Saturday, December 16, 2023

Florida in December

Our first day there was the warmest, 75 degrees. 

Logan went to extreme measures to keep from crying. Swim goggles to the rescue! He loves to do prep work in the kitchen. Here he was making broccoli - cauliflower salad.

Connor got to open his birthday present after dinner. He turned 11.

Connor is playing his new computer game from Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Lori, even though Aunt Lori made sure everyone signed the card, including Rosie the dog, somehow Aunt Lori forgot to sign it.

A tree from North Carolina graces their living room.

Sarah after not having a piano for 20 some years picked it right back up after Rusty bought her a piano for her 40th birthday.

The boys played many racing games using the stair railings. Tape measures were even brought out in some instances to find the winner.

Mom and daughter!

More cooking. One day we made gum drop candy, but we forgot to take a picture!

Mr. Cool posing for his birthday.

Grandma, will you make me a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich? From that day on, grandma had to make the same thing for him every morning.

The boys each got their own Oreo house kit.

The boys and their grandparents. 

 Grandmas and their boys.


He said he caught 7 or 8, nothing too big this time.

Usually pretty sunsets!

Playing a little soccer in the park.

Grandpa found the tiniest lizard.

The last night in Florida we went to the Willam’s holiday house. It was built in 1900 and peeking in the windows (as the owner and family live there) it looked much like it probably did way back then.

Here’s a video I found about the house.

3 beautiful stained-glass fixtures.

Our traditional front door photo until next time boys!

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Janna and Mike said...

What a wonderful time you had! The piano gift has me thinking! I had an antique baby grand and when we toyed with the idea of selling the Montana place we started selling larger items from our house--we sold the baby grand and I've regretted it! Merry Christmas!!