

For years we have sent birthday gifts back and forth. Most every package she sent me would include  a fat quarter (18 by 22 inches) of Australian fabric. Each fabric represented their birds, wildlife, flowers, and more.

I decided it was time to do something with all the fabrics. On a few pieces I had to add a border or sashing because it wasn’t square. 

After piecing, I wanted it machine quilted and I wanted an assortment of patterns. I asked my friend MaryLynn to try her hand at it. She had recently retired and is slowing getting back into machine quilting. I told her I was in no hurry and she had free reign on it. Her work is absolutely amazing!


Here she quilted around every block!

Quilted flowers on the flowers!

If you enlarge this photo, the quilting is so intense! I love this block. But then I love every block!

There’s a couple blocks of Christmas fabric.


 Here’s the completed quilt. It’s queen size.

I almost forgot the Australian flag, including the kangaroo!

So now I have a quilt I hold dear to my heart, thanks to two dear friends.

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