Monday, October 11, 2021

BAM and Arrow Rock the same weekend

On Saturday October 9, 2021 we hosted the BAM meeting in Boonville, at the Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Association grounds. Attendance was great, as was the weather. 

 It's a fantastic building.

Bernie demonstrated an 18th century candle holder. 

John was his striker!  He is always great help on anything we need at the shop.

To say we took a a few of our candleholders from the house is an under statement. We both like and appreciate the early American lighting.

The wives sat outside for good conversation and fresh air.

That evening we stayed in our Casita across the road in the show grounds camp ground. 

On Sunday morning we went to Arrow Rock, Missouri for their festival. 

Beautiful homes line the streets. 


One of our first stops was to see our friend Jim Duncan, the gunsmith.

Here's an interesting story. I was talking to this lady about her weaving. I told her I had taken a class at John C. Campbell Folk School on weaving and soon learned it wasn't something I wanted to do much off. She told me the Folks school was on her bucket list.

I went on to admire her loom. She tells me it's cherry wood and is some what portable as it folds nicely and fits in her car. I told her about my blogger friend who has had many looms in her time. She asked me her name and I said Karen, immediately she said her last name.  She knew her from the blog too. Read my blog post before this one and you can read more about Karen

Lunch time found us in the Tavern. After our main course we divided this big fried cherry pie, or as my friend Deanna calls them, a hand pie. It was delicious.

Next door we found our friends Brian and Brad in their Santa Fe traders camp. This is their new wagon they recently purchased. 

Brad lost a button on his trousers for his suspenders the night before. How, we aren't sure how as we never got the complete story. I was impressed he was sewing it on himself, even if I thought the needle was rather large!  Good job Brad!

This quilt was on display in one of the old homes we went into. It was better than any that were displayed in the quilt show in my opinion.  

This quilt was made from a Crabapple Hills Studio pattern. Bernie thought it was pretty neat, especially the old oil cans. 

It was a wonderful weekend to be out and about!

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KarenInTheWoods said...

Gee whiz!! Here I am mentioned in two of your most recent blog posts in a row. Just shows how much our lives are intertwined! Thank you so much.