Friday, October 22, 2021

Apple festival October 22, 2021

Today we took Lizzie who was out of school, and headed to Mennonite country. 

Our first stop of course was Donut Palace in Eldon!

We had something to deliver to our Mennonite auctioneer/farrier friend in Excelsior. His wife always has a produce stand out front. 

Across the street we went shopping at Weaver Market, where I found a frog I could possibly like. It was made from figs, raspberries, oranges and ginger. 

Next it was to Apple Festive at Dutch Market. We followed this truck in and just  had to ask to take a picture. The couple tells us it happens all the time. We had a nice chat with them.

I asked Lizzie to take mine and grandpa's picture, I thought it was funny how the Mennonite worker joined us!

The lines went very quick, one team weighed apples, the other rang your purchase up.

Grandpa and Lizzie pick out many different varieties. Now that we have them home, we can't tell which one are which.

Cute little kids in the wagon!

At Hoover's surplus store we found this Blackstone grill for $130. I texted it to Jeremy. About 20 minutes later, after we had left, he replied, BUY IT. We turned around and went back. In the few minutes we were gone it had SOLD.  It was a bargain.

Shopping is hard work so she takes a little rest in a cute chair! Luckily it wouldn't fit in our car.

Lizzie made a haul. The dress is brand new with tags, Target brand,  it was $2. The shoes are Blowfish brand, new with tags $55, bought for $22. The brand new volleyball shorts with tags for $2. She got 2 bottles of sunscreen, the collapsible dog bowl and 2 face mask for a quarter each at the amazon return store. 

At County Road Surplus, Bernie and I scored very well too. I got a new pair of Natural Reflections flannel lined jeans regularly $46 for $18, a Bob Timberlake flannel shirt $48 for $19. The gold T-Shirts was $3. Bernie got a Natural Reflections Henley shirt $28 for $12. 

At the Amazon return I bought a new cell phone case for a quarter, 2 bottles of sun screen for a quarter, and some Mousse for a quarter.

 Our 18 pounds of apples for $7 and some change.

It's always fun bargain shopping and visiting with friends!

God is good.






Janna and Mike said...

You did make a haul! I didn't know there was such a thing as an "Amazon return" store!

twodraftmom said...

Where is the amazon return store? Loks like you had fun! Claire.